21 Bizarre But Brilliant Products That Fix Body Odor & Other Embarrassing Sweat-Related Problems

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When it comes to sweat, I often find myself pretty torn. On one hand, sitting in a pool of my own moisture is the quickest way to ruin my day. I genuinely enjoy feeling dry and clean, so I have an impressive arsenal of products that fix body odor and other sweat-related problems. On the other hand, sweating is a totally natural function, and some even believe that it's a must if your body is going to adequately detoxify itself.

There's lots of benefits to sweating — in addition to keeping your body at a healthy temperature, sweating also helps with expelling toxins, cleansing pores, and killing temperature-sensitive viruses and bacteria on the surface of the skin. As a result, antiperspirants that stop sweating altogether (especially the ones that clog up pores with aluminum) aren't always the best option for optimal health.

So what's a hygiene fan/health freak hybrid such as myself to do? Thankfully, there's tons of safe products on the market that allow you to sweat and neutralize odors and moisture simultaneously. They don't clog up your pores with harmful chemicals, but they do allow you to stay fresh, dry, and irritation-free all day — even if they seem a little bizarre at first.

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