22 Bizarre But Brilliant Products That Fix Chafing & Other Embarrassing Hot Weather Problems

Oh, summer! A time of sunshine, vacation, and — if you're me — constant sweating. If there was a competition for "most sweat accumulated when the temperature gets above 60 degrees," I would be world champion. Alas, that doesn't exist, so summer for me is the season of finding products that fix chafing and other common hot weather problems.

Most of the time when it comes to shopping for the summer, you'll think about new bikinis, maybe some fun sandals, and scoping out vacation deals on beaches with the best piña colada service. But if you take a little time to plan ways to cool down and avoid the more embarrassing summer problems, you'll save yourself a world of hurt. Believe me, my thighs nearly learned how to speak English to thank me for stopping the vicious cycle of summer chafing.

And if you also suffer from chafing, or as I like to call it, "friction affliction," Amazon has brilliant solutions from saucy lace bands that protect the thighs to an amazing body lube. Don't worry, it's way less dirty than it sounds.

So, to get ready for the Season of Sweat, check out a few of these hot weather lifesavers. With these, even I might be able to get through July with a couple of non-sweaty selfies under my belt.

by Amber Petty

1. The Lacy Bands That Protect Your Thighs

Bandelettes Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands, $18, Amazon

If you're a girl with legs that rub together and chafe when you're wearing skirts (and that's almost everyone), sometimes you don't feel like wearing bike shorts under your clothes or applying some powdery concoction to end the rubbing. Instead, you can get these sexy bandelettes. They look like garters and are adjustable, so they'll stay wherever you need thigh protection. Great for short skirts, they look more like an accessory, and they come in a variety of sizes. Everyone will think you have awesome style, and they'll never have to know it's all to protect your precious legs.


2. A Makeup Spray To Keep Your Face In Place In The Heat

ArtNaturals Makeup Setting Spray, $11, Amazon

When you love makeup but hate seeing it melt away in the heat, summer can be especially painful. Thankfully, this makeup setting spray will keep all your Instagram worthy looks in place. It's made with natural ingredients, so it doesn't just save your makeup, but the aloe vera actually hydrates and soothes your skin. With pomegranate and sage extracts, you'll want to use this spray in any weather just because it feels so nice.


3. A Comfy Tee That Keeps You Cool

Hanes Sport Women's Cool DRI Performance Tee (S-XXXL), $6, Amazon

The easiest way to stay cool in the summer is to wear a shirt that literally keeps you cool. This tee is designed to dry super fast and wick moisture away from the body, which helps keep your overall temperature down. It has a 50+ UPF rating, meaning you will not get a sunburn through this outfit. Plus, it's machine washable and actually cute, so you can wear it on a hike or to work and still look great.


4. A Bandana That Keeps You Ice Cold

Ice Bandana by Icy Cools, $10, Amazon

When you need some legit cooling power, try this ice bandana. Just stick it in the freezer, then wear it around your neck as you go out on your hot weather adventures. Unlike a regular ice pack, this bandana stays dry and never drips. Use with these custom fit reusable cold packs and have some cooling comfort ready whenever you need it.


5. The Sheets That Stop Night Sweats

Night Sweats: The Original PeachSkinSheets, $80, Amazon

When it’s hot at night, even the sheets on my bed can make me a sweaty mess. Instead of waking up again and again (and again) to kick off the covers, try these moisture-wicking sheets. The fabric is breathable to keep you dry and is antimicrobial to keep odor-causing bacteria at bay. They have a thread count of 1500(!) making them super soft and durable. Plus, they come in tons of colors, they’re wrinkle-free, and they have a no-pill guarantee.


6. An Anti-Chafe Balm To Keep Your Thighs Happy

Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, $30 (2 Pack), Amazon

Another option to protect against thigh chafing in short skirts is Bodyglide. Put this anywhere you need a chafing solution, then go about your day free of pain. The balm is clear and dry, so you don't have to worry about white chalky marks all over your shorts. The plant derived product keeps water and sweat away, but won't get gloopy or clog your pores. Long story short, it's a summer leg lifesaver.


7. Underwear That Keeps Moisture Away

adidas Women's Climacool Cheekster Underwear (XS-XL), $12, Amazon

Whether you're working out or stuck outside on a very hot day, sometimes you just need underwear that breathes. Thankfully, Adidas has a pair designed for that very purpose. They have four way stretch for a great fit, and the material is designed to keep moisture away from your body. When you keep it cool from your bottom to the top, hot weather becomes a lot more manageable.


8. A Natural Deodorant That Really Works

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant, $14, Amazon

It can be tough to find a natural deodorant that works just as well as the kind that's filled with aluminum, and thankfully, this deodorant is the real deal. It's vegan and gluten-free with no baking soda or parabens. One Amazon user wrote: "Fabulous product, smells great. Have tried many natural deodorants here in hot Texas, but this works the best. Will not leave white residue and no yellow stains on clothes!"


9. A Sunblock That Comes in Powder Form

Brush on Block SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen, $20, Amazon

It's so important to protect your skin from the sun, but rubbing greasy sunblock all over your body every day can get old. Instead, try this powder sunscreen. Just brush it on and you have water resistant protection at 30 SPF. With titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, you get invisible protection from the sun in seconds and you won't feel like you're covered in grease all day.


10. An All Natural Spray To Eliminate Odors

Puracy Natural Stain Remover, $11, Amazon

Everyone gets a little rank sometimes. Thankfully, you can get this natural odor eliminator to keep your house smelling pristine. But, it doesn’t just get rid of smells, oh no! It’s also a stain remover, so those pit stains will disappear and your shirt will smell delightful. It’s so strong that you might be surprised that it’s natural, organic, non-toxic, and non-bleaching. You won’t get any chemical surprises, but you will get insanely clean clothes.


11. A Gel That Keeps Your Feet Blister Free

RunGoo Blister Prevention Cream, $11, Amazon

Running with sweaty feet is a recipe for blisters. So, instead of throwing your running shoes away for the summer, enjoy your workouts with this blister prevention cream. The cream provides a long-lasting barrier on the skin, so your feet won’t rub or slide as you run. That helps not only stop blisters, but prevents callus buildup. Plus, it’s easy to apply and won’t rub off on your socks. Though it’s made specifically to keep feet friction free during sweaty days, you can use it anywhere on your body where chafing might be a problem.


12. The Top Coat That Keeps Your Manicure Flawless

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, $5, Amazon

With all the frolicking on the beach you may be doing, you'll need something fairly heavy duty to keep up a manicure. The Seche Vite polish has over 4500 reviews singing the praises of this amazing top coat. It dries fast and makes your polish last longer than ever. Really, it can make your manicure last through all the salt water and sand you throw at it this summer — and you won't put on sandals as you're rushing out the door, only to find that your polish is chipped.


13. Oil Blotting Papers To Keep Your Face Dry

Natural Green Tea Oil Blotting Paper, $7, Amazon

A super shiny face is often another side effect of hot weather. Whether you'd like to keep your look matte or simply want something soothing to dry your face with, try these green tea oil blotting papers. The papers are all natural and absorb oil without any powder. Made with natural linen and organic green tea, these calm your skin while taking away excess oil. The container is small, easy to stow in a bag, and becomes a handy dispenser making your oil blotting break even easier.


14. The Lotion That Keeps Boob Sweat At Bay

Fresh Breasts Lotion, $11, Amazon

Time to get real: your boobs get sweaty. It's only natural, there's nothing weird about it, but sometimes it can get really uncomfortable. Now you can use this lotion to keep your chest dry. Instead of trying to pour a bunch of powder down your bra, this lotion goes on easy to prevent chafing and keep moisture away. One Amazon user wrote: "My skin has never felt softer and it is irritation free for the first time in 30 years! I'm actually not dreading summer. Which reminds me, I gotta go order 3 more. I never wanna run out of this ever in my whole entire life it is that darn amazing!"


15. A Flushable Wipe To Make Your Toilet Time Extra Clean

ButtValet Premium Flushable Cleansing Wipes, $10 (30 Pack), Amazon

Sweat isn't just reserved for your brow or pits. It can be most obnoxious when it strikes down under. But with these flushable wipes, you get to refresh your bum and keep it extra clean and dry. The wipes are packaged individually and discretely, so nobody will know you're using a butt product unless you want them to. The package will easily fit in your pocket for a trip to the toilet, but the wipes themselves are extra large to make them even easier to use. Alcohol free, this ButtValet product is full of soothing aloe and a great way to keep a pack of instant freshness around.

16. A Blotting Powder That Keeps You Matte All Summer

Jolie Invisible Pressed Blotting Oil Absorbing Powder, $19, Amazon

You can try to keep yourself cool, but some shine is bound to build up over the course of a hot day. To avoid shiny selfies, use this blotting powder. It advanced formula goes on clear and won’t cake on your skin or fall into any creases or lines. Wear it alone or apply it over your makeup and enjoy a satin finish that keeps you looking fresh all day.


17. A Spray To Keep Your Feet Odor-Free

Funky Feet Shoe and Feet Deodorizing Spray, $11, Amazon

Foot odor takes no prisoners in the summertime, so to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations, use this natural deodorizing spray. Use it directly on your feet or in your shoes to neutralize odor and kill bacteria. You'll be left with the light scent of tea tree, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and thyme essential oils. Way better than summer foot stink.


18. A Powder To Keep You Dry On The Sweatiest Days

Bison Designs Squeaky Cheeks Powder, $13, Amazon

For the sweatiest times, this chafing powder can keep you comfortable despite the heat. This powder uses bentonite clay essential oils and slippery elm bark to provide instant dryness and relief. It helps create a barrier between your skin and wetness, so you won’t have to worry about friction pains or skin irritation. Plus, it eliminates odors on contact, so you’ll smell fresh through the toughest workout.


19. A Water Bottle With Cool, Misting Action

O2COOL ArcticSqueeze Insulated Mist 'N Sip Squeeze Bottle, $13, Amazon

Now you can dump water on your face on a hot day in a more socially acceptable way. This bottle is insulated to keep your water extra cold and features a misting function so you can give yourself a refreshing spray at any time. With a leak proof lid, the bottle will only spray when you want it to. Plus, it works as a normal water bottle to keep you hydrated on those hot days.


20. An Antiperspirant That Stops Sweat For A Week

SweatBlock Antiperspirant Clinical Strength, $19 (8 Towelettes), Amazon

Sometimes you have to break out the big guns. When sweat gets to be a real problem, you can prevent it for days with these SweatBlock Antiperspirant wipes. Honestly, this stuff can work for up to a week with one application. You get eight individually wrapped towelettes, so you can keep one in your bag for emergencies without worrying about it leaking everywhere.


21. A Bag To Keep Your Valuables Safe At The Beach

Ipow Waterproof Bag, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

In the summer, most of us end up near a body of water at some point, and nowadays it's extra hard to keep all our electronic valuables safe and dry. Thankfully, this waterproof bag is easy to carry and keeps you phone dry even in the deepest of waters. You can go retro and wear it as a fanny pack, hold it like a clutch, or sling it over your shoulder. Either way, your valuables stay with you and are fully protected from sand, salt, and splashes.


22. An Insole To End Foot Odor

Scheppend Bamboo Charcoal Deodorant Mesh Insoles, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

To keep your feet dry and smell free, try out these charcoal insoles. The bamboo charcoal absorbs sweat and odors while still being light and comfortable. They're also also designed to prevent mold buildup, so you won't have to worry about these getting gross over time. Instead, you'll get natural odor relief and an extra comfortable shoe.

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