22 Bizarre But Brilliant Products That Fix Chafing & Other Embarrassing Hot Weather Problems

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Oh, summer! A time of sunshine, vacation, and — if you're me — constant sweating. If there was a competition for "most sweat accumulated when the temperature gets above 60 degrees," I would be world champion. Alas, that doesn't exist, so summer for me is the season of finding products that fix chafing and other common hot weather problems.

Most of the time when it comes to shopping for the summer, you'll think about new bikinis, maybe some fun sandals, and scoping out vacation deals on beaches with the best piña colada service. But if you take a little time to plan ways to cool down and avoid the more embarrassing summer problems, you'll save yourself a world of hurt. Believe me, my thighs nearly learned how to speak English to thank me for stopping the vicious cycle of summer chafing.

And if you also suffer from chafing, or as I like to call it, "friction affliction," Amazon has brilliant solutions from saucy lace bands that protect the thighs to an amazing body lube. Don't worry, it's way less dirty than it sounds.

So, to get ready for the Season of Sweat, check out a few of these hot weather lifesavers. With these, even I might be able to get through July with a couple of non-sweaty selfies under my belt.

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