21 Brilliant, Practical Things Every Messy Person Needs

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I have loads of respect for messy people. It's a character trait that's been linked to geniuses; Einstein himself said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?” Still, there are practical things every messy person needs, because if left unchecked, your room could easily move from "creatively messy" to "my laundry mound ate my phone and I'm never getting it back."

While creativity is a messy process, there are also proven benefits to an organized space. A study conducted by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute found that more clutter equaled more visual stimuli, which left the brain much more distracted while working on a task. Clutter can therefore lead to procrastination for a certain type of person; That's why Dorothy Breininger (a professional organizer best known for her work on the TV series Hoarders) suggests decluttering to help you mentally prepare for other activities. However, it shouldn't take a ton of time, because then cleaning becomes a form of procrastination in itself.

If you're looking for some simple ways to minimize your mess, but don't want to waste all of your time on it, check out these brilliant, practical products every messy person needs to own.

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