21 Clever AF Products Trending On Amazon

I've bought a lot of stuff online. From face masks to cutting boards, the purchases range from indulgent to practical, but there's one word I'd almost never use to describe them — clever. That’s something that’s truly hard to come by, and it’s exactly why these clever AF products on Amazon are making such a splash.

The key to "clever" is that it has to be a product that's useful, but in a way you didn't expect. It needs to be innovative in a way you haven’t thought of before — or it needs to solve a problem you didn’t even know you had. For example, instead of constantly going to the salon for trims, there’s a hair tool that trims your split ends for you, without the disastrous results of an at-home haircut. That’s the kind of clever product you didn’t even know you needed. But now you do!

So, if you've been looking for an easier way to wear false eyelashes or you've wished you could carry some aromatherapy around with you all day, Amazon has your back. These genius products help solve life's little problems and make your day more enjoyable. That sounds pretty clever to me.

1. An Underwear Organizer To Keep All Your Socks In Place

MISSLO Portable Underwear Organizer, $13, Amazon

This lightweight organizer has multiple layers with pockets of varying sizes, making it ideal for storing underwear, socks, and bras. You could use it to transfer almost anything, and it could come in handy when organizing luggage. It also has a handle for simple transport and is covered in a fabric that is easy to clean.


2. A Hair Tool That Brushes, Dries, Curls, and Straightens

U-Kiss Hair Curler Brush, $34, Amazon

This hair tool is a curling iron, straightener, and hot brush all in one, allowing you to skip multiple steps in your styling routine and cut down on heat exposure. You can use it on damp hair, drying and detangling it as you style, and its ceramic tourmaline plates boost shine.


3. A Cord Organizer That Keeps Your Earbuds Neatly Stowed

Nite Ize Curvyman Cord Supervisor, $9, Amazon

This cord “supervisor” keeps your earbud cords neatly in place, preventing the dreaded tangling that seems to be inevitable. It has a slot at the top and the bottom, keeping your cords together after you’ve wrapped them around the body of the item. It even comes with a clip to attach itself to a purse or zipper pull.


4. A Long Lasting Dish Cloth That Never Gets Smelly

Crown Choice No Odor Dish Cloth, $15 (3 Pack), Amazon

One of these dishcloths lasts longer than seven standard sponges, and since they’re quick-drying, mold and bacteria won’t build-up. This means your kitchen sponge will always be fresh; no more gross sink smells. It also has large mesh holes designed to let food rinse through quickly and efficiently.


5. A Trimmer That Only Cuts Off Split Ends

Lescolton Split Ends Trimmer, $80, Amazon

Trying to cut your own hair is often a disaster, but it also sucks to go to the salon just for split ends. Thankfully, this trimmer makes at-home cuts a million times easier. Just run sections of dry hair through the trimmer and the device only removes the split pieces. It doesn't take off length or bulk, just gets rid of the damage for even more gorgeous hair. One reviewer writes: "My hair feels so much softer after using this. It cut off all my frizzy hard split ends and left my hair silky smooth. This is great for using in-between haircuts when you don't what to lose any length and just want to get rid of your split ends"


6. A Silicone Brush Set That Wastes No Makeup At All

JJMG Silicone Makeup Set, $13 (7 Piece), Amazon

Even the best of makeup brushes absorb a lot of product. If you want to avoid waste, try out these silicone brushes. The silicone brushes are super soft on the skin and waste absolutely nothing, so you'll get to use every last drop of your favorite makeup. This one comes with a variety of brushes — not only for foundation and concealer, but for eyeshadow, eyeliner, and highlight. And there's even a brush that makes applying face masks much easier and hygienic, too.


7. A Balance Board That Strengthens Your Whole Body

FitGenX Wobble Balance Board, $33, Amazon

This balance board aims to strengthen your legs, arms, upper body, abs, and core with or without resistance bands, so you can get a solid workout at home. It also contributes to improved balance over time. And though the product is super lightweight and portable, it’s incredibly durable — holding up to 400 pounds.


8. An Aromatherapy Bracelet That Smells As Pretty As It Looks

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet, $19, Amazon

If you have a favorite essential oil that you wish you could literally wear, then this bracelet is the perfect solution. Just drop some oil on the included pods, stick them in the center of the bracelet, and you'll have your favorite scents with you all day. This one comes with eight multi-colored pads, and the charm is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel.


9. A Massager That Soothes Aching Feet

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager, $18, Amazon

Take care of aching feet with this rolling foot massager. Use it standing or sitting and let the textured columns hit every pressure point. Made of durable Theaceae wood, you can put as much pressure as you want on this thing and it will hold up — and provide some much-needed relief to tired feet.


10. A Night Light That Purifies Your Room

Himalayan Glow Pink Salt Night Light, $20, Amazon

Night lights add a warming glow to your room, which I think people of any age can enjoy. But to make your adult night light even more practical, use this Himalayan sea salt lamp. It provides a pleasant pink tone while the sea salt is said to naturally ionize the air around you to help you breathe and sleep better. This one also has a base that rotates, ensuring it will fit into any plug.


11. A Hair Remover That Takes Care Of Everything

VereBeauty Mini Hair Remover, $15, Amazon

This two-in-one hair remover has a nose hair trimmer and a gentle facial shaver, allowing you to take care of unwanted hairs with just one product and without any pain. It’s also small and discreet, fitting right in your purse or toiletry bag, and safe to use anywhere on your body.


12. A Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush That’s Biodegradable

Bamboo Charcoal Infused Toothbrush, $13 (4 Pack), Amazon

These bamboo charcoal toothbrushes are completely biodegradable, meaning you can toss them without guilt once you’ve used one up. Their soft bristles are safe for sensitive gums, and you use them just like any other toothbrush. Plus, they’re completely sustainable, down to the packaging.


13. A Sponge That Removes Deodorant Stains From Clothing

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Deodorant Removing Sponge, $5, Amazon

If you're someone who can't put a shirt or dress on without getting deodorant marks all over it, try this incredibly nifty deodorant removing sponge. It takes off all deodorant stains with one wipe without causing any harm to your clothes or discoloration. One reviewer writes: "Works great. I keep one in my purse at all times."


14. A Makeup Stamp That Gives You Perfect Eyebrows

AsaVea Eyebrow Stamp, $9, Amazon

This eyebrow stamp gives you consistently shaped brows every time you use it, and you can choose from three different shapes: arched, straight, or natural. It’s a fast and easy way to apply brows in the morning, and since the formula is waterproof, they won’t wear out throughout the day. The stamp is available in three different shades, too.


15. An Easy-To-Install Light Strip For Anywhere In Your House

LED Closet Light, $14, Amazon

This closet light is easy to screw into the wall (it comes with all you need for installation) and has a motion-sensor built in — so put it in closets, dark drawers, or in any place in your house you need some more light in. And it's battery-powered, so no need to replace bulbs.


16. A Set Of False Eyelashes That Have Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic False Eyelashes, $19 (4 Pieces), Amazon

Get super long lashes without any annoying glue. These false eyelashes are light, look natural, and use small magnets to securely (and comfortably) attach to your eyes. Just place one row of false lashes above your own lashes, then place the second set of lashes below and magnets hold all the lashes together. It's a little bit like magic, but makes a long-lashed look incredibly easy to achieve.


17. A Scraper That Opens Bottles And Cleans Out All The Gunk

Eunion Handy Scraper/Bottle Opener, $7, Amazon

Whenever you get that weird bit of gunk stuck on your floor or your counters, don't waste time trying to scrub it off with a sponge. Use this scraper. It's designed to remove dried up sticky stuff, gum, or any other junk that you might find around the house. Plus, it's a bottle opener! This simple tool is shockingly useful to add to your array of cleaning products.


18. A Serum That Grows Out Your Natural Lashes

Organys Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum, $30, Amazon

If you'd like to have fuller, longer lashes, you might want to give this eyelash serum a try (it also works just as well on brows). The vegan formula is designed to make your lashes grow faster, thicker, and longer in as little as 60 days. Reviewers rave about the product’s efficacy and love that it’s a natural alternative to other popular brands.


19. A Powerful Light You Can Attach To A Key, Or Anything Else

NanoLite Stick-On LED, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

This stick-on LED light has powerful adhesive that lets you attach it to almost anything, turning whatever you want into a mini flashlight. It promises to be virtually indestructible and is fueled by long-life alkaline batteries. If you attach it to your key, you’ll never again struggle to find a keyhole in the dark.


20. An iPad Stand That Props Up Your Device Anywhere

iProp iPad Bed And Lap Stand, $25, Amazon

This bean bag iPad holder conforms to any surface, from a flat table to an old pillow, making it ideal for any place you like to relax. It has a non-slip silicone shelf that keeps iPads and any other device secure and aimed towards whichever direction you please. Plus, the bean bag itself is machine washable, just in case.


21. A Brush That Gives Your Scalp A Lovely Massage

Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush, $3, Amazon

Give yourself a very soothing scalp massage while you shower with this brush. The tines stimulate the scalp to promote blood flow and possibly promote hair growth as you shampoo and massage. And it feels incredible, too!

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