People Are Blaming Trump For Daylight Saving Time

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Springing forward is never easy, but some people seem to be a little more bitter about this weekend's time change than others. On Sunday, as Americans across the country awoke with one less hour of sleep than usual, funny (and brutally honest) daylight saving time tweets about President Trump began circulating online. The two trending topics may not seem to have much in common, but as with most headlines in the U.S. nowadays, all roads usually lead back to Trump.

If you want the president to abolish the dreaded clock movement, you're not alone. It seems Trump could win more than a few friends that way. If you haven't slept well since January's inauguration and one hour less of sleep on a weekend doesn't feel any different to you, then you're also not alone. Overall, people seem to have very mixed opinions about daylight saving time — almost as mixed as the country feels about the controversial commander in chief.

The controversy around daylight saving time is nothing new, and neither are the calls to end it. But with Trump in office and the recent behavior of his administration, there's certainly a whole new spin to put on the ever-painful time adjustment.

Not Sleeping Well Anyway

Take us back to 2016.

Greatest President In History

If by "all" you mean "literally the only thing he does," then yes.

Trump Time

What's in a name?

Bipartisan Support

Take a break from the healthcare debate.

Make America Well Rested Again

Win at daylight saving time for all of us.

Make America Awake Again

Let America sleep again.

The Bright Side

It's a darker morning, but a brighter future.

Just Saying

Plot twist: Don't ever set the clocks back.

Every Tired Voter

Maybe the GOP will petition to have the next election the morning after daylight saving time.

Waiting For A Trump Tweet

In reality, the president was relatively quiet on Twitter on Sunday morning.

Fake Time

Fake news, fake time, what's next?

Good Guy Point

That's saying something.

Trump's Tax Returns

Let me know if you find it!

Daylight Saving Year

Asking for a friend...


Case closed.

Too Early

Even the most prolific of tweeters need their sleep.

Back 50 Years

"Falling back" has taken on a whole new meaning.

In Agreement

We found love in a hopeless morning.

Executive Order

Now that's an executive order that voters can get behind.

Thanks Trump

It's the new version of #ThanksObama.

Keep Calm

Focus on what's important, America.

If only a cat picture could really do the trick. Trump may have nothing to do with daylight saving time, but Sunday's tweets show that plenty of people don't need a legitimate reason to be upset with him. The country is undeniably divided — and, for one reason or another, undeniably tired.