Easy Easter Gift Ideas For Friends In 2017

So, there’s such thing as a Secret Santa (or snowflake) for Christmas gift exchanges, a Secret Cupid for Valentine's Day gift exchanges — but why isn't Secret Easter Bunny a thing? That needs to change right now! There just aren't enough holidays in a year for secret gift swaps, so I dub the Secret Easter Bunny an official Easter holiday tradition — and I’m doing so by providing you with great Easter gift ideas for friends.

Before taking all of the credit for Secret Easter Bunny, I had to do a quick Google search. Which I guess what a good thing since Secret Easter Bunny is most certainly a thing on Pinterest (thanks DIY moms). I guess its existence is a good sign — but I think it’s time to make it more of a thing within the wider population. Secret Santa just gets too much attention, without giving other holidays a chance!

So if you and the squad love your traditional secret snowflake every year, then why not make it a tradition to celebrate twice a year? Because not only does it include all of your friends, but it gives the people who don’t celebrate Easter an excuse to be a part of the festivities. These gifts below are a variety of gifts that fit well not only with the Easter holiday, but the springtime season. This list ranges from silly to serious, and completely doused with treats and floral prints galore.

Golden Easter Egg

Golden Easter Egg, $50, Harry & David

Why give one tiny Easter egg when you can give a huge one filled with all sorts of gifts and goodies? This Golden Easter Egg is filled with popcorn, mini chocolate eggs, pretzels, and more!

10 To-Go 16 oz. Designed Cups

Morning with Lemon Palm cups, $3, Cheeky

Whitney Port's limited edition disposable tableware collection with Cheeky and Target is not only adorable, but it's charitable as well: the company donates one meal to an organization for every product sold. Liven up your friend’s coffee game 10 of these adorable to-go cups for your friend that is always bringing coffee from home anywhere they go.

Mountain Keyboard Cover

Mountain Keyboard Cover, $12, Urban Outfitters

Easter is all about the pastel and bright colors. Give this keyboard pad to your nerdy tech friend who you can’t seem to tear themselves away from their laptop.

Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter, $29, Urban Outfitters

What better thing to give on Easter than the gift of new life? Fill this planters with some new plants for your friend with a raging green thumb.

Double Monogram Mug

Double Monogram Mug, $12, Anthropologie

Does your friend love tea or coffee, and will probably be serving it at their Easter shindig? Give them a new mug to enjoy it in!

The Yoga Kitchen

The Yoga Kitchen, $25, Anthropologie

Did you have a friend who fasted during Lent, and now looking for something to energize their body? This book should do the trick — it's filled with healthy recipes and tips to rejuvenate their soul!


Saffiano Journal, $20, Anthropologie

Sometimes Easter can spark new inspiration in one’s soul — either from the holiday or simply having warmer weather. A journal will be the perfect gift for someone who’s ready for a creative new project!

Wildflowers Coloring Book

Wildflowers Coloring Book, $9, ModCloth

Have your friend get into the season of all-things-floral with this coloring book!

Wine Tote

Wine Tote, $9, ModCloth

Add a bottle of wine in there for something extra fun!

Bauble Necklace

Bauble Necklace, $10, ModCloth

Who could say no to a bold bauble necklace to kick-off that spring wardrobe?

Travel Mug

Travel Mug, $12, ModCloth

For your friend that gave up sweets for Lent — it’s cake all day, every day!

Floral iPhone 7 Case

iPhone 7 Case, $40, kate spade new york

What better way to accessorize the season than a new floral case?

Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar, $40, kate spade new york

Again, this is for the friend that was super solid with their Lent fast — fill this bad boy with cookies for a fun Easter surprise!

Gingham Trouser Socks

Gingham Trouser Socks, $9 — $10, J.Crew

Doesn’t everyone really want new colorful socks for spring, or is that just me?

Flower Monogram

Flower Monogram, $28+, Etsy

Perfect for a friend who’s been wanting to spruce up their office space with some fun decorations.

Be Kind T-Shirt

Be Kind T-Shirt, $18, Etsy

This is for your activist friend who’s all about treating others

Custom Clutch

Custom Clutch, $18, Etsy

I mean, really really pretty. Perfect for any friend!

Peeps-Inspired Soaps

Peep Inspired Soaps, $7, Etsy

There’s Peeps, but then there’s Peeps soaps... which is almost as good as the real thing!

Some Bunny Loves You Spoon

Some Bunny Loves You Spoon, $7, Etsy

Very appropriate gift for that bunny bestie in your life!

The Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner, $30, Anthropologie

For the friend that loves personal progress and positive thinking!

Neon Tie-Dye Egg Decorating Decals

Neon Tie-Dye Egg Decorating Decals, $2, Target

Who would ever pass up an opportunity to add some tie-dye decals to Easter eggs? Not me!