21 ‘Gilmore Girls’ Episodes To Watch If You Seriously Ship Paris & Rory

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Fans of Gilmore Girls know that the seven season-long WB series was more focused on its female characters than anything else. That doesn't just include Rory (Alexis Bledel) and her mom Lorelai (Lauren Graham), but also the two Gilmores' closest girl friends, including Paris Geller (Liza Weil), who is Rory's one true academic equal. Paris and Rory's hot and cold friendship was so exciting to watch that tons of fans even wished for the two former rivals to become romantic partners. If that describes you, then you need this list of 21 Gilmore Girls episodes to watch if you ship Paris and Rory.

Paris and Rory have a special bond that no fan can deny, and that might have to do with how GG creator Amy Sherman-Palladino came up with the role of Paris. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Weil revealed that she'd originally auditioned for the role of Rory. Though that wasn't to be, Sherman-Palladino decided to create a character for Weil. So it makes total sense that Rory and Paris are so tight. The characters have so much in common that it sometimes seems like only they can understand each other, especially when it comes to school.

There's plenty of fan fiction out there that has Rory and Paris ending up together, and a published novel about a lesbian romance was based on the fictional friends. The book is called Tell Me How You Really Feel, by , and NPR reported that author Aminah Mae Safi dedicated the book to Sherman-Palladino, "with a clever quip that Rory 'always had Paris.'"

If you're feeling inspired to write your own revisionist history of Gilmore Girls, check out these 21 episodes.

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