21 "Guadalupe Garcia" Photos & Videos Show How Protestors Are Resisting Donald Trump's Deportation Orders

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's already a victim of President Donald Trump's deportation order, and she's a mother of two from Arizona. Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos has lived there for the past 22 years, and both her children are U.S. citizens. Despite that, she's likely being sent back to Mexico, where she came from at the age of 14. Until just a few weeks ago, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) wouldn't have focused on her for deportation because she's not a violent criminal. But now Trump has changed that. These 21 "Guadalupe Garcia" photos and videos show you how to resist Trump's deportation orders.

Garcia de Rayos had a biannual meeting at ICE Wednesday, a routine thing under Obama. But because of Trump's order, activists were worried something could go awry. So they showed up with her. Then came the news that she was being taken into custody. Her kids were there. Jacqueline, her daughter, told The New York Times, "The only crime my mother committed was to go to work to give a better life for her children." And then she and her brother showed the rest of us Americans how to resist. They stood in front of her deportation van and tried to block their mother's transfer. These photos and videos show how to resist.

1Garcia De Rayos Went In With Support

She was joined by activists when she went into the ICE office.

2And Then She Was Detained

Activists outside shared the news of Garcia de Rayos being taken into custody. They shared a phone number for the ICE office: 1 (602) 766-7030.

3Her Kids Were There, Too

Both are American citizens.

4Facebook Video Captures The Protests

More than 200,000 people have streamed the video so far.

5The Signs Were Spot On

They came with the right Trump messaging, too.

6Her Family Saw Her In The Deportation Van

An NBC reporter said the family was in tears.

7Her Children Sat To Protest

Both tried to keep their mother in the country any way they could.

8They Were Joined By Many More

Six were arrested when they blocked the van's path.

9One Man Attached Himself To The Wheel Well

He was arrested by Phoenix Police.

10This Is Resistance

Protestors were sending out tweets using the #FreeLupita hashtag.

11Garcia de Rayos In ICE Custody

Those gathered could see her inside the van.

12Phoenix Police Assisted ICE

They arrested the protestors so ICE could take Garcia de Rayos away.

13The Community Isn't Happy

They accuse the police and mayor of being complicit.

14The Vans Were Finally Able To Leave

The crowd shouted, "Shame on you!"

15The Resistance Did Not End

They started to march instead.

16Officials Tried To Control The Protest

That led to protestors shouting about their "freedom of speech."

17Then The March Moved Onto The Street

Traffic was stopped temporarily, too.

18Listen To The Chants

Protestors blocked traffic while chanting of "our streets."

19Public Transit Was Blocked

It wasn't just cars that the protestors stalled.

20One Phoenix Resident Stands Out

Identified as Hilda Canales, this Phoenix woman, stood in front of the city's light rail.

21A Message For ICE Agents

This was parked near the ICE office. Hopefully the message will sink in for the agents. Since Trump's deportation executive order was signed, it is up to them to decide who to deport. No prioritizing violent criminals.

If you think this is wrong, make sure to contact ICE and the Department of Homeland Security today.