21 Inspiring "Trans Resistance" Memes & Tweets To Share On Social Media & Show Your Support

Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility! The trans community still faces a huge amount of discrimination, so this is an important day for transgender people and their allies to stand up and educate the world as much as possible. An easy way to do this, of course, is to take to Twitter with inspiring "Trans Resistance" memes and tweets — and many already have.

Looking through them won't necessarily give you an in-depth look at the challenges that trans people face, but the thing about the format of a tweet is that it can carry a real punch. Also check out, for example, Rhea Butcher's ruminations on how important visibility is for genderqueer people or Laverne Cox's now classic essay on Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover. However, there are also a lot of transgender people who don't have the platform that celebrities do — and that's why we have Twitter. Their voices and their stories are also powerfully moving — even if they're just told in 140 characters and a picture.

So have a look at these #TransResistance memes, and then go out and figure out how you can claim your own voice as a trans person or be an ally for trans people everywhere.

1See How Necessary #TransResistance Is

There are concrete, human reasons why everyone needs to take Trans Visibility Day seriously.

2See What Visibility Means To Someone

It's about more than just social justice.

3Appreciate Someone's Journey

You don't have the whole story, but you don't need it in order to appreciate an anniversary celebration.

4Recognize That It's Not Easy

This day isn't necessarily easy, but it's definitely necessary.

5Feel Someone Else's Pride

His message speaks for itself, I think.

6Find The Humor

Nothing like a good filter to find the brighter side.

7Take A Moment To Educate Yourself

How can you change your behavior to be a stronger ally to those who need it?

8Learn The Terminology

Basically, everything is on a spectrum, and people find themselves everywhere along each spectrum.

9Remember That This Isn't A New Thing

Things have gotten much better for those who don't find themselves on one end of the gender binary, but there's still a whole lot of room for improvement.

10Know That Trans People Don't Fit Into Boxes, Either

Anywhere you can expect to find a cisgender person, you can expect to find a transgender person, too.

11Learn More About The Fight

The fight for trans inclusion has been long, and it's not over yet.

12Celebrate Successes

Huge progress is always worth noting, and celebrating.

13Be Happy For People Who Have Found Their Truth

In this case, it's clear as night and day.

14Follow Their Advice

I'll repeat it, because it applies for everyone: "Be unapologetically you."

15See The Beauty

I certainly won't argue with that.

16Appreciate The Process

Huge changes don't happen overnight. It takes hard work, externally and internally.

17Take Her Word For It

If you can, stop hiding. And when someone stops hiding, support them with everything you've got.

18Recognize Huge Achievements

A step forward is a step forward, and trans people are taking them everywhere.

19Embrace It

Your identity, your beauty, your power — embrace it.

20Have Fun With It

Stick your tongue out at the haters.

21Spread The Message

However you want to say it, it's important that you express the sentiment.

There are so many more trans, genderqueer, nonbinary and so many other voices out there waiting to be heard. Use this Transgender Day of Visibility to seek them out — or to exercise your own.