Snapchat Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Even Better Than The Flower Crown Filter

Despite what the retail world would have you believe, Halloween season is fairly short. Autumn doesn't officially begin until near the end of September, leaving just a few weeks before the spookiest day of the year on Oct. 31. If you're a fellow procrastinator, this means you'll end up desperately searching for last-minute Snapchat Halloween costume ideas in the last week of October, because you left all the planning until the last minute. But never fear! For one thing, you're not alone. (I've never managed to start on a Halloween costume more than two days before the day itself.) For another, you picked an excellent area to focus on. With more than 173 million users, Snapchat filters are super recognizable these days.

It may be difficult to believe, but Snapchat filters — or lenses, as the app prefers to call them — have only existed since 2015. Two years ago, the rainbow filter exploded onto the scene, and social media has never been the same. How did people choose dating profile pictures before the invention of the cute puppy filter? Honestly, I can barely remember at this point.

So this year, when you look up from your laptop and realize Halloween is three days away and you have absolutely nothing to wear, come back to this list of 21 last minute Snapchat-inspired costumes.

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Snapchat Ghost

Let's start with the unexpected. As far as Snapchat-related costumes go, people tend to stick to mimicking the filters. But why not go one step further and dress up as Snapchat itself? As you can see in the video above, the smiling ghost logo is ridiculously easy to create with some mesh, fabric paint, and a white sheet.


Rainbow Puke

Ah, yes. The famous rainbow puke filter that started it all. It may be defunct these days, but the rainbow filter lives on in all our hearts — and through years of Halloween costumes. The most important part is obviously the makeup, which you can check out in the tutorial above. Because you're dressing up as a Snapchat filter, you're totally justified in wearing regular clothes for the rest of your costume, but if you really want to get into the spirit, deck yourself out in all rainbow everything.


Flower Crown

The flower crown filters have stuck around for so long that at this point, it's basically a requirement for every Snapchat user to send them on a weekly basis. You can buy flower crowns online or at pretty much every accessory store, but if you'd rather make your own, check out the tutorial above. For reference, here's one of the recent filters in all its flowery glory:


Butterfly Crown

It's easy enough to make your own butterfly crown using wire and fake butterflies from a craft store, or you can attach them to barrettes and pin them to your head one by one. Wear an appropriately flowy dress or pants, and voila! You're ready for Halloween.


Deer Filter

One of the most popular filters of 2016, the Snapchat deer is instantly recognizable to anyone under the age of 30. All you need is makeup you probably have lying around the house and a brown-and-beige ensemble.


Face Swap

Remember when face swaps were the thing to do? Recreating them is ridiculously easy. Follow the steps in the tutorial above, which boils down to printing out each others' lovely visages and running around with your faces "swapped" all night. Don't forget to hold your phone in selfie position for the full effect.


The Scary Bunny

You're on a time crunch, so why not go with a Halloween classic? Buy bunny ears and a tail online — a set on Amazon goes for around $12 — and follow the makeup tutorial beginning at 11:43 in the video above. Add a white leotard, and you're all set to look like this:


Black Lace Mask

It's been a while since the black lace filter made an appearance, but it was an effortless way to look mysterious. You can check out the makeup tutorial above, or if you have time, make a quick trip to a costume store for a lace mask. (You can find them on Amazon starting at about $2.)


Purple Galaxy

With tons of bronzer, eyeshadow, and highlighter required, the purple galaxy filter is for the makeup gurus out there. If you have time, give it a few practice runs before Halloween, just in case.


Pop Art

Whether you're a comic book fan or simply like the way the Snapchat filter looks, you can easily mimic the pop art lens with makeup and some late '50s clothing.


Watercolor Tears

After the success of the original, teary pop art filter, Snapchat later launched a similar watercolor version.

Once you have the makeup down, grab your best vintage (or fake vintage) clothes and hit the town.


Face Recognition

For a brief second before the filter menu pops up, Snapchat maps out your face on your phone screen. For such a cool concept, the costume is surprisingly easy; all you need is body paint to create the white lines. Check out the tutorial below for an example.


Human Toast

Snapchat filters aren't always glamorous. Sometimes, they're downright weird. To dress as the toast-face filter, follow the steps outlined in the tutorial below, starting at the 4:54 mark.

Wear a brown, long-sleeved shirt to complete the look. (You can find one on Amazon starting at $4.90.)


Messy Makeup

Snapchat's messy makeup filter mimics the way everyone's makeup looks at the end of the night anyway. Really, you're just giving yourself a head start.

Watch the video below, starting at 5:33, to figure out how to do your own messy, crying Snapchat filter.


Jewel Filter

For a cheap, simple Snapchat-inspired costume, try out the jewel filter. All you need is a pack or two of colorful, adhesive rhinestones, which you can find at virtually any craft store. (Michael's sells them for less than $3.) Follow the tutorial below for tips on the costume.


Hipster Panda

Snapchat didn't stop at a traditional panda filter. Last spring, the app turned us all into hipster pandas sporting flower crowns. Again, you can buy flower crowns (like this $7 floral headband) online or make your own, and check out the video above for makeup tips.


Cartoon Bunny

Sick of the old, evil bunny filter? Move on to the cartoon bunny, with its little bow and adorable pink nose. The tutorial above teaches you how to do the makeup and create your own bow, so you can look like this ultra-cute filter. Bugs Bunny would be proud.


Interactive Snapchat Costume

Do you want to be the Snapchat app? Literally? This tutorial has got you covered. (The "interactive" bit comes from printing out your Snap code and attaching it to the costume, so people can add you by taking a photo of your shirt.)


The Bumblebee

Bee the bumblebee filter by following the tips outlined in the tutorial below. To make sure nobody mistakes you for a mere bumblebee costume, wear a Snapchat-related shirt like this "Snap Queen" v-neck on Amazon.


Part Of The Nerd Herd

Didn't you hear? Being a nerd is so in these days. Snapchat even created a filter to make you look nerdier, complete with broken glasses and chipmunk cheeks. To get the so-cool-you'll-stay-in-school look, check out the tutorial below.

Finish it off with a nerd costume (Party City sells one for $40), and you're good to go. Remember to bring your calculator.


Cute Puppy

The only filter more famous than the rainbow puke is Snapchat's original cute puppy, which remains wildly popular to this day. (Let's be real here. Kylie Jenner singlehandedly keeps it alive.)

Buy a dog tail on Amazon (about $4 before shipping) and follow the steps in the video above to create your own puppy filter look.