21 Male Celebrities Who Proved The Power Of Solidarity At The Women’s March

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's time to start a slow clap for the men who came out to cities across the world during the Women's March on Saturday, Jan. 21. Male celebrities were at the Women's March in full force, supporting their wives, girlfriends, sisters, friends, and even perfect strangers in the fight for equality. It was a totally awesome move in solidarity and show of strength. What these male celebrities proved is that just because it was called the Women's March did not mean it was only for women, nor did women hate men and wish them to not march alongside them. Can I get a "heck yes"?

From London to Washington, New Orleans to Los Angeles, male celebrities currently working in film, music, television, and occasionally politics took to the streets and showed the support for women. While the Women's March worked to advance feminist ideologies further into the mainstream, these men worked to advance the radical notion that men can be feminists, too.

Take note, guys. You're no less of a man for supporting women. These celebs, including Ian McKellen, Misha Collins, and Jake Gyllenhaal, are here to show you exactly that. These may be uncertain times but there's not reason to be afraid; these men and their impetus to march is proof of that.

1. Jidenna

The "Classic Man" singer joined Janelle Monáe in Washington D.C.

2. Ian McKellen

McKellen marched for equal rights in London.

3. Seth Rogen

Rogen went rogue, marching in New Orleans rather than L.A. or Park City.

4. Riz Ahmed

The most bae Rogue One cast member made his voice heard in London.

5. Lin-Manuel Miranda

Miranda didn't throw away his shot to stand up for women in London.

6. Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal was out there in these streets for the women of the world. Heck yes.

7. John Legend

While his wife was in Washington, Legend marched with friends in Park City.

8. Nick Offerman

Of course, Ron Swanson braved the cold for women's right. Of. Course.

9. Justin Willman

The comedian and TV host joined his wife in Park City, Utah's march.

10. Conrad Ricamora

The How To Get Away With Murder star joined his friends in L.A.

11. Troye Sivan

The British pop star was right along side his fans on Saturday.

12. Billy Eichner

billyeichner on Instagram

Eichner got back on the street, but this time, it was for women.

13. Jack Falahee

jackfalahee on Instagram

Falahee, seen on How To Get Away With Murder, marched in L.A.

14. Sean Maguire

How cute is this? The Once Upon A Time hero accompanied his family to the London march.

15. Michael Moore

The activist and documentarian gave a rousing speech in Washington, D.C.

16. Misha Collins

The Supernatural star advocated for nasty women. Yeah!

17. Jason Sudeikis

Sudeikis joined wife Olivia Wilde in the march for equality.

18-20. Arthur Darvill, Carlos Valdes, & Keiynan Lonsdale

The stars of CW smash hit shows Legends of Tomorrow & The Flash marched.

21. Jeremy Allen White

The Shameless star marched with pals Dakota Johnson and Addison Timlin.