21 Movies As Scary As ‘Us’ Streaming Now, Because Who Needs Sleep?

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Jordan Peele's Get Out was touted as a horror game-changer when it came out in 2017. The follow-up, Us, out Mar. 22, is a home invasion psychological horror flick, about a family who is trapped in their beach house under attack by their doppelgängers. Home invasion fright fests are already amongst the most terrifying tropes in the genre, because they can feel so real, but having the family face an evil version of themselves makes the concept extra eerie. If you're in the mood to freak yourself out a little more, these movies as scary as Us are streaming now.

Want to check out some other home invasion horror movie? There are plenty of scary ones out there, including The Strangers, Hush, When A Stranger Calls, and He's Out There. They might lack the supernatural elements of Us, but they'll still be equally terrifying. And, since Us will definitely appeal to horror movie fans who don't mind gore, there are plenty of disturbing psychological torture horror movies to watch, too. There's Hostel, which is definitely not for the faint of heart, and Would You Rather, for a start.

So if Peele's new movie is totally up your alley, you may want to check out some of these:



Haunting of Hill House fans will be pleased to know that this flick is directed and co-written by the show's creator Mike Flanagan, and features the show's star Kate Siegel as the protagonist. (She also co-wrote it!) In this movie, Siegel plays a mute-deaf woman who must escape a masked killer.

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'When A Stranger Calls'

This one is the remake, but it'll make you feel nostalgic for the prolific 2000s era of horror. Camilla Belle plays a babysitter who begins receiving calls from a killer who threatens her, and it's up to her to protect herself and the kids she's babysitting. Also, this is Tessa Thompson's first movie, so it's definitely worth watching for that reason, too.

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Eli Roth has made plenty of scary movies, but this is definitely his most disturbing. It starts out with two friends who plan a fun trip to Europe, but soon find out that there's a group of people who are torturing and killing travelers.

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'I Know What You Did Last Summer'

You can't go wrong with a classic, and this one has the perfect cast, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Phillippe, and Freddie Prinze Jr. In this slasher flick, a group of friends is stalked by a hooked killer who knows about a car accident they attempted to keep a secret.

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If you missed the 2018 critically-acclaimed horror film, now's the perfect time to watch it. It's better to go in without knowing much about it, and you'll find out why everyone kept talking about it all year — and is still talking about it now.

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'Child's Play'

Yes, Chucky's a doll, but really, he's still one of the scariest classic horror movie killers. You can see how his story begins in this movie. Watch it ahead of its upcoming remake.

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'The Strangers'

When it comes to home invasion movies, The Strangers is amongst the most terrifying. And it definitely doesn't help that it's reportedly based on a true story.

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'He's Out There'

Movies where families have to escape a haunted house are typically super freaky, and this one is no different. When Laura (Yvonne Strahovski) and her husband (Justin Bruening) take their daughters on an annual trip to their lake house, they find themselves in the company of a vengeful spirit who grew up in the house.

Stream it on Netflix.


'Would You Rather'

This gorey psychological thriller is definitely very intense. Brittany Snow plays Iris, a young woman who enters a life-threatening game where the winner wins a large sum of money in order to help her ailing brother.

Stream it on Netflix.


'Inhuman Resources' a.k.a. 'Redd Inc.'

Instead of a home invasion, this is an office one. Six co-workers are captured by a killer who wants them to prove his innocence —and if they fail to do so, they're killed.

Stream it on Amazon Prime.


'Truth Or Dare'

There are two horror movies with the same name that came out fairly recently, and this one is the one that doesn't star Lucy Hale. This movie, which actually came out first, has a very similar plot, where a group of teens have to play out the game on Halloween and follow the instructions of the spirit —or face death.

Stream it on Netflix.


'Cabin Fever'

This Eli Roth movie is far less upsetting than Hostel, but still has plenty of gore. A group of friends (including Boy Meets World's Rider Strong) rent out a cabin in the woods and contact a flesh-eating virus.

Stream it on Hulu.


' Paranormal Activity'

Paranormal Activity became huge when it came out, as a truly terrifying supernatural flick made on a very low budget. If you didn't get to see it back in the day, now's your time to do so.

Stream it on Hulu.


'Children Of The Corn'

This Stephen King classic is a must-watch, about children in a rural town who are possessed by a supernatural entity that makes them kill all the adults.

Stream it on Hulu.



Speaking of Stephen King adaptations, the recent remake of It brings the horrifying clown back and will get you back in touch with your childhood nightmares.

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When it comes to slasher flicks, Halloween is truly one of the best. And who doesn't want to see Jamie Lee Curtis kick butt?

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'The Hills Have Eyes'

Wes Craven created some of the most enduring horror classics ever. In this one, when a family's stranded in the desert, a group of mutant cannibals hunt them down.

Stream it on Hulu.


'You're Next'

A family is hunted during an anniversary trip in this home invasion movie.

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'Under The Shadow'

There are plenty of great foreign horror movies you might not have heard of, including this Persian horror flick, which tells the story of a mom and daughter who are haunted by an evil entity.

Stream it on Netflix.


'The Invitation'

This thriller will have you on the edge of your seat, showing how a dinner party goes awry with grim consequences.

Stream it on Netflix.



The original Scream has it all: a young Drew Barrymore as the first victim, tons of jump scares, and Courtney Cox and her ex David Arquette sharing screen time. There's no way to go wrong with the movie that started the '90s slasher fic boom!

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With so many great horror movies to choose from, you'll never sleep. You won't be able to!