21 Satisfying Products That Are Also So Genius

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Sometimes, it seems like you can either get something that's practical or get something that's fun. And though it's a lot more enjoyable to go shopping for things on the fun side of the spectrum, as adults we can't ignore the practical side of life. Thankfully, there’s satisfying and genius products to fill both those needs.

Whenever you see something that stacks up perfectly — like a set of mixing bowls in a rainbow of colors — it brings a bit of happiness with its obvious functionality. Or a face mask that balls up dead skin, leaving you with a smoother complexion. Or a putty that relieves stress but is also magnetized. That's some satisfying stuff right there, but it also is a good product that won't sit on your shelf unused.

All of these items hit the sweet spot of fun and practical. Whether you'd like a pen that lets you draw in three dimensions or a lint roller that's specially made for your phone, hopefully you'll find some items that will make your life easier and be super satisfying all at the same time. Plus, this list proves that not all adulting tasks have to be a chore, there's always ways to keep it fun.

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