21 Strange But Genius Things On Amazon That’ll Fascinate Any Curious Person

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We really need to retire the phrase "curiosity killed the cat." A curious person is fascinated by all the new things the world has to offer — not a feline meeting a tragic end. I'm a naturally inquisitive person, which often leads me to buy an array of strange but genius products on Amazon.

There's even some evidence that curiosity is just as important as intelligence. The Harvard Business Review writes that curious people are better at handling the complexities of life and can ingest new information with ease. Plus, unlike your IQ, which you can't really change, CQ (curiosity quotient) can actually be enhanced over time.

Now, do I need products like a bazooka that makes sushi? Technically, no. But am I really, really curious about it? Heck yes! And who knows? By blasting out my own killer sushi, I might be more inclined to try other new things I'm curious about, like sushi croissants. Or sticks that whiten your teeth. Or deodorant made out of salt. So, if you're anything like me, take a look at some of these fascinating finds and see what sparks your interest. You'll only get smarter the more you cultivate your curious self.

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