Unicorn Drinks & Snacks That Will Appease Your Unicorn Obsession

by Kiersten Hickman

According to a few (OK, a lot) of sources, the new Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is a huge hit. But, it's only available for a limited time — so, what are you going to do when the frappuccino is no longer around to purchase? Don't worry: you can still enjoy a delicious and aesthetically pleasing treat right at home if you follow one of these unicorn drink and snack ideas.

Personally, I'm down to try all of these. When I’m not at work, I’m pretty much at home making a new recipe.

Now before I dive in, I have to make a quick comment on this beautiful unicorn trend. Is anyone else noticing that everything (and I mean, everything) can now be turned into a unicorn? And it’s not as easy as throwing on some glitter and sprinkles — no, no, it involves tons of marshmallows and mini unicorn horns and rainbows and glitter galore. I want to hate the trend, but to be totally honest with you, I’m kind of into it. While I love the whole “neutral tones always and forever" aesthetic that is so popular on Instagram, I'm also super ready for some bright pops of color to come back into the world — and if it takes unicorning the crap out of everything we eat and drink, I'm all in.

So now, you may unicorn the crap out of your kitchen with the following rainbow treats!

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Just one glance and this drink by Cookies and Cups seriously has nothing on the Unicorn Frappuccino!

Vanilla Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bars

OK, not only are these bars by Inside BruCrew Life smothered with tie-dye frosting and sprinkles, but the base is a salted caramel mocha bundt cake. Swoon.

No Bake Rainbow Unicorn Cheesecake Bars

Get ready, these bars by Inside BruCrew Life are actually stuffed with rainbow marshmallows. Staaahhhpppp.

Unicorn Bars

These bars by Cookies and Cups are topped with a generous dollop of bright blue frosting, a heavenly alternative to that decorative dollop of whipped cream on that frapp!

Rainbow Chip Brownies

Taking me back to those days when I would squeal with utter joy when mom packed me those little brownies with rainbow sprinkles. This recipe by Cookie and Cups will not only take you back, but fulfill your rainbow unicorn desires at the moment.

Unicorn Bark

A simple three ingredients and you got yourself the perfect unicorn snack to rival that frappuccino! Recipe by Something Swanky.

Unicorn Marshmallow Popcorn

It make look complicated, but this recipe by Jelly Toast is super easy to make! And also will rival the Instagram phenomenon encircling the Unicorn Frappuccino right now.

Jewnicorn Hot Chocolate

Alright, the play on words is real — but the drink looks totally delicious! This hot chocolate by What Jew Wanna Eat is made with white chocolate, rose water hot chocolate, sprinkles, rainbow marshmallows, cardamom whipped cream, and of course, unicorn tears. Because they are magical, duh.

Rainbow Sorbet

In case you want something cooler on a warm spring day, this homemade rainbow sorbet by Baked by Rachel can easily pass off as a unicorn treat!

Unicorn Poop

Even unicorn poop would have rainbow sprinkles, right? According to the creator, Lick My Spoon, unicorns feast on a heavy diet of double rainbows and chocolate.

Pink Watermelon Lemonade

If you would rather not drink something that looks like your childhood birthday cake, then keep it simple with this pink watermelon lemonade by Simply Delicious Food.

Chocolate Chili Splatter Cake

I mean, just throw a rainbow on it and it’s a unicorn food — right? This cake by My Name is Yeh is a chocolate cake with a little kick of cayenne!

Frozen Cherry Cosmos

More frozen drinks to compete with the unicorn frappuccino on social media! But this time, it can compete with the infamous pink drink as well - and spiked with alcohol, no less. Get the boozy recipe over at How Sweet Eats!

Neon Pink Smoothie

Looking for something a wee bit healthier compared to a sugary unicorn frappuccino? Try this pink smoothie stuffed with cucumber, beets, and grapefruit juice over at Oh She Glows!

Fruit Froyo Rainbow Pops

Who said that iconic unicorn rainbow comes from sugary sprinkles on whipped cream? For a healthy dessert, make a batch of these fruity rainbow pops with How Sweet Eats!

Rainbow Challah Bread

This is not a joke, people! This bread by What Jew Wanna Eat is actually rainbow and braided to ultimate perfection, and is just so beautiful your Instagram will cry pure tears of joy.

Giant Rainbow Cookies

These cookies by How Sweet Eats are actually baked with a cookie on top of another cookie. Talk about giant.

Rainbow Vanilla Cheesecake Bars

If you’d rather skip the glitter and sprinkles, these rainbow vanilla cheesecake bars by Inside BruCrew Life are simple, yet festive!

Rainbow Pretzel Wands

These wands by Mom on Timeout are perfect for your venture through the Forbidden Forest to find the poor unicorn in need of your help!

Rainbow Coconut Smoothie Bowl

It may not have sprinkles, but this rainbow coconut smoothie bowl by How Sweet Eats is still gorgeous for the gram!

Rainbow Mascarpone Buttercream

This buttercream by How Sweet Eats will turn any plain vanilla cupcake or cookie into the unicorn dessert of your dreams!