21 Weird Bras On Amazon That Are Totally Genius

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Every once in a while, I get really excited about wearing bras. What can I say — when I see a bra that’s completely different from anything you’re used to, I tend to pay attention. Take these weird bras on Amazon that are also totally genius — the second I saw each of them, I was not only intrigued, but also a bit enamored. Not only are each of them super different from your standard bra, but they also solve the common wardrobe problems many of us never thought we could solve. They're brilliant inventions that stand out amongst that familiar sea of white and beige bras that look exactly like the ones we've been buying forever. Quite simply, they're revolutionizing the way we think of and wear one of our most complicated sartorial items.

These weird bras may look a little quirky and unusual, but they'll fit like a dream, address unique problems that other bras haven't figured out quite yet, support your breasts so you don't experience aches and pains, and look amazing under various clothing types (or, better yet, effortlessly disappear beneath clothing so that you forget you're wearing one). These bras may not look like the others in your lingerie drawer, but once you read about what they can do you'll realize: that's the best thing about them, and it's exactly why you'll have to have them.

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