21 Weird But Genius Hair Tools With A Cult-Following On Amazon

By Emily Estep
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When it comes to purchasing hair tools, I want something that’s the best of the best — especially because the wrong kinds of hair tools can damage hair. Sometimes, that means you have to think outside of the box and get your hands on some of the weird but genius hair tools that don’t look anything like what you already own.

And if you're looking a little extra peace of mind, look no further than the hundreds — nay, thousands — of positive reviews that these Amazon products with a cult-following have, which means that a whole bunch of people have already vouched for them. Personally, I turned to Amazon to find a heat-resistant glove that would allow me to straighten my hair every single groggy morning without burning my fingers back when I had long hair. But now that my hair is shorter, my pixie cut lives for a mini straightener made just for my hairstyle.

Whether one of your tried and true products has finally bit the dust or you have a totally new cut to shape and style, these Amazon hair tools have plenty of great reviews and are pretty much guaranteed to become a staple in your hair routine — no matter how odd they look at first.

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