21 Weird But Genius Korean Beauty Products People Are Buying On Amazon

By Emily Estep
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Korean beauty products prioritize moisture and sun protection to keep skin plump and healthy — which is quite the change from the harsh scrubs and ingredients found in a lot of Western beauty products.

And while choosing these foreign beauty gems can be a challenge, you can search for Korean beauty products on Amazon — which leads to a plethora of gentle and innovative items to create the ultimate Korean beauty arsenal in your home.

On there, you'll also find the latest and greatest ingredients and ideas in the name of gentle, effective beauty — such as herb-powered ampoules, chia seeds, and even toothpaste with bee propolis. The Korean beauty community is not shy about trying new things, and neither am I. Personally, I'm interested in natural ingredients I've never tried before — and I'm careful to patch test to ensure that I'm not allergic or sensitive to the things I'm testing. But if you don't experiment, you'll never know that apple water can clear up whiteheads.

If you've been a little rough on you skin lately, it may be time for you to get on the Korean beauty hype train, starting with some weird — but genius — products.

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