25 Korean Beauty Products Reddit Users Swear By

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A lot of people these days have been reaching for Korean beauty products instead of drugstore or luxury products from the United States or Europe. But how do you know which to buy when there are so many out there (and the labels are in another language)? I hopped on the internet to see what Korean beauty products Reddit users swear by.

Reddit has become a place where people can talk about pop culture, their opinions, post memes, have things go viral, and give suggestions on their favorite products. You can search for anything on there. I decided to search "Korean Beauty," and a subreddit with over 4,896 subscribers popped up. That's pretty impressive.

Throughout this subreddit there are suggestions for lip powders, creams, toners, and more. People have asked about makeup, acne remedies, and what to buy when they go to Korea. The good news is that you don't have to actually go to South Korea to find great Korean beauty products. You can find products that have been imported from the country. And you'll be really happy to know that even though you can't read the label (which can be scary sometimes), these products have all been recommended by real people — and they've worked for them, too.

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