21 Weird But Genius Things To Make Your Bedroom More Hygienic

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A miraculous transformation happened to me the second I moved into my first apartment. It was like puberty, but for my cleaning habits. Even though my bedroom at home had always been a war zone, I suddenly became obsessed with products to keep my room clean. I started making my bed every day, I got an air purifier, and I developed a personal vendetta against dust mites. Basically, I became a neat freak practically overnight.

My parents say that I did it just to spite them, but in reality, I think it was because this was the first space that was ever really mine. I took pride in the bedroom that I had decorated and paid for myself, and from that stemmed cleaning practices that quickly became good habits.

That being said, I've never been a fan of harsh chemicals or synthetic antibacterials. I love it when my space looks and smells fresh, but I prefer to use natural ingredients and materials to achieve that squeaky-clean environment. If you're looking to reduce dust, limit the spread of bacteria, purify your air, and deep clean the fabrics in your bedroom (all without much effort), check out these strange but genius products that people can't stop raving about.

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