12 Gross Bedroom Items & What To Replace Them With

by Bianca Mendez

It's a well-known fact of life that our bathrooms and kitchens get totally filthy super fast, but what you may not realize is just how dirty your room can actually get. Don't worry, though — there are so many hygienic products that get your bedroom cleaner, and keep it that way.

On the surface, your room can look fairly clean, but the average bedroom actually contains over 1,000 dust mites. Yup, let that sink in. Not to mention, if you sleep with pets or a partner, you have their fluids, sweat and odors oozing into your pillows and bedsheets, making them a breeding ground for bacteria and even mold to grow. Gross. Now, that doesn't mean you're a dirty person. It's natural for germs and dust to appear, but as long as you're diligent about cleaning, you don't have to be too stressed.

If you're the type who gets a little lazy about cleaning your room, here's my confession: I actually don't clean my room nearly as often as I should. As a health and lifestyle writer who writes about gross things for a living, I should know better than to let my room go over a week without a good dusting. Nevertheless, life gets busy and I get lazy, so I need a little help, too. From humidifiers and moisture-wicking sheets to cleaning tools and other hygienic products, these are the tools you and I both need to that will make (and keep) that bedroom clean at last.


Curtains You Can Toss Into The Washing Machine

Warm Home Designs Window Curtains, $25, Amazon

Heavy curtains can collect dust overtime, which is a pain in the butt to clean out. These window curtains are long and sheer and come in assorted colors, so they'll look gorgeous no matter what your color scheme is, and they're machine washable, so they're way easier to clean than other curtains.


Hypoallergenic Pillows That Stay Clean

Urban Bloom Wright Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down Pillow, $60, Amazon

Mold, dead skin cells, and fungus are the most common things you'll find in pillows, according to a U.K. study. Your best bet is to sleep on a synthetic down pillow that can easily be thrown into the wash. This pillow is also hypoallergenic, which will help relive those who suffer from allergies.


A Mini Vacuum For Your Filthy Desk Area

YIYATOO Portable Cute Mini Corner Desk Table Vacuum Cleaner Sweeper, $12, Amazon

Stop wiping up your desk with a tissue or napkin every now and again, and actually start cleaning with a new tool instead. Dust can settle basically anywhere, especially your desk area. If you don't clean often, that stuff seriously piles up, which can impede your work flow and concentration. (Who wants to type on a keyboard full of crumbs or write on a desk covered in dust?) This mini vacuum cleaner picks up dirt, crumbs, and other particles on surfaces, including your keyboard.


These Bedsheets That Keep Dirty Buildup At Bay

LINENSPA Ultra Soft Luxury 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheet Set, $50, Amazon

Sleeping in your sheets for a few days straight is totally normal, but it also means there's a buildup of bacteria, dead skin cells, and body oils. Not so soothing to hear, right? Consider these bedsheets, which made from bamboo that makes them soft and breathable. Plus, they're moisture-wicking, so they absorb sweat faster and leave you sleeping more comfortably.


An Air Purifier To Keep Dust Mites At Bay

Antech Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser, $29, Amazon

Dust mites and other air particles in your room wreck havoc on those with intense allergies. The Antech Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser will help you sleep better at night because it purifies the air in addition to creating an aromatic vapor that may also help your skin because it keeps your room from getting overly dry.


A Super Lazy Way To Clean Your Floor and Carpets

Irobot Roomba 620 Vacuum, $325, Amazon

Ready for this fact? Your carpet probably contains more bacteria than a toilet. Yikes. Luckily, the Irobot Roomba 620 Vacuum is the lazy person's solution to cleaning your floors with ease. This device vacuums for you and has "dirt detect technology" sensor that identifies the dirtier areas to clean all by itself.


An Easier Way To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

Lilumia 2 Makeup Brush Cleaner Device, $149, Amazon

Not to be a negative Nancy, but you're not cleaning your makeup brushes as often as you should. And the reason that's so important is because your brushes collects bacteria over time, which could lead to breakouts and skin irritation. Who wants to be putting that on their face? The Lilumia 2 will be your BFF because with a push of a button, 12 brushes undergo a two wash and three rinse cycles, leaving them squeaky clean. Plus, it's way easier than using the traditional by-hand method in your sink.


Pajamas That Work Wonders For Night Sweats

Avidlove Soft Long Sleeve Pajama Set (Sizes S-XL), $29-30, Amazon

A survey from Ergoflex found that women go 17 nights wearing the same PJs. The problem is that those 17 nights is a lot of time for sweat and dead skin cells to build up. If you wake up with the sweats, consider moisture-wicking pajamas made from a breathable fabric that will help you sleep more comfortably.


Always Protect Your Mattress With A Cover

Sleep Guardian Premium Full Mattress Encasement, $24, Amazon

Hate to break it to you, but your mattress (a.k.a. the most important part of your house, if you're anything like me) is a breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, a recent study found that an eight-year-old mattress contains over 10 pounds of dead skin cells. Not to mention, if you share your bed with your S.O. or a furry friend, their sweat and odors contribute to the dirtiness. A mattress protector lets you get more out of your bed because it safeguards the mattress from dust mites, bodily fluids, bedbugs, and bacteria.


Keep Your Lamp, Bookshelf, And Other Nooks Neat

Pure Care Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole, $18, Amazon

Lamp shades, shelves, and table tops collect dust like no other, and if not cleaned, you could develop allergies and other illnesses. This Pure Care Microfiber Duster has an extension pole that will help you dust those hard-to-reach places — especially if you live in a small apartment with tons of nooks and crannies.


A 100 Percent Microfiber Comforter For Allergy Sufferers

All Season Down Alternative Comforter, $59 for Full/Queen, Amazon

Even your comforter is prone to dust mites, and while that doesn't seem like a big deal, it could cause you to develop a nasty allergy. If you're one who wakes up sneezing, this All Season Down Comforter could help. It's made from 100 percent microfiber, which helps alleviate allergies. Plus, it's fluffy and warm, which will make your bed feel as luxurious as one that you would find at a hotel.


A Candle That Specifically Eliminates Odor From Your Pets

Pet Odor Exterminator Candle, $16, Amazon

We love when our furry friends sleep with us in our beds, but they bring their own odors and bacteria into our rooms. The Pet Oder Exterminator Candle works to eliminate any funky smells. It's an enzyme formulating candle that works to break up and dissolve the components of bad odor.

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