22 Genius Korean Beauty Products Trending With Millennials

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Beauty-obsessed millennials can easily divide their lives into two chapters: pre and post the day they discovered the wonders of effective and affordable Korean beauty products. Sure, there was life before Korean beauty skincare when designer and drugstore makeup products took over your bathroom cabinets, bags, and vanities — but was anything as exciting as the day you discovered charcoal sponges, bubble masks, and rice water brightening cleansers?!

K-beauty stormed the scene years ago, but remains one of the most exciting categories of beauty. Many Korean brands continually update their lines and aren't afraid to push the envelope with creative, innovative products we never knew we needed. From Korean pore minimizing cleansing balms to weird, but genius K-beauty products like lipsticks infused with flowers and serums rich with snail discharge, Korean beauty isn't bound by the limits of conventionality and caters to a millennial's desire for quality, highly personalized, and effective products that multitask and get the job done.

And, of course, in a world filled with luxury, prohibitively expensive skincare and beauty, it's a treat to know many K-beauty goodies won't break the bank.

These 22 genius Korean beauty products are trending with millennials for two big reasons: they're affordable — and actually work.

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