22 Hidden Gems You Can Find On Amazon For Under $2

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If you're a bargain hunter who scours the internet for the best deals, you might have already come across our article about the life-changing things on Amazon that cost less than $1. Turns out the site is a treasure trove of cheap goods, and you can find some even cooler products on Amazon for under two dollars. If you feel like raising your price point up a few quarters, you can get a lot more hidden gems for a great price.

You might feel like a pretty big spender as you cruise Amazon with a budget that's doubled in size. For a mere two bucks, you can get a pack of 10 collagen lip masks or a mermaid makeup brush that's Instagram-worthy. You heard that right — with all the expensive makeup brushes out there, you can save your money and get a holographic makeup brush that looks like The Little Mermaid for the change you keep in your car.

Sure, you might be able to find some cool things on Amazon for under a dollar, but why sell yourself short? You deserve to double that budget of yours and treat yourself to some of these fine two dollar finds.

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