22 Hidden Gems You Can Find On Amazon For Under $2


If you're a bargain hunter who scours the internet for the best deals, you might have already come across our article about the life-changing things on Amazon that cost less than $1. Turns out the site is a treasure trove of cheap goods, and you can find some even cooler products on Amazon for under two dollars. If you feel like raising your price point up a few quarters, you can get a lot more hidden gems for a great price.

You might feel like a pretty big spender as you cruise Amazon with a budget that's doubled in size. For a mere two bucks, you can get a pack of 10 collagen lip masks or a mermaid makeup brush that's Instagram-worthy. You heard that right — with all the expensive makeup brushes out there, you can save your money and get a holographic makeup brush that looks like The Little Mermaid for the change you keep in your car.

Sure, you might be able to find some cool things on Amazon for under a dollar, but why sell yourself short? You deserve to double that budget of yours and treat yourself to some of these fine two dollar finds.

by Amber Petty

1. The Decals To Make Your Manicure Fruity And Fun

DGI Mart Nailart Tools Fresh Fruit Slices, $1 (144 Pieces), Amazon

Everyone's wanted lime slices on their nails at one time or another and now you can finally have the fruity manicure of your dreams with these decals. With 144 fruity pieces to choose from, the fruit salad nail possibilities are endless!


2. The Clips That Give Your Hair Some Minimalist Style

Minimalist Dainty Triangle Metal Hairpin, $1 (2 Pack), Amazon

If you ever wanted to wear part of the Deathly Hallows symbol in your hair, these clips are here to make it happen. The geometric hair clips come in gold and silver to add a little metallic pop to any hair style.


3. A Leafy Tea Infuser That's Completely Adorable

Xcellent Global Tea Infuser, $2 (Set of 2), Amazon

Make yourself a fine cup of tea with this loose leaf infuser. The stainless steel base holds your favorite tea blend while the food safe silicone handle makes it easy to use. Plus, it looks like a leaf. It's cute AF.


4. The Silicone Sponge That Blends Beautifully

Silicone Makeup Sponge, $2, Amazon

The silicone makeup sponge is a deal on top of a deal. Not only do you get this great, soft blender for under a dollar, but it also saves you money on makeup in the long run. The silicone doesn't absorb product, so you get to use every last bit of your favorite foundation.


5. The Kitchen Tool For All Your Kiwi Needs

CJESLNA Kiwi Cutter and Slicer, $0.73, Amazon

Enjoy kiwis to your heart's content with this convenient cutter and slicer. The stainless steel blade cuts the fruit into sections, and the little plastic knife makes snacking even more fun.


6. The Mini Flossers You Can Keep In Your Pocket

Plackers Micro Flosser with Travel Case, $1 (12 Count), Amazon

Make flossing a lot more pleasant with these micro flossers. They come in a tidy little travel case and are much easier to use than typical floss. Keep these in your bag and you'll have the cleanest teeth around — and they're mint flavored, too.


7. The Bottle Opener That Doubles As A Cap Launcher

UsoshopALL Cap Zappa Bottle Opener/Cap Launcher, $1, Amazon

If a party gets boring, just bust out this bottle opener and start having some fun. Sure, it opens bottles, but the best part is that it also shoots bottle caps across the room. Don't worry, there's not enough power to hurt anybody, but you can surprise someone across the room with the slight tap of a cap smacking them in the face.


8. The Mask That's Just For Your Lips

OVERMAL Gold Collagen Lip Mask, $1 (10 Pieces), Amazon

These lip masks use collagen to hydrate, moisturize, and plump lips. They're more fun to use than a lip scrub, and this pack comes with ten masks.


9. The Cap To Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

GHH Travel Toothbrush Head Case, $1 (5 Pieces), Amazon

Keep your toothbrush clean with these cases. There's no need to expose your toothbrush to the wilds of your travel bag. This case fits on most any toothbrush head. Plus, you get five pieces, so every brush will stay safe.


10. The Templates To Keep Your Eyebrows Sharp

Reusable Brow Stencils (3 Pack), $1.98, Amazon

These reusable brow stencils are excellent ways to fill in the shape you like or create a shape for waxing or tweezing. If you're a newbie at creating Instagram-worthy eyebrow shapes, this is a great product.


11. The Slicer For The Biggest Sandwich Lovers

Mikey Store Heart Shaped Sandwich Cutter, $2, Amazon

This is the future of sandwiches. All the filling stays in its little pouch, there's no crust, and most importantly it's a heart shape. This sandwich cutter is here to bring lunch to the 21st Century and I'm all for it.


12. A Travel Bottle For Your Favorite Perfume

Silver Refillable Travel Size Perfume Bottle, $2, Amazon

Sometimes you'd like to take your favorite scent with you on vacation, but don't want to pay $75 to check a bag. Instead, use this travel perfume bottle. It's refillable, reusable, and gives you just enough perfume for your trip.


13. The Cutter That Destroys Scallions In The Best Possible Way

Ensunpal Store Scallion Cutter, $3, Amazon

This scallion cutter will cut scallions in long strips or thin slices, great for stir fries, garnishes, salads, and whatever else you want to add a crunchy, onion bite too. You can also use this for other vegetables, too.


14. The Rack That Gives You Extra Hanging Storage

Lookatool Hanging Kitchen Cupboard Stand, $2, Amazon

When you need a little extra storage or a makeshift garbage can, give this kitchen cupboard stand a try. It fits over your cabinet door to create an easy way to throw out vegetable peels or egg shells while cooking, or would make a secure recycling bag for bottles when you're throwing a party.


15. The Snails That Hold Your Tea Bags

Unbranded Snail Shape Silicone Tea Bag Holder, $4 (5 Pieces), Amazon

Normally, most people don't involve snails in their tea service, but these silicone snails are just too cute. They attach to the top of your cup to hold your tea bag perfectly in place.


16. The Makeup Brush Made For Mermaids

UPLOTER Mermaid Makeup Brush, $1, Amazon

It's a mermaid brush! This fan brush is a great addition to any makeup fan's arsenal of brushes — and this one is a fan brush made with synthetic bristles, great for applying highlighter or a light application of blush.


17. A Handy Tool For Corn On The Cob

Amco Corn Desilker, $.40, Amazon

This handy tool removes those silky threads from any corn cob, which is the device you really never knew you needed. It's got flexible bristles for any sized corn cob, and it can be put in the dishwasher, too.


18. A Mold To Make Perfectly Shaped Onigiri

Kotobuki Onigiri Musubi Rice Mold, $1 (Set of 2), Amazon

This set of molds take sticky rice and turn it into the shape that is the foundation of delicious foods like onigiri and musubi — so if you're interested in trying those out or already know and love them, this could be the tool for you!


19. A Microfiber Cloth That'll Keep Your Home Sparkling

Mop Replacement Cleaning Pads, $0.77 (Pack of 2), Amazon

These cleaning pads made from microfiber are reusable, so they'll replace the ones you have to throw away after each use and save you even more money in the process. Use them dry to get all the dust out of the corners of your house, and use them wet to majorly mop everything clean.


20. The Freezer Tray That Gives You Pretty Spheres Of Ice

Kemilove Ice Sphere Mold, $0.85, Amazon

A bar always seems fancy when they give you one big sphere of ice in your drink. Well, you can bring that fanciness home with this ice mold. You'll get perfectly round ice balls to enjoy with any beverage — and it makes cocktails look extra fancy.


21. The Nail Polish That Glows In The Dark

DATEWORK Fluorescent Glow In The Dark Nail Polish, $0.81, Amazon

Glow in the dark nails?! What more can you want? This nail polish comes in 20 fluorescent colors that all come to life at night, and it's got a non-toxic, water-based formula, too.


22. The Brush That Gives Your Pores A Deep Clean

MAANG Facial Cleansing Brush, $7, Amazon

If you want deep exfoliation, give this cleansing brush a try. One side features soft bristles for a gentle cleanse, and the other has a textured silicone side for deeper exfoliation. It's pretty much a facial for two bucks.

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