22 Innovative Shower Products With A Cult-Following On Amazon

Daily showers can be time-consuming and a real hassle if you're in a rush, but with some trusty innovative shower products, you can turn a chore into a more enjoyable, efficient experience. All you need is access to the vast Amazon marketplace.

After all, you can rely on Amazon to find highly-reviewed products — as in, hundreds or even thousands of people have written about them — that have reached a cult-like status. Countless Amazon users have tested these items already, so you can be sure your purchase won't be a risky click.

And these particular shower products are truly innovative. For instance, did you know that there is mirror you can install directly in your shower that won't fog up? How about a shower head that simulates rainfall, or one that cuts down on your water bill? Additionally, getting the right shower products that are suited to your needs can save you tons of time and money. Sure, long showers can be a nice, relaxing treat — but when you need to get in and out and get as clean as possible (and keep your bathroom as clean as possible), these are the products that will help you do just that.

by Emily Estep

1. This Shampoo That Prevents Hair Loss

PURA D'OR Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, $27, Amazon

This anti-hair loss shampoo uses a genius formula of 17 different active ingredients, including aloe vera, red Korean seaweed, pumpkin seeds, and nettle that promises to reduce hair breakage that can result hair loss. One Amazon user raved, "After using this product for a little over a year, I notice SUCH a difference in both the texture and quantity of hair on my head."


2. This Scrubber That Helps You Exfoliate Your Back

Voda Reve Exfoliating Back Scrubber, $14, Amazon

This back scrubber is designed to make it easy for anyone to thoroughly wash and exfoliate their back, without having to twist their arms into awkward, contorted positions. And while one of its sides has an exfoliating loofah, the other is made of soft cotton for regular washes.


3. A Shower Head That Reduces Water Usage

ZenFresh Water-Saving Handheld Showerhead, $18, Amazon

This water-saving shower head is able to use less water without sacrificing pressure, so you can enjoy a guilt-free shower that won't blow up your water bill. It also filters and purifies the water, keeping your skin and hair clean without drying them out. One happy Amazon user wrote, "It gives you a comfortable drenching shower instead of just skimpy spray."


4. This Trendy Konjac Sponge To Gently Wash Your Face

My Konjac Sponge Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge, $10, Amazon

This konjac sponge is made from 100 percent Konjac plant root with added bamboo charcoal, making it incredibly soft and gentle on your skin while removing impurities and exfoliating.


5. This Antifungal Soap That Stops Odor And Fungus

Oleavine Antifungal Soap, $15, Amazon

This antifungal soap fights fungus and bacteria — the kind of stuff that causes body odor, athlete's foot, and itchy skin — with natural ingredients, including tea tree oil and neem oil. You won't find any artificial fragrances or dyes in this product. It also soothes dry skin and can be used as a calming foot soak.


6. A Suction Holder That Keeps Your Razor In Reach

InterDesign Suction Razor Holder, $7, Amazon

This suction cup razor holder can be placed anywhere in your shower, keeping your razor out of the water stream to extend its life cycle. Most disposable razors tend to accumulate rust, but with this holder, you can keep yours safer for longer. Plus, it doesn't require any hardware to install.


7. A Coffee Scrub That Promotes Blood Flow

First Botany Arabica Coffee Scrub, $15, Amazon

While the science is still out on whether or not this coffee scrub can actually wake you up, it is packed with antioxidants and caffeine to increase blood circulation while exfoliating your skin. It can be used anywhere on your body, even on your face and gently around your eyes. One enthusiastic Amazon reviewer said, "Not only does it feel great, it smells amazing! Just what I need in the morning."


8. This Sage Shampoo That Stops Dandruff

Maple Holistics Sage Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, $12, Amazon

This anti-dandruff shampoo uses the natural powers of sage to fight the causes of dandruff — and it does so without parabens and sulfates, too. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, and safe to use on color-treated hair.


9. This Electric Shaver You Can Use In The Shower

Panasonic Ladies Electric Shaver, $17, Amazon

This waterproof electric shaver is safe to use in the shower — and it gives you a close but comfortable shave that takes about half the time a regular razor does. It can be used with or without shave gel, and the hypoallergenic blades ensure a comfortable shave for sensitive skin.


10. The Scalp Massager You Can Use With Shampoo

Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush, $4, Amazon

This shampoo brush is used with your shampoo to deep clean your hair and give your scalp a quality massage — all while increasing blood flow to promote hair growth. Its gentle exfoliation can also help to reduce dandruff, too. Amazon reviewers love it to help treat dermatitis, psoriasis, and other conditions that affect the scalp.


11. This Shower Scrubber That Makes It Easy To Clean

Quickie Tub N' Tile Power Scrubber, $39, Amazon

It's kind of hard to really feel clean and refreshed in a grimy bathroom. With this power scrubber, you can clean your shower or bathtub thoroughly without having to manually scrub, thanks to its two rotating, battery-powered brush heads. It extends to 21 inches, so you should be able to reach any part of the shower without a struggle.


12. This Corner Caddy To Keep Your Shampoo Bottles Out Of Your Way

Zenna Home Shower Tension Corner Caddy, $18, Amazon

Instead of getting a shower caddy that hangs over your shower head, making things hard to reach — try a corner caddy instead. It's easy to install in any corner and holds all you need while keeping your shower head free and clear. The shelves are adjustable, and it resists rust and chipping.


13. This Shower Head That Feels Like You're Standing In The Rain

DreamSpa 3-Way Rainfall Shower-Head, $30, Amazon

This 3-way shower head mimics the feel of actual rainfall, with two different spouts that each have multiple settings — and you can also use the shower heads separately, because one is detachable. Amazon reviewers also say installation is simple, and most obsess over the massage setting.


14. This Bath Brush That Helps You Wash All Over

TopNotch Bath Brush, $9, Amazon

This bath brush can be used for a ton of things in the shower. You can use it to wash, you can use it to exfoliate all over your body, and it's particularly helpful when scrubbing your feet. Best of all, it hangs easily and dries quickly. Reviewers love how durable it is, too.


15. This Mirror That Won't Fog Up In Your Shower

No Fog Shower Mirror, $22, Amazon

This no-fog mirror installs easily in your shower and never fogs up, so it's always ready for you to use. It also rotates in different directions so it can easily be aimed wherever you want it, and everyone else in your house will be able to adjust it to work for them, too. It's got magnification if you need to be precise with things like hair removal.


16. This Drain Protector That Keeps Your Pipes Clear

TubShroom Drain Protector, $13, Amazon

TubShroom pops right into your drain with no hassle and immediately begins to collect any hair and debris that builds up and clogs your shower drain. If you're constantly shedding hair or just super conscious of your pipes, it's a low-cost way to keep your drain working smoothly. And when you pop it back out, it's super easy to clean.


17. This Foot Scrubber That Helps You Clean Your Feet

Body And Sole Soapy Soles Foot Scrubber, $14, Amazon

This foot scrubber suctions itself to the floor of your tub or shower and allows you to clean and exfoliate your feet while standing upright. It contains more than 1,500 bristles to softly rub away dead skin and calluses, no pumice stone required. One reviewer writes: "this scrubber is VERY soft, it holds the soap well, and it feels just wonderful on your feet! It's like getting a mini massage! I LOVE it!"


18. This Bar Of Soap Made With Dead Sea Mud

Aspen Kay Naturals Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar, $10, Amazon

This soap bar is made with Dead Sea mineral mud from Israel, and it sucks out impurities to give you a deep clean. The tiny granules of the mud gently exfoliate, and it's also made with moisturizing ingredients like sunflower oil and unrefined shea butter.


19. This Shower Dispenser That Holds All Your Products

Better Living 4-Chamber Shower Dispenser, $28, Amazon

This shower dispenser can make a huge difference in your shower, especially if you share your bathroom with a lot of people. It installs easily without tools, and you can use it to dispense up to four different products, meaning four less bottles and tubes cluttering up your shower storage space. Each chamber holds more than 14 ounces of product.


20. This Soap Dish Made From Wood That's 2,000 Years Old

Sustainable Wood Soap Dish, $12, Amazon

This soap dish is made from sustainably harvested wood that's centuries old — and the natural resin keeps your soap dry and scum-free. It can comfortably fit one or two bars of average-sized soap, and it's even resistant to water.


21. This Purple Shampoo And Conditioner That Maintains Bleached Hair

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo And Conditioner, $18, Amazon

This purple shampoo and conditioner combo successfully brightens highlights and keeps bleached blonde from turning yellow in between treatments — and it keeps natural blonde hair shiny and soft, too.


22. This Shampoo Bar That Goes Back To Basics

J.R. Liggett Bar Shampoo, $7, Amazon

This shampoo bar seems like an odd way to wash your hair — but with no sulfates, coconut oil, and argan oil that leaves scalps moisturized, why not try it? It lathers like regular shampoo, and won't strip away your natural oils. Amazon users love the way it cleans their hair without leaving a residue behind or irritating their scalp.

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