27 Brilliant Beauty Products With A Cult Following On Amazon

By Emily Estep
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When it comes to buying new beauty products, it can feel like you're taking a gamble with each purchase. What if this liquid lipstick transfers? What if this mask doesn't do anything? Or this mascara gives me raccoon eyes? This is why it's safer to turn to beauty products with a cult following — which are products with tons of reviews that you know are safe choices.

These brilliant beauty products have become sacred within the beauty community, via the beauty gurus of YouTube, countless "best of" lists, and good 'ole word of mouth — making them must-haves for anyone who wants reliable products without taking risks. To reach cult status, the product has to establish itself as pretty much legendary. It needs to be something that consumers rave about and will happily repurchase time and time again.

From odd makeup brushes to bubbling face masks, these products might seem new or unusual to you but, plain and simple: they work. No need to explore yet another new lineup from a drugstore brand when there’s a cult fave for pretty much every beauty product you could want in your arsenal — and if you aren't sure, just read one of the many glowing recommendations.

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