22 Essential 'Jane The Virgin' Episodes To Watch Before The Series Finale

by Rebecca Patton
Patrick Wymore/The CW

All good things must end — even endlessly charming telenovelas like Jane the Virgin. A lot has changed for our titular heroine since the series premiered on The CW back in 2014. Jane has had a child, reunited with her birth father, written two novels, gotten married, dealt with losing Michael, recovered from encountering a very-alive Michael, and decided to remain with her Baby Daddy, Rafael. And those are just the highlights. Jane the Virgin has always been about the family unit, which is why Alba, Xiomara, Mateo, Rafael, and now Jorge are just as important, too. But for those fans who are a bit fuzzy on the details, here are the best Jane the Virgin episodes to watch before Wednesday's series finale.

The series has covered tons of narrative ground since our spunky protagonist was introduced as a young twenty-something about to have the surprise of her life at the gynecologist's. And since Jane is a telenovela, there are plenty of "will-they, won't they"s, secret twins, fake deaths, real deaths, break-ups, and make-ups, but it's still shocking to see the rollercoaster of events laid out one after another. And while it's unreasonable to rewatch every episode before the series finale on July 31, here are some of Jane the Virgin's highlights that fans can either revisit or just brush up on here.


The One Where Jane Is Accidentally Artificially Inseminated

Greg Gayne/The CW

Chapter One (Season 1, Episode 1). It's funny to think about what would have happened if Luisa hadn't walked in on her wife sleeping with another woman. Jane wouldn't have become pregnant with Mateo, she likely wouldn't have gotten together with Rafael, and she and Michael would have probably lived happily ever after.

But this is a telenovela, after all, so of course that's not what happened. What did happen was Jane — who was saving herself for marriage — was accidentally artificially inseminated by Rafael's sister, who was heartbroken and distracted after her recent discovery. And the rest, as you know, is history.


The One Where Jane Learns Who Her Father Is

Danny Feld/The CW

Chapter Four (Season 1, Episode 4). Jane and Rogelio have come so far since she found out that the handsome telenovela star was her father. Since then, Rogelio has become a dedicated dad, loving husband, and doting grandparent.


The One Where Jane & Michael Break Up

Danny Feld/The CW

Chapter Six (Season 1, Episode 6). It's no secret that Michael's not a fan of his fiancée having another man's baby, and the couple split because of it.

As a result, Jane and Rafael share a deeply romantic kiss. While the two won't get together for a few more episodes, this signifies the beginning of their relationship. And as we now know, this isn't the last time they'll reunite by a tree with white petals falling.


The One Where Rafael Proposes...The First Time

Danny Feld/The CW

Chapter Fifteen (Season 1, Episode 15). Oh, sweet Raf. What made you think that proposing to your girlfriend — who is accidentally pregnant with your child — at an Angelique Harper reading was a good idea? While Jane let him down easy, the couple would break up in Chapter Eighteen. Fortunately, audiences know that he would plan to pop the question two more times throughout the run of the series.


The One Where Jane Has Mateo

Patrick Wymore/The CW

Chapter Twenty-Two (Season 1, Episode 22). In an exciting season finale, Jane gives birth before the baby is kidnapped by Sin Rostro. Fortunately, Mateo will be returned in Season 2, Episode 2.


The One Where Michael Proposes...Again

Scott Everett White/The CW

Chapter Thirty-Six (Season 2, Episode 14). Not only do Jane and her ex become re-engaged, but Petra gives birth to Anna and Elsa after (purposefully) inseminating herself with Rafael's second sperm sample.


The One Where Jane & Michael Get Married

Scott Everett White/The CW

Chapter Forty-Four (Season 2, Episode 23). Although Rafael is still in love with Jane, he decides not to spoil her happy day by confessing how he really feels. As a result, she and Michael are married in a tear-jerking ceremony. But since it's a season finale, it's not all happy news — just as the couple are about to get it on, Michael goes into the hallway at the Marbella and is shot by Susanna Barnett, a.k.a. Sin Rostro.


The One Where Jane Is No Longer a Virgin

Chapter Forty-Seven (Season 3, Episode 3). Although they're already married, the suspense is further drawn out by making the newlyweds wait to have sex until Michael has fully recovered from his gunshot wound. And while it takes them a few tries to find their groove, Jane and her husband get their mojo back.


The One Where Michael "Dies"

Colleen Hayes/The CW

Chapter Fifty-Four (Season 3, Episode 10). Parting is such sweet sorrow, and it was certainly devastating seeing Michael crumple to the floor mid-way through Season 3. While audiences later learn that Sin Rostro was behind his staged death, it seemed very real in the moment.


The One with the Time Jump

Robert Voets/The CW

Chapter Fifty-Five (Season 3, Episode 11). Fortunately, Jane the Virgin skipped forward three years after Michael's supposed demise, sparing us the brunt of Jane's emotional mourning period. Despite the time that's passed, the protagonist has yet to begin dating again. Raf, on the other hand, is seeing a sweet girl named Abbey (Minka Kelly), whom everyone seems to keep forgetting exists.


The One Where Xo & Ro Get Married

Greg Gayne/The CW

Chapter Sixty-Four (Season 3, Episode 20). Jane's parents finally tie the knot, but since it's the season finale, there's a catch. Rogelio learns that Darci is pregnant with his child.


The One with Rafael's Baby, Baby

Adam Rose/The CW

Chapter Sixty-Seven (Season 4, Episode 3). After a grueling home delivery, Darci gives birth to her and Rogelio's child, who they will later name Baby.


The One Where Adam Leaves

Scott Everett White/The CW

Chapter Seventy (Season 4, Episode 6). Jane has a semi-serious relationship with her former flame, Adam (Tyler Posey). And while he proves much more responsible this time around, he decides to leave Miami in order to pursue his career.


The One Where Jane & Rafael Finally Have Sex

Lisa Rose/The CW

Chapter Seventy-Four (Season 4, Episode 10). The exes have been flirting for several episodes, and while they agree to keep things casual, Jane is finally ready to take their physical relationship to the next level.


The One Where J.R. Gets Petra Off

Lisa Rose/The CW

Chapter Seventy-Six (Season 4, Episode 12). Jane Ramos, aka J.R., was hired earlier in the season to acquit Petra of Anežka's death. The two women turn out to have serious chemistry, which they consummate in this episode. It's Petra's first time with a woman, and they will have an on-and-off relationship into Season 5.


The One Where Xo Finds Out She Has Cancer

Michael Desmond/The CW

Chapter Seventy-Eight (Season 4, Episode 14). After a nasty fall during a dance competition, Xiomara learns that she has a lump in her breast. In Episode 14, the doctors confirm the Villanueva's worst fear: Jane's mother has cancer.


The One with Xo's Chemo

Tyler Golden/The CW

Chapter Eighty (Season 4, Episode 16). This grueling episode details Xiomara's ongoing cancer treatment, which pulls no punches. Fortunately, she will later go into remission.


The One Where Michael Is Alive

Patrick Wymore/The CW

Chapter Eighty-One (Season 4, Episode 17). Not only was Rafael *this close* to proposing (again), but Alba becomes an American citizen and gets hitched to Jorge.


The One with Jane's Monologue

Chapter Eighty-Two (Season 5, Episode 1). Not only has Jane just been put through the wringer by her late husband coming back from the dead, but it's revealed in the Season 5 premiere that Michael has amnesia, and the doctors aren't sure if his memory will return. Jane's seven-minute-monologue in this episode expresses her conflicting, unbearable emotions about what has just happened in her life.


The One In Montana

Kevin Estrada/The CW

Chapter Eighty-Eight (Season 5, Episode 7). Her trip out west with Michael confirms to Jane that she's in love with Rafael, leaving her ex-husband back at the ranch.


The One Where Rafael Proposes...Again

Kevin Estrada/The CW

Chapter Ninety-Four (Season 5, Episode 13). Although Rafael planned to propose to Jane before Michael showed up at the tail-end of Season 4, he's able to successfully pop the question this time around — surrounded by her family, no less.


The One Where Rose Dies

Kevin Estrada/The CW

Chapter Ninety-Eight (Season 5, Episode 17). Jane the Virgin's Big Bad has been in the slammer for quite some time, but after she escapes, Rose shows up at Jane's house. Fortunately, Luisa saves the day this time, pushing her former love off the roof and into Rogelio's This Is Mars premiere.

So while there are still some loose ends to tie up in Chapter 100, it seems pretty likely that Jane and Rafael are going to make it after all.