22 Secret Santa Gift Ideas You Still Have Time To Get

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Homesick Candles

Though people often regard Secret Santa as an impersonal gifting experience, it doesn't have to be. If you're going to spend the money and time finding someone a gift, why not make it extra personal? Why not go all out and get the most thoughtful gift you can find? It is only one gift you're responsible for, after all. Don't get your Secret Santa buddy a throwaway gift just because you don't have to worry about an even exchange, get your buddy a Secret Santa gift that they will actually use.

You shouldn't look at an assigned gift swap is not an opportunity to slack on your gift. You should look at it an an opportunity to focus all of your efforts into totally nailing one gift for one lucky person. And hey, what goes around comes around! As sometimes Secret Santas are done with an office or extended family dynamic, you might be in a position to get someone a gift who you don't know well — but don't fret. Just because you don't know their favorite color, doesn't mean you can't guesstimate a gift that they can really appreciate. Take some time to think about your Secret Santa, and then cruise through this epic list of personable and impressive gifts that I've put together for your convenience. TBH, any of these gifts will be useful, but finding that perfect combination of utility and personality is key.

A Literal Holiday Candle

Protective Eyewear

A Festive Knit Beanie

A Portable Jewelry Cleaner

A Luxurious Scent Collection

A Funny Dad Hat

A Mama Spa Kit

A Bike-Friendly Thermos

A Coal Set

A Curated Make Up Set

A Variety Of Sheet Masks

A Room Starter Kit

A Puppy Lover Shirt

A Label Maker

A Different Kind Of Lip Kit

A Sparkly Bath Oil

An Instant Wake Up Potion

A Slice Of Home In A Candle

Festive Bath Salts

Cashmere Slippers

An Indoor And Outdoor Fleece

Tiny Wireless Headphones