22 Of The Weirdest Things With Insanely High Reviews On Amazon

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It’s rare that I'm so moved by a product that I have to go back and write a review of it — but when I do, it’s because it’s incredible. I imagine most people are pretty much the same, so products with super high reviews on Amazon are definitely worth a look. And this isn't just one or two recommendations — I'm talking about thousands of great reviews on products you wouldn't think twice about, but something about them has people freaking out.

Now, it's not as easy as you think to find products that fit that bill. But that's why I'm here! I culled Amazon to find some of the odder items that people are really excited about. You might not think that thousands of people would take time out of their day to share how much they love a tooth whitener made out of the charcoal or coconuts, but they do!

From a polish that gets you to stop biting your nails to a piece of steel that makes your hands smell good, there are a lot of weird but incredibly popular products on this list. The people have spoken and you can use their wisdom to make your online shopping way easier.

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