22 Random But Brilliant Useful Products On Amazon People Are Obsessed With Right Now

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The sheer number of items available on Amazon pretty much blows my mind every time I need to shop for something. I'm constantly amazed by all the useful products on Amazon — things that I never would have thought of myself but suddenly realize just how badly I've been missing them.

Everyone's busy these days, and it can be really challenging to find items that fit into a hectic schedule. Ultra-portable versions of things you use all the time — like a collapsible water bottle, mini umbrella, and a power bank for your phone — make it easier to stay prepared and to avoid leaving things behind.

Forgetfulness is another unfortunate side effect of a busy schedule. Luckily, there are gadgets out there designed with the sole intent of helping you remember. So, if you're someone who loses their keys pretty much every day, there's a tool for that. Or, if you'd simply like to have a more vivid visual record of the memories you make, a lens kit for your phone or an instant camera can help you take beautiful photos of the moments that feel precious.

Some of these products may sound strange, but they are sure to come in handy!

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