22 Useful Gifts For Practical Men That They’ll Actually Want

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I have a really hard time shopping for the men in my life. I'm just not good at figuring out the things they'd really want. So instead, I look for practical gifts for men. You know, things that they can actually use.

No matter who I'm shopping for, I always say that a practical gift is a better gift. Instead of getting your partner, dad, or brother another sweater or tie, get them something that will make their lives easier. I'm talking tools that do double — even triple — duty, or a passport protector that also protects their private information. When you buy someone a useful gift, it won't just sit on a shelf, collecting dust.

To find the type of gift the guy in your life could get the most use out of, just ask yourself what they spend their time doing. Do they love to go outdoors? Are they always in the kitchen? Do they spend a lot of time looking for their keys? Whatever they do, there is going to be a gadget that makes that activity easier, more efficient or more fun.

Whoever you are shopping for, you can find them a gift that they'll use and thus appreciate — so don't give up and give them another gift card. To help you find the perfect present, this roundup features gift ideas for all types of practical men.

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