22 Weird But Brilliant Products On Amazon That Are Super Practical

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I try to spend my money on items that are fairly functional — I can never resist a new organizational tool, multi-use kitchen tools, or anything that makes my life easier. And when I started going down the Amazon rabbit hole recently, I realized how many brilliant, practical products you can buy on there.

Overall, I've found that weird products trending on Amazon tend to also be unbelievably innovative and helpful, whether you realize it in the moment or not. You may not think you need a portable smoothie maker that charges your phone, but once you see how much money you save when you don't buy an eight dollar drink every day, you'll be glad you got it. Had you never caught sight of a night light made of salt, little winter booties for your dog, or a spatula for your makeup? Well, you'd never know your life could be made just that more convenient. Sure, a lot of this stuff is weird looking, but weren't we taught never to judge a book by its cover, or a silicone steamer by its freaky pig face (seriously, that one's really creepy looking)?

These 22 weird and brilliant products found on Amazon are special because they're interesting and unique, practical — and, in many cases, can perform double or even triple duty as multitasking time savers.

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