22 Weird But Genius Inventions On Amazon That Make Life Safer For Clumsy People

When your face is a ball-magnet, and your shins are inexplicably attracted to blunt objects (like the stairs that you fall up on a weekly basis), it's good to know that Amazon has your back. Their digital shelves are chock full of genius products every clumsy person should own so that you can stay safe, dry, and bruise-free in every room of your home. They've even got things that'll keep the coffee off your laptop at work, which every accident-prone person knows is a near miracle.

Personally, I have a problem with forgetting about lit candles and cutting myself with utensils as dull as a butter knife. Amazon's got quick-fixes for those, too. Burns? Covered. Stubbed toes? Yep. Slipping right out of the bathtub? You bet. I'm sure they even sell giant inflatable hamster balls for humans, though I've refrained including those in this round-up; they're all fun and games when you're smashing against stuff in your backyard, but the inability to use your arms or get through doorways is probably more inconvenient than it's worth.

The good news: No matter how clumsy, you can be helped. These weird but genius inventions from Amazon will make your life safer and more convenient, and you don't even need to knock over any department store displays to get to them.

1. A Subtle Glow The Second Your Feet Touch The Floor At Night

Motion Activated Bed Light, $25, Amazon

If you stub your toe or walk into walls on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the motion activated bed light can fix all that. It uses an easy-to-install strip light to give you a subtle glow (that won't wake your partner) the second your feet touch the floor. This one is 4.9 feet long, and can also be installed under counters, along the stairs, inside bookcases, and under cribs.


2. These Wine Glasses That Roll Instead Of Spill

Cortunex Saturn Spill-Resistant Wine Glasses (4 set), $45, Amazon

These hand-blown Cortunex Saturn wine glasses are spill-resistant because if they are bumped or knocked over, they simple roll around in a circle. They have a gorgeous, unique design, and are dishwasher-safe, too.


3. These Super Realistic Candles That Won't Burn Your House Down

Pandaing Flameless Flickering LED Candles, $31, Amazon

Quit struggling to remember if you blew out your candles before you left the house. Pandaing flameless candles use an incredibly realistic LED light that flickers like a genuine candle, and they're made from real wax. They come in a set of six with varying sizes and can all be controlled with one remote. They even have timer and brightness settings to ensure that you never waste battery life.


4. These Gloves That Protect Against Knives

Cut Resistant Gloves, $20, Amazon

For clumsy people, the kitchen can be a dangerous place. If you're not handy with a knife than wearing these light, agile, cut-resistant gloves could be a lifesaver — or at least a skin-saver! Safely slice, dice, and prep your dinner with three color-coded pairs—perfect for helping to prevent cross-contamination between meat, vegetables, and cheese. These gloves could also come in handy anytime you're handling sharp objects, like box-cutters or gardening tools—just remember they're but-resistant, not cut-proof.


5. These Snap-On Guards That Prevent Oven Burns

Oven Rack Guards, $19, Amazon

Clumsy or not, everyone's reached into the stove and gotten a forearm burn from the top rack. These oven rack guards come in a set of two and easily snap onto any standard rack. They're made from the same soft material that firefighters use so you can feel confidant in their quality.


6. Find The Toilet In The Middle Of The Night

IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light, $13, Amazon

The IllumiBowl toilet night light was created on the hit television show Shark Tank, and every household could probably benefit from it. It's a little motion-activated light that clips onto the side of your toilet and senses when someone's in the room. Then it turns on to give you light while you pee, and it even changes colors, because why not?


7. When Your Phone Constantly Ends Up In The Toilet Bowl

ALOFOX Waterproof iPhone 6 Case, $23, Amazon

People are flipping over this ALOFOX waterproof case for the iPhone 6 and 6s. It may be slim and transparent, but it's strong enough to be fully submerged under water for up to one hour and durable enough that it can be dropped from more than six feet. And if that's not already reason enough to snatch one up, it also leaves the phone's different jacks and buttons fully accessible, and comes with a 12 month warranty.


8. This Travel Mug That Will Positively Not Leak

LifeSky Leak-Proof Travel Coffee Mug, $35, Amazon

The secret to the LifeSky leak-proof travel coffee mug is its vertical lid lock. The design of the lid ensures that it will not leak and also allows for easy one-hand operation. Plus, its vacuum-seal and double-wall construction will keep your drink super hot (or ice cold) for up to eight hours. Since it's made from food-grade stainless steel, it's totally safe and free of harmful chemicals.


9. This Foot Rest To Prevent Slipping And Shaving Mishaps

Elevease Shower Step, $20, Amazon

The Elevease shower step provides a secure foot rest while shaving or applying lotion so you can limit cuts and slips. It fits securely in the corner of your shower, installs without tools, and has a textured surface and a spot for your razor.


10. This Spot Cleaner That Uses Clay To Tackle Any Stain Without Water

Janie Dry Stick Spot Cleaner, $36, Amazon

Janie dry spot cleaner is a solvent-free stick that uses clay to absorb and brush away oil- and grease-based stains without using water. It also comes with a brush for even the most stubborn spots. Reviewers are saying things like, "This is the greatest dry stick I've found that actually WORKS." Best of all, this one comes in a pack of six, so you've got one for your desk, car, purse, laundry room, kitchen, and a lucky friend.


11. A Hair Dryer Holder To Keep Your Sink Space Safer

Moen Voss Bathroom Hair Dryer Holder, $28, Amazon

Even for the most coordinated among us, balancing a hair dryer next to a sink is bad idea. This type of accident-waiting-to-happen scenario is all too common and totally preventable. This hair dryer holder will keep the space around your sink safer and more organized.

12. These Adorable Suction Cups For The Tops Of Your Glasses

Lovely Cats Silicone Suction Cup Covers, $14, Amazon

These adorable Lovely Cats silicone cup covers protect your drink from dust and bugs, but when you press down, they create a light suction that makes any cup or mug spill-resistant. Use them to keep your morning coffee hot and contained when you're not drinking it, or store unfinished drinks in the fridge without spilling them.


13. This Genius Tape To Create Traction On Slippery Surfaces

Tape King Anti Slip Traction Tape, $14, Amazon

Made with grit aluminum oxide for superior traction and a super strong adhesive, Tape King anti slip tape can be applied to any surface for extra traction. It's great on ladders, stairs, ramps, car steps, and even the bottoms of your shoes, and adheres to wood, plastic, tiles, steel, and cloth.


14. These Cooking Gloves With More Insulation, Control, and Mobility

AYL Silicone Cooking Gloves, $16, Amazon

Most oven mitts are bulky and not too durable, but these AYL silicone cooking gloves have two layers of heat protection and allow for full use of all your fingers. They give you a superior non-slip grip and have a soft cotton insulation all the way up to your wrists, so your hands are fully protected from oven racks and open flames.


15. These Genius Wine Glasses That Bend Instead Of Break

Flexicups Silicone Wine Glasses, $17, Amazon

If breaking glasses is your forte, consider investing in Flexicups' silicone wine glasses. Even though they look like a fancy frosted glass, they're actually made from flexible silicone that bends instead of breaks. They're dishwasher safe and come in a pack of two, complete with a carrying bag perfect for taking on camping, tailgating parties, or picnics.


16. This Classy Bamboo Mat For Traction And Safety

GoBam Bamboo Bath Floor and Shower Mat, $40, Amazon

The GoBam bamboo bath and shower mat gives your bathroom a modern touch without compromising safety. The slated bamboo design is quick-drying and provides traction for a slip-resistant surface. It's also naturally antibacterial and resistant to mildew, so it should last longer and require less maintenance than other bathroom floor mats.


17. This Multitasking Mat That Will Save Your From Spills And Burns

Safe Grabs, Micro Easy Grab Multipurpose Mat (2 pack), $28, Amazon

There is more to this simple silicone disc than meets the eye—its trivet, placemat, jar opener, pot grabber, food cover, and more—so much more. It can even take on more than one of these tasks at a time. For instance, the burn- and spill-prone among us will appreciate how this multitasker does double duty to keep you safe and spill-free in the microwave: Just place the mat in the microwave with your food to catch boil over and act as a splatter guard, and then, because the disc will stay cool-to-the-touch, you can safely remove the hot dish by using the mat as a pot holder.


18. These Memory Foam Slippers That Protect Your Feet

Isotoner Classic Hoodback Slippers (Sizes S-XL), $16-26, Amazon

For someone who's a tad accident-prone, walking around the house in socks is risky business. Isotoner Classic Hoodback Slippers are made with a microterry upper and a thick memory foam sole for warmth and comfort. They also have an anti-slip bottom and a durable exterior to protect against falls and stubbed toes.


19. Stop The Overwhelming Pain Caused By Pointy Desk Corners

Baby Mate Clear Corner Protectors, $20, Amazon

These subtle, rounded corner protectors fit on the edges of your furniture to absorb shock and shield you and your furniture from damage. They have a strong adhesive that stays put but won't ruin your furniture. Available in a subtle, transparent design, they come in a pack of 20, and reviewers say that they're the "best [they have] found."


20. Reinforce Your Ankles With These Extremely Comfortable Compression Socks

PowerLix Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeves, $22, Amazon

If twisting your ankle is a weekly occurrence, these PowerLix compression ankle braces can help. They provide comfort and relief for sprains, weak ankles, arthritis, and swelling without compromising your mobility. Or, you can wear them as a preventative measure to help keep your ankles safe, supported, and injury-free. Best of all, the material is breathable, sweat-wicking, and soft.


21. Stay Visible During Nighttime Jogs

LED Shoe Clip Lights, $10, Amazon

These genius LED clip lights securely hook onto your shoes with no adhesive or fasteners. They can be seen from up to half a mile away while you're running, biking, or walking. They're also durable, water-resistant, and super lightweight.


22. This Incredible Healing Salve Once The Damage Has Been Done

red headed honey's Healing Skin Salve, $12, Amazon

Once the damage has been done, reach for red headed honey's healing skin salve. It's an all-natural balm that uses skin-nourishing oils and ingredients to soothe and heal bumps, bruises, stings and rashes. "I have been using this salve for over a year now, and it truly is healing," says one reviewer. "I don't want to be without it."

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