22 Weird But Genius Inventions On Amazon That Make Life Safer For Clumsy People

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When your face is a ball-magnet, and your shins are inexplicably attracted to blunt objects (like the stairs that you fall up on a weekly basis), it's good to know that Amazon has your back. Their digital shelves are chock full of genius products every clumsy person should own so that you can stay safe, dry, and bruise-free in every room of your home. They've even got things that'll keep the coffee off your laptop at work, which every accident-prone person knows is a near miracle.

Personally, I have a problem with forgetting about lit candles and cutting myself with utensils as dull as a butter knife. Amazon's got quick-fixes for those, too. Burns? Covered. Stubbed toes? Yep. Slipping right out of the bathtub? You bet. I'm sure they even sell giant inflatable hamster balls for humans, though I've refrained including those in this round-up; they're all fun and games when you're smashing against stuff in your backyard, but the inability to use your arms or get through doorways is probably more inconvenient than it's worth.

The good news: No matter how clumsy, you can be helped. These weird but genius inventions from Amazon will make your life safer and more convenient, and you don't even need to knock over any department store displays to get to them.

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