22 Weird But Genius Products That Keep You Feeling Fresh Between Showers

Maybe you're short on time in the mornings. Maybe you like to frequent the gym during your lunch break, or maybe you subscribe to the belief that human beings just aren't meant to bathe every day. Whatever your reason is, the internet's a goldmine of refreshing products that keep you fresh in between showers.

In fact, science suggests that you could actually be doing your body (and your hygiene) a disservice by washing every single day. That's because soaps and harsh chemicals in the water remove necessary oils and healthy bacteria from the surface of the skin, and these oils and bacterias are actually created by your body as natural forms of cleansing and protection. If that's not reason enough, by showering less often you'll also save time, money on the heating bill, and water.

However, skipping a shower doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go about your day feeling unclean. There are tons of weird but genius products you can use to keep your skin fresh and your body clean. You also have solutions for quick water-free shaves, voluminous non-greasy hair, and sebum-proof makeup, all of which you can utilize in a pinch when you're on the go.

1. These Deodorant Wipes That Are Natural, But Effective

Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes, $25, Amazon

These Crystal Body deodorant towelettes use the same odor-blocking mineral salts as the aforementioned spray, but they come in 48 individually wrapped packages, ideal for the gym, camping trips, or freshening up at work. These particular towelettes are unscented and extremely gentle, but reviewers say they "clean the funk away AND leave a layer of crystal salt to keep [them] going."


2. These Shampoo Wipes To Wash Your Hair On The Go

Essential Effects Shampoo Wipes, $20, Amazon

For an easy and convenient way to clean your scalp without washing your hair, there are Essential Effects shampoo wipes. The unique formula and durable wipe removes oil and dirt without the need to rinse, and they're pre-moistened and work for any hair type.


3. This Mineral Salt Rock That Creates An Deodorized Layer Over Your Body

Thai Deodorant Stone, $10, Amazon

Bizarre, yet so incredibly effective, the Thai deodorant stone is essentially a giant rock that you rub all over your body to prevent unwanted odor. It spreads a layer of natural salt minerals over your skin that aim to inhibit bacterial formation and perspiration, and reviewers love that it's non-irritating, doesn't leave a film, and keeps you fresh for days.


4. These Quick-Drying Bamboo Towels That Stay Fresh

Pusdon Charcoal Bamboo Towels, $12, Amazon

Especially if you don't have time to shower after your workout, these Pusdon charcoal bamboo towels are a total lifesaver. They come in a pack of two and in addition to being extremely soft and fast-drying, they're also cooling, absorbent, lightweight, and antibacterial.


5. These Shampoo Caps That Wash Your Hair For You

No Rinse Shampoo Cap, $17, Amazon

These weird but surprisingly effective no-rinse shampoo caps get rid of dirt, oil, and build-up without any water whatsoever. Just put on the cap, massage your head, remove, and thoroughly towel dry for hair that looks like it was freshly washed. "They really do work! After using, my hair feels almost as clean as having just washed with shampoo and water," says one reviewer.


6. This Spray-On Barrier That Stops Bad Bacteria

Crystal Essence Lavender and White Tea Body Spray, $7, Amazon

I'm in love with anything Crystal Essence, and this lavender and white tea body spray is no exception. It contains nothing but mineral salts and natural scents that coat your skin in a bacteria-trapping layer. When applied to clean skin, it keeps you smelling fresh for days on end. People are raving about this product because it's safe, easy to apply in spray form, and great for sensitive skin.


7. These Gentle Wipes That Clean Anywhere Without A Sticky Residue

GoodWipes Deodorizing Body Wipes, $10, Amazon

According to reviewers, these GoodWipes Deodorizing Body Wipes leave your skin "feeling silky and refreshed" like you "just took a quick shower." They're gentle, pH-balanced, and infused with cleansing and invigorating essential oils to clean your whole body without any sticky residue.


8. Definitely Not Your Average Dry Shampoo

Rapunzel Dry Shampoo Powder, $19, Amazon

Rapunzel Dry Shampoo Powder is innovative for a whole bunch of reasons. First, it uses natural ingredients. Second, it blends well with any hair color while adding tons of volume, and third, it comes in a dispenser bottle that gets right up in the roots.


9. A Natural Healing Facial Cleanser In Stick Form

Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick, $20, Amazon

Blended with 99 percent natural ingredients, this Neogen Real Fresh cleansing stick is incredible for freshening up after the gym or during work hours. It comes in a convenient stick form and creates a delicate lather that removes oil, makeup, and dirt without irritating your skin. It's also made with nourishing and hydrating ingredients like green tea seed oil and coconut.


10. A Shirt That's Specifically Designed To Control Your Sweat

The Thomas Tee Sweat Proof Undershirts (Sizes XS-XXL), $32, Amazon

These genius sweat-proof undershirts are made with premium bamboo and have built-in underarm pads that are guaranteed to absorb 100 percent of sweat. They come in multiple sizes and two colors (black and white), and reviewers say that they're super easy to care for and sweat does not leak through.


11. A Must-Have DIY Ingredient For Detoxing Your Skin And Hair

Rise N' Shine Bentonite Clay Powder, $10, Amazon

When it comes to cleansing and absorbing oil, clay is an awesome beauty resource. Rise N' Shine Bentonite clay powder claims to help to deeply cleanse your skin and hair, because it draws out clogged pores and product build-up to leave you with smooth skin and silky hair. It's even good for making your own DIY deodorant.


12. Blot Away Excess Oil With This Adorable Panda

momoup Makeup Blotting Paper Panda, $10, Amazon

Made from extremely absorbent Mino washi paper, these momoup makeup blotting wipes are a great way to soak up excess sebum and dirt during the day. They work on your face as well as your hair, and they come in an adorable panda case for storage in your bag.


13. This Dry Exfoliating Brush With A Removable Handle

LTI Beauty Dry Body Brush, $19, Amazon

For a quick and refreshing exfoliating session, there's the LTI Beauty dry body brush. It's made with durable wood and natural boar bristles, and has a removable handle so you can reach difficult places or use it as a hand brush. It's great for improving circulation, tightening skin, and energizing your whole body.


14. These Genius Apple Cider Wipes To Cleanse And Nourish Skin The Natural Way

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Wipes, $15, Amazon

These organic apple cider vinegar wipes are natural and infused with acne-preventing and skin-toning ingredients. However, it also has certain natural acids that are antibacterial and antifungal to deeply cleanse and nourish your skin, and since they come in individually-wrapped packs, you can use them anywhere.


15. Refresh Your Body With Pure Antibacterial Rose Water

Rosense Turkish Rosewater, $11, Amazon

This Rosense Turkish rosewater uses natural and pure rose extracts to calm, balance, and brighten your skin tone. However, because it's insanely refreshing, smells great, and is naturally antibacterial, it's a great way to give your body a cleansing lift during the day.


16. This Natural Deodorant Paste That Outlasts Them All

Black Chicken Remedies Deodorant Paste, $23, Amazon

If you're looking to stay fresh in between showers, the first thing you need is a reliable deodorant. Black Chicken Remedies deodorant paste contains natural and certified organic ingredients, but they totally neutralize odors from bacteria without sweat blockers or harsh chemicals. "I have used everything out there with and without a prescription, including men's antiperspirants," says one shocked reviewer. "I would have never dreamed of wearing only a deodorant before but this works!"


17. This No-Rinse Bath In A Bottle

No Rinse Body Bath, $11, Amazon

Have you ever wondered how astronauts shower in space? Well, this no-rinse body bath is one way they wash up. That's right(!) — this liquid concentrate is a shower in a bottle, and it's used on NASA space shuttles. How's that for a seal of approval?! To use it, simply dilute the soap and wipe yourself down with a washcloth to remove dirt and oil. This formula contains no alcohol and is gentle on sensitive skin.


18. This Probiotic For Your Skin To Balance And Cleanse With Good Bacteria

LiviaOne Topical Organic Probiotics Spray, $34, Amazon

Replenishing your skin's natural army of good bacteria can help you feel fresh longer, because they feed off of the bad bacteria and help keep them under control. LiviaOne topical probiotics spray is USDA-certified organic and has 12 strains of symbiotic probiotics to balance, calm, and refresh your skin. It's also incredible for acne and rashes, and reviewers say, "It makes a pretty decent deodorant and immediately fixed some issues I was having with some dry and irritated facial skin."


19. These No-Rinse Lathering Sponges To Replace Your Shower

MARS Wellness Latherz No-Rinse Cleansing Sponge, $15, Amazon

These MARS Wellness Latherz come in a pack of 25 no-rinse sponges that you can use to wash yourself in a pinch. They're hypoallergenic and pH balanced, lather up well with a little water, and clean your entire body without the need for a shower — just towel off afterwards.


20. This Cooling Powder To Absorb Moisture

Cool Mint Talc Free Body Powder, $10, Amazon

Made with cooling essential oils and without talc, this Fromonda body powder is a quick and easy way to freshen up, absorb unwanted odors, and prevent moisture. It's great for after workouts, to prevent chafing, to freshen your shoes, or to give your deodorant a little drying boost.


21. This Mitten For A Quick Water-Free Shave

Hair Off Hair Remover Mitten, $27, Amazon

Want smooth, freshly-shaven legs, but don't have time for a shower? The Hair Off hair remover mitten is a pain-free pad that gently buffs away stubble on the legs or face without chemicals or water. This one comes in a pack of three and even slows regrowth, so you can shave less often.


22. This Perfume That's Designed To Smell Shower-Fresh

CLEAN Eau de Parfum Spray, $72, Amazon

This CLEAN Eau de Parfum spray is specially designed so you smell like you just stepped out of the shower. It has an uplifting juicy scent, and it's non-irritating and sulfate-free. "I am always complimented on how good and clean I smell," says one reviewer who works in the medical field and needs something subtle yet reliable.

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