22 Weird But Genius Products That Keep You Feeling Fresh Between Showers

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Maybe you're short on time in the mornings. Maybe you like to frequent the gym during your lunch break, or maybe you subscribe to the belief that human beings just aren't meant to bathe every day. Whatever your reason is, the internet's a goldmine of refreshing products that keep you fresh in between showers.

In fact, science suggests that you could actually be doing your body (and your hygiene) a disservice by washing every single day. That's because soaps and harsh chemicals in the water remove necessary oils and healthy bacteria from the surface of the skin, and these oils and bacterias are actually created by your body as natural forms of cleansing and protection. If that's not reason enough, by showering less often you'll also save time, money on the heating bill, and water.

However, skipping a shower doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go about your day feeling unclean. There are tons of weird but genius products you can use to keep your skin fresh and your body clean. You also have solutions for quick water-free shaves, voluminous non-greasy hair, and sebum-proof makeup, all of which you can utilize in a pinch when you're on the go.

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