22 Weird Fitness Products That Make Getting Fit Easier For Lazy People

There aren’t enough clapping emojis in the world that can emphasis this enough: I. Hate. The. Gym. It's not that I don't like working out, or that I don't value fitness. I just prefer exercise gadgets for lazy people, because I get the most out of my workouts when I'm doing them on my own and in my own way.

For some people, "lazy" means low-impact activities that help you reach your goals without necessarily feeling the burn. That's fine. If there's anything I'm all for, it's efficiency. For other people (like myself), "lazy" means rolling out of bed and jumping on the mat without changing, driving anywhere, or preparing for anything. Why waste time getting to and from the gym when you can just workout in the privacy of your own hobbit hole (aka basement apartment)? Then when you're done — easy shower, and nobody sees your weirdly intense workout faces.

No matter what your definition of the word is, these weird but genius fitness products help you get the most out of your workout without a gym and without thoroughly exhausting yourself. Hell, some of them even work your core while you're doing the dishes or blow drying your hair. If that's not practicality, I don't know what is.

1. Get Some Cycling In At Home With This Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Bike, $111, Amazon

The Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Bike comes with all the perks of your larger exercise bike. It's got eight levels of tension, safety straps, and displays your time and distance — but the biggest perk of all? You can move it anywhere with you, like under your desk, or in front of your couch. Who doesn't want to work out in front of the TV?


2. Burn Calories Like You're Running With A Trampoline

Stamina Folding Trampoline, $22, Amazon

Rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline) is an incredible thing to incorporate into your lazy fitness routine. That's because it burns the same amount of calories as running, but it's way easier on your joints. This Stamina trampoline is only 14 pounds, but it can support up to 250. It's also super durable and folds up for convenient storage, and reviewers can't believe the quality for the price.


3. Strengthen Your Arms With This Odd Device

UB Toner, $30, Amazon

This giant nutcracker is called the UB Toner, and it helps you do four simple exercises to tone your arms and shoulders. In just ten minutes a day (and while watching TV), you can strengthen your triceps, biceps, pectorals, deltoids and laterals. " I had been lifting weights but wasn't seeing the results I wanted," says one reviewer who calls this the real deal. "I bought the UB Toner and I am so so so so happy I did!"


4. Improve Balance And Engage Muscles With A Foam Pad

Yes4All Balance Foam Pads, $26, Amazon

The Yes4All Balance Pad might look like a hunk of foam, and that's because it is. However, this hunk of foam is super useful for increasing the difficulty of common exercises like yoga, lunges, squats, and push-ups. It also helps to engage your core while doing standing activities like washing dishes, getting ready in the morning, or typing at a standing desk. It's even got a textured sweat proof surface for additional grip.


5. Increase Resistance With These Bands

Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands, $9, Amazon

These Phantom Fit resistance loop bands are essentially just massive rubber bands, but over a thousand reviewers swear by them for toning, shaping, and strengthening. You can put them around your thighs for a great leg workout or use them during yoga to increase flexibility, and since they come in a set of four — each with a different resistance level — you can move from beginner to expert at your own rate.


6. Blend Your Smoothies Right In This To-Go Cup

Oster Travel Sports Blender, $25, Amazon

Sometimes just the thought of washing twelve million dishes is enough to stop you from eating healthier. The Oster travel sports blender is ideal for the lazy person, because it blends your fruits and shakes right in the to-go bottle to minimize clean-up. It's also dishwasher safe, and the blender itself is surprisingly powerful.


7. The Set That Will Help You Get Into Yoga

Clever Yoga Starter Kit, $47 (7 Piece), Amazon

Yoga can be an intense full-body workout, or it can be extremely restorative and relaxing. Whatever you prefer, this Clever Yoga starter kit lets you be a little lazier during the day, because you've got everything you need without going to a studio. It comes with an ultra thick non-slip mat, two yoga blocks, hand and mat towels, and a strap — all high-quality and in the color of your choice.


8. Tone Your Legs With These Cute Shoes

Mljsh Crochet Toning Shoes (Sizes 5.5-9), $26-30, Amazon

These Mljsh crochet shoes have a specially designed platform that reduces stress on joints, strengthens and tones muscles, and improves posture while you wear them. However, because they're cute slip-ons that come in seven different colors, they're breathable, extremely comfortable, and look great with any outfit.


9. Strengthen Your Core With This Unusual Chair

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, $80, Amazon

Sleek and modern seat, or ab-strengthening exercise ball? This balance ball chair is the same ball you might use at the gym, but now it's a handy chair that helps you improve your core. It's a great addition to your yoga practice or balance training, but just sitting on it while working or watching TV helps to improve your stability and strengthen core muscles.


10. Make Planks Fun With These Sliding Discs

Synergee Gliding Discs Core Sliders, $10 (Set of 2), Amazon

These weird little sliding discs make your home workouts a lot more effective, and also more fun — use them when you're doing things like planks, mountain climbers, and pikes to engage your core more and slide into the positions with ease. They reduce the risk of injury, and can work on tile, hardwood, and carpeted floors.


11. Ease Pain, Increase Flexibility, And Improve Circulation With This Bizarre Device

Rolflex Foam Roller Re-Imagined, $60, Amazon

Loads of people use foam rollers to improve flexibility, ease post-workout soreness, and improve circulation. Well, this Rolflex is the foam roller re-imagined. It gives you five tools in one to provide targeted pressure to trigger points, and since it's rounded instead of flat, you can massage your whole leg or arm in one simple motion.


12. Engage Your Muscles While Sitting On This Balance Board

Wacces Twist Massage Balance Board, $14, Amazon

Get the most out of your full day of desk-sitting with this Wacces balance board. It's an air-filled cushion made out of flexible but durable material that forces you to engage your core muscles in order to balance. It even comes with its own pump, is super easy to travel with, and is strong enough for you to stand on, too.


13. Get The Most Out Of Every Movement With These Weights

Ankle / Wrist Weights (1-3 Pounds), $20-$30, Amazon

Whether you're jogging down the block or walking around the house, these ankle or wrist weights help you get a little more out of every movement. They're comfortable, durable, and fully adjustable, and they've got a reflective strip on them to keep you safe if you're outside at night.


14. Massage Your Feet While Balancing On This Fit Board

TOP YAO Fit Board, $34, Amazon

Here's an interesting one: the TOP YAO fit board provides a twisting motion that improves balance and strengthens your core. It's also got arm bands for a full-body workout, and magnets that massage and stimulate meridian points on the bottoms of your feet. "I love this little machine that works miracles," says one reviewer. "Just a half hour a day and you see great results."


15. Pretend You're Flappy Bird And Strengthen Every Muscle Group

Bodyblade CxT Kit, $66, Amazon

Created by physical therapist Bruce Hymanson, the Bodyblade CxT Kit gives you a smooth and variable resistive workout that targets every muscle group and improves balance. All you have to do is stand there and flap that sword thing around. This one comes with the blade itself, a workout DVD, and a wall chart to show you all the different exercises you can do.


16. Strengthen Your Forearms With This Ring

Finger, Hand, and Forearm Strengthener, $8, Amazon

Whether you're a hair stylist, gamer, rock-climber, or just need a great way to work out your forearms, this finger, hand, and forearm strengthener has an insanely high rating. Its durable and thick design gives you 45 pounds of tension, and its correct ergonomic form means it's comfortable to use and limits fatigue.


17. Add Eight Pounds Of Balanced Weight To Whatever You Do With A Vest

Zeyu Sports Weighted Vest, $32, Amazon

Add a little bit of resistance to whatever you do with this Zeyu Sports weighted vest. It adds eight more pounds to your body in a balanced and comfortable way so that your walks, jogs, or everyday activities are just a little bit more challenging. It's also adjustable to fit most bodies and has a quick-release buckle.


18. Dance Your Way To A Full 5000 Step Workout

DANCE That WALK, $15, Amazon

You'll dance. You'll walk. You'll DANCE That WALK. You'll walkout. Alright, I'm done. This DVD gives you a low-impact workout that's easy on your joints and provides 45 minutes of fun Latin and ballroom combo moves. That being said, it promises 5000 steps and a fair bit of sweat. "I look forward to doing it instead of dreading it like other workouts," says one reviewer, "Plus I have already seen results!"


19. Deepen Your Poses While Ensuring That You're Supported

Yoga EVO Yoga Wheel, $32, Amazon

For extra support, comfort, and flexibility during your practice, there's the Yoga EVO yoga wheel. Made from durable plastic resin, it supports up to 440 pounds, and the textured mat-like cushion ensures safe grip and full-body comfort. Basically, it helps you deepen all your poses while spotting you wherever you need it.


20. Stand And Twist On This Durable Board For A Great Workout

Fitness Balance Board, $33, Amazon

With a safe, non-slip surface for solid footing and a lightweight construction for easy travel, the fitness balance board lets you work out your core anywhere. Reviewers twist their way to their goals or use it at their standing desks throughout the day, and they say, "This is a fun board because you are working muscles and you don't realize it because you are having fun."


21. Combine Play And Exercise With This Weighted Hula Hoop

Dynamis Weighted Hula Hoop, $24, Amazon

For some, hula hooping just feels like play, but this Dynamis weighted hula hoop combines fun and a full-body workout. Three pounds of added weight increase flexibility, improve coordination, and sneak in some cardio — and detachable sections mean you can take it apart for easy travel and storage.


22. Work Your Whole Body With This Fun Wheel

Yoga EVO Ab Wheel, $15, Amazon

The Yoga EVO ab wheel tones your abs, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and butt with one simple tool. It's also made from durable and non-slip materials so you don't get hurt, and even comes with a cushy pad to protect your knees during exercises. While this workout is intense, it saves a ton of time, so if "lazy" to you means limiting your workout to twenty minutes, this is the one for you.

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