23 Genius AF Products With A Cult Following On Amazon

If you’re juggling a lot in life, you already know the value of a great product — something that solves those little problems you’d think you’d live with forever (I’m looking at you, forever disorganized underwear drawer). But where to find them? Thankfully, there are a ton of genius AF products gathering a cult following on Amazon as you read this, each one attempting to solve the countless inconveniences that hold us back when there are bigger fish to fry.

These are the kinds of tools that just make things easier: whether that’s easing your mind, creating some extra time in your day, or just keep things from going awry. They're the kind of products that you just know were conceived by someone brilliant — like reusable matches, a solar-powered phone battery, or a mug warmer.

And best of all, because each of these brilliant items has literally thousands of top-notch reviews on Amazon, you know they’ve been put to the test and work the way they're supposed to, no matter how odd or far-fetched they seem. The Amazon users who have come before you have done the dirty work by testing these things, and now you get to reap the clever benefits.

The cult-following on these Amazon products is no joke; they're genius AF, tested by your peers, and ready to serve you.

by Emily Estep

1. A Fluffy Pillow That Easily Compresses Into Your Luggage

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow, $23, Amazon

This pillow is ideal for travel, because it compresses down into an easily packable size you can stuff into any carry-on. That said, it expands to a large (about 27 inches wide) plush pillow when you're ready to use it to snooze, and it has a soft brushed polyester cover that won't slip on airplane seats. Reviewers love that it's machine washable — and even becomes fluffier after it's first wash.


2. A Brilliant Set Of Matchsticks That Work After Being Submerged In Water

UCO Stormproof Match Kit, $9, Amazon

This match kit ensures you can light a match in the wind and rain, or wherever you're having trouble starting a fire. The kit comes with 25 windproof matches, three strikers, and a waterproof case made from ABS plastic that keeps water from getting inside. However, these matches even work after being submerged in water, and as one reviewer writes, you don't have to be a camper to appreciate these: "This is one of those kind of products that every person should have for an emergency...Even if you're not an outdoorsman, this kind of product should be in every household in case of emergency or disaster of any kind."


3. An Umbrella That Blocks 99 Percent Of UV Rays

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella, $19, Amazon

If you love being outdoors, you'll definitely need this extremely versatile umbrella, which comes with a universal clamp that can attach to any beach chair or cooler. It offers UPF 50+ protection, which means it blocks more than 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays, and its silver coating means the sun will be a lot easier on the eyes. Best of all, in between use, it folds up into a small carrying case that weighs less than two pounds.


4. A Hairbrush That Works On Wet Hair Without Breakage

Tangle Teezer, $13, Amazon

This detangling brush has memory flex bristles that bend before they break your hair, allowing you to get rid of knots and tangles without causing damage. You can even use it on wet hair while you're still in the shower, giving yourself a mini scalp massage to promote hair growth. Reviewers love that it works on all hair types, and people of all ages.


5. An Affordable Tripod That Secures Your Phone At Every Odd Angle

Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand, $20, Amazon

This tripod-style stand works with any smartphone, and you can mold its legs to any shape you want. It's secure and adjustable locking screw means you can bend this tripod any way you want — even wrapping the legs around a tree branch — without worrying that your phone will fall out. It's also made out of durable materials including stainless steel and ABS plastic, so you won't have to worry about it deteriorating over time.


6. A Hot Air Brush That Detangles While It Styles With Gentle Heat

Vidal Sassoon Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush Styler, $19, Amazon

This styler is a two-in-one product because it's heated barrel styles and volumizes hair while you brush it. You can use it on damp hair without causing damage, which will save you some drying time in the morning, and it's multiple heat settings are good for all hair types.


7. A Flexible Strap That Adds The Perfect Resistance To Any Workout

Original Stretch Out Strap, $16, Amazon

This stretch-out strap is made from nylon and extends over six feet, because it's designed to easily assist you with any intense stretches without the help of another person. The loops along the strap help with a variety of exercises and muscle groups, and can be a great tool for athletes, physical therapy, Pilates, and yoga. It also comes with an instructional booklet to get you started with the proper technique.


8. A Set Of Drawer Organizer To Help You Finally Tackle Your Underwear Drawer

MIU Color Drawer Organizer, $12 (4 Pack), Amazon

These drawer organizers come in different sizes, made to fit underwear, socks, and bras — and finally helping you organize a messy drawer. They're made with polypropylene fabric that resists moths, moisture, and mold, which will keep clothing safe. Reviewers love that they're lightweight and collapsible when not in use.


9. A Microfiber Hair Towel That Promotes Smoother Hair

Aquis Original Hair Towel, $21, Amazon

This hair towel is made from a microfiber material that absorbs more moisture than standard towels while minimizing friction and breakage. This creates far less frizz, keeps your hair safe from heat damage, and dries it surprisingly fast. Despite the towel's ability to suck in moisture, it also dries out quickly in between use. It works great on fine, curly hair, but is also large enough to wrap around thicker hair textures or lengths.


10. This Cabinet Organizer That Expands To Customize Your Spice Rack

DecoBros 3 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer, $18, Amazon

This shelf organizer fits nicely in standard cabinets and is ideal for holding spices, small jars, and other condiments. Best of all, if you need more space, it expands horizontally, creating double the storage and will fit perfectly in any space you have. It fits a variety of large bottles, and some even use it to organize their wine or perfume bottles.


11. A Genius AF Shelving Unit For Your Shower That Requires No Installation

Zenna Home Over-the-Showerhead Caddy, $20, Amazon

This shower caddy slides right over your showerhead to create immediate storage without having to install anything — no screws required. It adds four sizable shelves to your shower, as well as multiple hooks for loofahs and razors. A non-slip collar at the top and suction cups keep the caddy in place, and its chrome finish is rust-resistant.


12. An Odd Whitening Toothpaste That Destroys Bad Breath With Activated Charcoal

Dental Expert Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, $5, Amazon

This toothpaste is made with activated charcoal, which is proven to whiten teeth without using harsh chemicals. The charcoal gently gets rid of plaque and whitens teeth without hurting the enamel or causing gum sensitivity. Plus, charcoal is a natural deodorizer, giving you fresh breath.


13. A Portable Smartphone Battery That's Powered By The Sun

Dizaul Solar Charger Bank, $29, Amazon

This battery bank is entirely solar-powered and works with nearly any device that can be charged via a USB cable. As long as you have sunlight, your phone will have access to power. It's also waterproof (so yes, you can charge things in the rain) and shockproof, making it ideal for hiking, travel, and athletics. It even comes with a hook to keep it attached to your bag, has a flexible LED light attached, and charges phones in just a few hours.


14. A Pad That Keeps The Coffee At Your Desk Warm For Hours

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer, $10, Amazon

This mug warmer plugs into any standard outlet and fits any mug to instantly keep your coffee, tea or cocoa warm throughout the day. It's also easy to wipe clean, and has an "on" light so you won't forget to unplug it before you leave the office. One reviewer writes: "I love this mug warmer! It's really cold in my bedroom during the winter so when I'd make tea or coffee it would often be cold before I'd get to drink it... it stays just the right temperature of hot - no tongue burning with a full or half cup."


15. A Set Of Dense, Oval-Shaped Brushes That Blend Makeup Flawlessly

Beauty Kate Oval Makeup Brush Set, $9 (5 Pack), Amazon

This set of oval-shaped brushes includes five makeup brushes to help you apply foundation, concealer, liquids, and powders without streaking. The brushes are super dense and soft, and they will distribute your makeup without soaking it up. The brushes are easy to use — just gently apply makeup with a circular motion to blend.


16. An Easy Onion Chopper That Takes The Tears Out Of Cooking Prep

Mueller Onion Chopper Pro, $20, Amazon

This onion chopper consistently dices up to four cups of onions quickly, and the secure storage container reduces the amount of onion vapors for less tears in the kitchen. It can be used to dice any vegetable or cheese with its durable stainless steel blades, and it's dishwasher-safe and made from BPA-plastic.


17. A Facial Hair Remover That Has A Convenient USB Charger And Rotating Heads

USB Charging Electric Hair Shaver, $20, Amazon

This electric hair shaver powers itself with convenient USB charger rather than batteries, and it's got a few useful removable heads for various hair removal, including one for nose hairs. It's super sharp blades quickly trim hair without nicking, cutting, pulling, or irritation. Reviewers love that it works on both thick and fine hair and doesn't irritate the most sensitive of skin.


18. An Alarm Clock That Will Shake You Out Of Bed

Sonic Alert Shaking Alarm Clock, $40, Amazon

This alarm clock is super loud and comes with an attachment that will vibrate your bed to wake you up. This way, you won't be able to stuff your head under your pillow to escape it. The alarm clock even comes with a backup battery and adjustable volumes so you'll never sleep through an alarm again. One reviewer writes: "This ends all my fear of sleeping through alarms. It WILL get you awake, and you will not be late unless you forget to set it. Worth every penny."


19. A Silicone Strainer That Easily Attaches To Any Pot Or Pan

Kitchen Gizmo Snap 'N Strain Strainer, $13, Amazon

This silicone strainer clips right onto most pots and pans, allowing you to directly strain the water out of pasta and other foods without dirtying up an entire colander. It's also quite small, saving you shelf space in your cabinets, and it's machine washable.


20. A Vitamin C Serum That Reduces Acne Scars And Sun Spots

TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum, $20, Amazon

This skin serum is packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid, all working together to hydrate and reduce the appearance acne scars, sun spots, and under-eye darkness. It has almost 7,000 reviews on Amazon, because it gives skin a glowing, healthy appearance at an affordable price — vitamin C serums can be a pricey splurge at department stores.


21. A Simple Sleeve That Finally Organizes All Your Cords

JOTO Cable Management Sleeve, $15, Amazon

This cable sleeve is the obvious answer to an annoying problem, keeping all up to 10 electronic neatly wrapped together instead of in a messy pile on the floor or behind your desk or TV. It zips up and the material is stretchy but sturdy enough to prevent cords from falling to the ground as soon as you unplug something. It also helps prevent cables from fraying over time.


22. A Foot File That You Can Use In Or Out Of The Shower

Amopé Wet And Dry Rechargeable Foot File, $40, Amazon

This electric foot file has over 2,500 reviews and works like a supercharged pumice stone to easily remove dry skin and calluses off your heels. It's also waterproof, has an ergonomically-designed handle, and comes with a charging station — but reviewers say it holds a charge for weeks. One reviewer raves: "Where has this been all of my life?!!!! This product is amazing and it really works! I use it almost daily once I am out of the shower and it leaves my feet super smooth and soft! It does not hurt at all and it works super quick!"


23. A Humidifier That Can Also Diffuse Essential Oils

VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier, $30, Amazon

This 300-milliliter humidifier adds some moisture to dry air, which your skin and hair will thank you for during the winter months. You can also use it to slowly diffuse essential oils, and it even has the ability to switch between seven LED light colors around the base. The machine shuts off when the water runs out, making it a safer option than many other diffusers, but you can set it up to a timer — or let it run for up to 10 hours at a time.