23 Life-Changing Grooming Tools You Never Knew Existed

By Emily Estep
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Personal grooming routines range from person to person — but however you choose to groom yourself, maintenance can be a real hassle. Thankfully, simple grooming tools you never knew existed can save you time for what matters.

While some of us only spend ten minutes getting ready each day, others spend much longer. And that's totally cool! But if there are clever, time-saving tools on the market, why should you have to sacrifice your precious time for your grooming routine? Whether you brush your teeth and run out the door, or spend a good amount of time shaping your eyebrows every day, any minute you can save is helpful. And while most do save time — some are just innovative AF, making your grooming routine a lot easier in the long run.

If you're skeptical of these special tools because you’ve never heard of them before, let me stop you. They're easy to master, super useful, and many are backed by a whole lot of Amazon reviewers who love them. They're designed to reduce stress, not increase it, after all.

It can be challenging to find tools that really impact your routine, but we've done the work for you. To maximize your grooming habits in order to save as much time and mental energy as possible, get yourself these grooming tools that you probably never knew existed.

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