Take a MOM-ent To Celebrate Mom With These 23 Punny Mother’s Day Instagram Captions

Maybe you have a tech-savvy mom. Perhaps she embraces new devices with zest and collects social media handles enthusiastically. She's the first one to like your photos, and she posts more than you do. Or, maybe this doesn't sound familiar. Maybe your mom has been more cautious to dip her toe into the Instagram pool. She'll occasionally look over your shoulder as you scroll through your own feed, but she has no interest in getting one for herself. Whatever works! Either way, you might feel compelled to post something in her honor for Mother's Day — and if you prefer to stay away from sentimentality, you might find a good alternative in one of these mom puns to use as Instagram captions on Mother's Day.

Personally, I tend to lean toward sappier posts for occasions like Mother's Day, but these wordplays have me wondering if a more lighthearted route could be the way to go for Mom on May 13. Save those emotional memories for a handwritten card (because Mom will really appreciate that) and give your followers a reason to laugh this year with a throwback picture of you and your mother and a punny caption. OK, so they might be laughing at you and not with you — we are talking about puns here — but who cares? It's all for Mom.

1. Today, we take a mom-ent to celebrate you!

2. I still hear your voice in my head telling me to do the right thing. I call it my inner mom-ologue.

3. You always have the best ideas. You're a real mother of invention.

4. Mom, today we're at your service. Let us fetch all the snacks and cha-mom-ile tea your heart desires.

5. When it comes to parental love and support, I really hit the mother lode with you.

6. Thank you for being there for all of the most mom-umental moments of my life.

7. Happy Mother's Day to the woman who provided me womb and board all those years ago.

8. What do you call the best mother in the world? MaxiMOM.

9. Mother's Day should be more than just a mom-entary celebration. Mom, you deserve to be recognized every day.

10. Thanks for keeping me going through the hard times with all the mom-entum over the years.

11. Happy Mother's Day to the one who's responsible for so many of my best memories. I like to call them mom-entos.

12. Sometimes, I say "Super, Mom" with an eye roll and it's pretty sarcastic. But you really are a Supermom.

13. Everything you do is so MOM point.

14. If I ever missed an opportunity to tell you that I love you and am thankful for you, I promise that it was just a mom-entary lapse.

15. You've taught me some amazing lessons over the years. I just hope I can absorb them all. Is os-mom-sis a thing?

16. Computers are so smart because they listen to their motherboards. Thanks for always giving me the best advice.

17. You always manage to know what I'm feeling or if I'm having a bad day, even if we're far apart. You're mom-nicient.

18. Thanks for all the mom-umental work you did.

19. You're the best mom we could ask for. I guess I would say that you're opti-MOM.

20. Cheers to thousands of perfect mom-ents this Mother's Day!

21. Let's maintain the mom-entum and keep the celebration of you rolling today and always.

22. You always knew what to do to make me feel better when I was sick. The first step was always the ther-mom-eter.

23. Have a real mother of a Mother's Day.