These "Obama Day" Tweets Celebrate His Legacy

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Former President Barack Obama has been out of office for a month, but his name isn't going anywhere. The young, relatively inexperienced senator from Illinois who first ran for president in 2008 with promises of hope and change delivered at least one of those things to many Americans. On the first Presidents Day since his tenure officially ended, "Obamas Day" tweets show that President Obama's legacy is fully intact.

On Monday morning, #ObamaDay took over Twitter as users celebrated the most recently retired commander in chief. The overwhelming sentiment was simple: We miss Obama. Even the more generic #PresidentsDay tweets were flooded with photos of 44th president. Clearly, a large subset of the American people were focused on one former president in particular on the holiday.

These messages of support for Obama bring his entire presidential career full circle. When he took the political world by storm in 2008, he inspired and energized his supporters like no candidate before him had done. Although his presidency was challenged by tough economic times, violent episodes in the U.S., and terrorism and conflict around the world, Obama somehow found a way to inspire and energize those supporters even into his retirement, which has also featured some uneasy times across the country. He's not the president anymore, but many Americans will still look to him as a sign of hope.

Happy Obama Day

Cheers to an iconic leader.

We Love You

Stay cool, Mr. President.

We Miss You

I wonder how Obama is celebrating today?

Missing Them

They made the presidency look like fun.


Obama Day celebrates a great role model.

Scenes From The Past

*Dances along in celebration of #44*

Life Goals

What a power couple.

Obama Day In Illinois

Illinois could soon get its very own Obama Day, as several bills have been introduced to the state legislature to turn Obama's August birthday into a holiday.

Thanks Obama

There was never a dull moment with the Obamas. You could say the same thing for President Trump, but you may mean something very different.

My President

"Obama Day" messages were joined by several "Not My Presidents Day" rallies across the country.

Still Have Class

Put it this way: Obama would want you to get an education.

Silver Lining

Hope means always looking on the bright side.

The New Presidents Day

Retweet if you're not ready to let go of Obama.

Model Of Grace

Here's hoping Obama is relaxing somewhere near the water on his big day.

Yes We Can

Obama's "Yes we can!" mantra should be a powerful reminder to persevere.

Morehouse College

In some places, Obama Day was much more than a hashtag.

God Bless America

God bless the Obamas.

The Greatest

As easy as it is to miss Obama, it's important to remember his message of unification.

An Unforgettable Duo

Don't forget about Biden!

You Mean Barack Obama Day

Spread the word, folks.

The American Dream

The contrasts between Obama and President Trump are painfully obvious.

Mic Drop

TBH, this may have been Obama's most iconic moment in the White House.

Your Legacy Will Live On

Obama's legacy can still inspire Americans.

No matter how you celebrate Presidents Day, the message behind Obama Day is really what it's all about: honoring the work of American presidents. The current president may be controversial, but the legacies of his predecessors — particularly Obama — are too important to forget. Obama's message of hope will be endlessly relevant to the American people.