23 Random, Smart Inventions On Amazon That Make Life More Efficient For Practical People

Though I no longer live in New York, I lived in the city long enough to become super efficient. New Yorkers are always so darn busy, so I was constantly looking out for things that would save me some major time. Lucky for me, there are a lot of products to make life more efficient.

As a practical person, I don't want to spend money on frivolous things all the time (though a splurge here and there is only human). I want my money to go to things that solve problems, and don't just add clutter to my apartment.

It turns out Amazon has tons of little inventions that solve the smaller issues of life — think things like weighted bookmarks that will hold open your cookbooks for you, an easy place to keep your keys, and a magic contraption that will make putting on your fitted sheets a breeze.

There are plenty random inventions that make life more efficient if you know where to look for them — and lucky for you, I totally do. Each one will save you time, stress, and even money in the long run, and will please even the busiest New Yorker — and that's not an easy group to please.

1. A Cutting Board Set That Prevents Contamination

Joseph Joseph Index Cutting Board Set, $39, Amazon

If you ever wonder why your strawberries taste like tilapia after food prep, it might be because of your cutting board. Now, you can make things a lot easier with this cutting board set. It comes with coded boards for meat, fish, vegetables, and cooked food, but the labels aren't the only thing different about them— each one is equipped with features like a crumb catcher or a sloping rim to catch meat drippings. And of course, the holder is super cute, too.


2. A Curling Iron With Five Different Barrels

xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand Set, $40, Amazon

If you like to experiment with different curls and waves, but don't want to actually purchase a bunch of space-wasting hair tools, try this 5-in-1 curling iron — it comes equipped with every type of wand or barrel you could ever possibly need. It also comes with a heat proof glove, so you don't have to worry about burning your fingers, you can control the temperature between 200F-410F degrees, and it shuts off automatically to avoid any accidents.


3. A Bag That Keeps Your Wet Bathing Suit Away From Your Clean Clothes

Flight 001 Go Clean Wet Suit Packing Bag, $18, Amazon

I've ruined all my clean clothes by packing them with my wet swimsuit many times. This little bag is the perfect way to keep your wet things separate from all the dry stuff. The interior is leak proof and the exterior is water resistant, so no extra moisture is getting in or out of this bag, and it makes beach travel a little more convenient.


4. A Floating Shelf To Hold Your Keys

ILoveHandles Floating Wall Mounted Wood Shelf, $25, Amazon

Keep all your necessities right by the door with this floating shelf. A strong magnet can hold up to three sizable keychains and the shelf is the perfect size for your phone, wallet or whatever you keep forgetting before you leave the house. It only takes two screws to install this little organizer, so you can get it on the wall minutes after it comes in the mail.


5. A Bookmark That Holds Your Book In Place

Superior Essentials Bookmark/Weight, $10, Amazon

If you need to prop a cookbook or textbook open, or you just want to read your novel while drinking a delicious beverage or doing your nails, this weighted bookmark is for you. It's strong enough to hold down the biggest of books, so it will always keep your place. The rubber shell insures it won't slip off the page, and it's washable just in case it gets covered in errant marinara sauce.


6. A Mouldable Glue That Fixes Everything

Sugru Moldable Glue, $22 (Pack of 8), Amazon

Whenever there's some little thing in your home that needs fixing, Sugru can handle it. Use it on fraying electrical cords, uneven table legs, DIY utensil holders, and a million other things. You mold the rubber by hand into whatever shape you like and it hardens at room temperature overnight. It'll adhere to any surface and once it's cured, it's waterproof, dishwasher safe, and UV resistant. Really, this can do just about everything and is great to have around for you emergency fixing needs.


7. A Holder For All Your Grocery Bags

Utopia Kitchen Grocery Bag Holder, $16, Amazon

It's great to reuse your grocery bags, but they often end up filling up a cabinet or spilling out all over the floor. This grocery bag holder is easy to hang on a wall or cabinet and it keeps all your bags in place. The stainless steel is super clean and it immediately makes your kitchen looks organized and neat. It holds up to 30 bags, so you never have to worry about a mess of bags ever again.


8. An Eraser For Your Eye Makeup Mistakes

Julep CTRL Z Eye Makeup Eraser, $10, Amazon

Your perfect cat eye is almost complete, but then one false move and it's all ruined. That's where this makeup eraser saves the day. The pen is full of eye makeup remover that can be used strategically to clean up any bits of makeup gone awry. It's gentle, so it won't irritate your eyes to give you more makeup to clean up.


9. An Alarm With Up To The Minute Weather

La Crosse Technology Atomic Wireless Forecast Station, $41, Amazon

If you like to know the latest weather updates at all times, this forecast station is perfect for you. The clock is set automatically, so you always have the right time, even when Daylight Saving comes around. The display dims at night and you can use it as your alarm clock in the morning. Most importantly it gives you all the weather info you could ever want, so you won't be caught in the rain without an umbrella ever again.


10. A Tiny Spatula To Get Out Every Last Drop

Spatty and Spatty Daddy, $13 (2-Piece Set), Amazon

Whether you have that tiny bit of mayonnaise left in the jar or some peanut butter that's in danger of being wasted, this little spatula can get out every last bit. There's a larger and smaller size, so there really isn't any container this spatty can't handle. You won't have to waste a single drop ever again.


11. A Wedding Ring Made of Silicone For The Most Practical Of People

QALO Silicone Rings for Women, $20-$25, Amazon

If you work around machinery, do Crossfit, or participate in any activity where it would be unsafe to wear a metal ring, this silicone ring is a great option. It's very affordable, comes in a huge variety of colors and designs, and is safe to wear during any activity. Instead of constantly taking your wedding ring off and on, just wear this silicone band. It's comfortable, sturdy, and will last as long as your love.


12. A Natural Bag That Lathers Up Your Soap Bars

Oxley Health Exfoliating Natural Sisal Soap Saver, $11 (3 Pack), Amazon

Instead of watching your soap wash away on a shelf in your shower, save it in this bag. The bag lets the soap fully dry between each use, making it last long, plus the bag itself is a great exfoliator the keeps you extra clean. The bag is made from natural sisal fibers, so it won't add any unwanted chemicals or products to your favorite soap, and it will lather up and work like a loofah when you want to get clean


13. A Paperweight With A 50 Year Calendar

Kikkerland 50 Year Calendar Paperweight, $11, Amazon

Even though we live in the digital age, there's still a bunch of papers around that need to stay in place. Instead of having a decorative paperweight, get this 50 year calendar. The weight is smooth and won't skid across your desk, plus it'll tell you what day of the week your birthday lands in 40 years.


14. An Automatic Light That Glows Under Your Bed

Emotionlite Motion Activated Bed Light, $20, Amazon

If you've stubbed your toe in the middle of the night, after swearing profusely, you probably wished you had some kind of automatic lighting in your room. This strip light can be placed under a bed, crib, along a banister, really anywhere you'd like to have a little light in case you need to get up at night. It's motion activated, so it'll turn on when you get up and shuts off after you're safely back in bed.


15. A Cute Holder For Easy Access Nail Polish

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder, $10, Amazon

This might look like a super sized ring pop, but it's an adorable ring that holds your nail polish. Every time I paint my nails, I always have to put the polish way too far away or I end up knocking it over. You can wear this holder as a ring and your polish is literally at hand at all times. It's small and light, so will fit in your makeup bag easily — and it'll definitely make painting your own nails so much easier.


16. A Digital Thermometer That Works With Your Phone

Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer, $15, Amazon

This digital thermometer doesn't need batteries and gives a quick, accurate read out. The best part is that it can connect to your phone, where you can record your temperature along with any other symptoms you're feeling. Then, it offers medical advice based on your input. Sadly, it won't replace your doctor, but can let you know whether you should make an appointment, just let the symptoms go away on their own, or take a trip to the emergency room.


17. A Silicone Mat For Super Clean Makeup Brushes

Esarora Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat, $10 (Set of 2), Amazon

I often forget to clean my makeup brushes, but this silicone mat makes that nearly impossible. Put the mat right in your sink and the different textures and grooves on the silicone are perfect for thoroughly cleaning all your brushes. When you're done, the mat comes right off and you can take it anywhere you like.


18. These Awesome Holders To Keep Your Fitted Sheets In Place

The Nyche Designs Adjustable Bed Sheet Fasteners, $9 (Set of 4), Amazon

For some reason, I can never keep sheets on my bed. No matter what, the corners pop up during the night and it's super annoying. Thankfully, I could get these bed sheet fasteners that will definitely keep my sheets in their proper place. You can put these on in a couple minutes and they fit on any type of bed. Plus, you get to have cute suspenders on your mattress, so that's a little fancy bonus.


19. A Comfortable Pillow With Many Different Uses

GoGo Multifunctional Pillow, $8, Amazon

If you need a pillow for travel, to rest your head, or to hold your tablet, this pillow will do the job. Great for trips, you get a little extra padding wherever you need it, plus a great iPad or tablet holder for lap top use — and a part of it removes to become a neck pillow. Plus, it's hot pink. A touch of hot pink always makes traveling seem a little more fun.


20. A Protector To Keep Your Heels Safe On Every Surface

Solemates Heel Protector, $14, Amazon

Summer wedding season usually means your favorite heels sinking into grass at some point. These heel protectors keep your stilettos safe. The slightly wider base lets you walk easily on any surface and keeps them from settling into a field. Plus, it makes your shoe more stable, so they'll feel comfortable as you party through the night.


21. A Collapsible Colander That Makes Storage Easy

Comfify Collapsible Colander, $14, Amazon

A colander is a necessary kitchen tool, but it takes up so much cabinet space! If you've got a small kitchen, that can be a real problem. This collapsible colander completely solves that issue. This colander fits over the sink for easy draining, then collapses almost completely flat for simple storage. You can really fit this thing anywhere, and it fits a lot of food — so there's no need to go without a colander in even the smallest of kitchens.


22. An Extra Large Towel That Dries Super Fast

Micro-Miracle Microfiber XL Travel Towel, $22, Amazon

If you're on the market for a new beach towel, give this one a try. The microfiber is super absorbent and dries incredibly fast. Though it's an extra large towel, it easily folds into a small mesh bag, so it's no problem to take it with you wherever you're traveling. The antimicrobial fabric keeps that gross wet towel smell at bay, and the soft microfiber feels so good, you might want to wear your towel for your whole vacation. If you're on the beach, why not?


23. The Lids That Stretch To Fit Any Container

Silicone Stretch Lids, $16 (7 Pack), Amazon

These silicone lids stretch to fit whatever you want to save for later — it fits over cans and stretches to fit over bigger items like salad bowls or watermelons. The airtight seal will preserve your food for longer, and you won't waste as many plastic containers trying to store everything!

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