23 Sex Toys That Make Being Stuck At Home Way More Fun


Regardless of why you're stuck at home, the fact of the matter is this: Being cooped up all day will inevitably lead to a state of intense boredom that even a Netflix binge can't solve. And while some people choose to cure that boredom by picking up a new hobby — whether it's puzzles or learning to bake bread — may I suggest masturbation instead? There are plenty of sex toys you can buy online that make being stuck at home a lot more fun, and ahead, I've rounded up 23 of the very best.

If you can afford to pay for a high-quality sex toy, now is the time to do it. Not only will you be able enjoy using it as frequently as you want, but you can use all this extra time as an opportunity to figure out what really feels best to you. This will help with your sex life outside of your own bedroom, too — it's so much easier to tell a partner how to turn you on when you've already mastered it yourself.

So shelf the puzzle for now if you're bored, and hunker down with one (or several) of these 23 mind-blowing sex toys instead.

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This Cult-Favorite Clitoral Vibrator That Mimics A Sucking Sensation

If you've heard of clit-sucking vibrators, you've probably heard of the Satisfyer Pro 2. And while it doesn't physically suck your clit (that would probably be painful on your love button), it uses pressure wave technology to simulate the feeling of sucking. In addition to being fully waterproof and USB-rechargeable, it's designed with 11 unique suction patterns, so you'll never get bored.


A Teeny Tiny Buzzer That Turns Your Finger Into A Vibrator

Prefer manual masturbation? This tiny, under-$10 vibe will turn your finger into a vibrator. With its textured nubs and mighty vibrations, it can be used to stimulate both your G-spot and your clit, depending on where you place it. Plus, it's super travel-friendly and discreet.


A Rotating Clitoral Vibrator With A Two-Pronged Tip

The beauty of the Pave Diana lies in its two-pronged tip. It completely encircles your clit for 360 degrees of stimulation, but you can also lay it against your G-spot for a feeling akin to fingers tickling. It's tinier then your palm and has a sleek, attractive look, topped off with a gemstone-adorned power button. Other highlights include seven vibration patterns and five speeds, and like most other well-designed toys, it's waterproof and USB-rechargeable.


A Wearable Vibrator With Tons Of Cool, High-Tech Features

Why not use turn your time puttering around the house into foreplay? Slip this wearable vibrator into your vagina and let it massage your G-spot as you go about your day. Though you can obviously use it solo, it can be a fun, sexy little game to play with your partner, too. Hand them your phone — the vibrator is controlled with an app — and let them control the vibration patterns. It's a fun way to switch up your foreplay if you're cooped up together.


A Sleek Bullet Vibrator That's Perfect For Travel

Is it a lipstick, or is it a vibrator? This waterproof buzzer looks like something that would live in your makeup case, which makes it a super discreet choice. Despite its small size, it offers 10 different vibration modes for you to choose from. And since it's tiny, you can hide it in your hand — so your roommate won't know what you're bringing into the shower.


This Minimalist Wand That's Ergonomically Designed To Hit Your G-Spot

This sleek Dame Arc is ergonomically designed to hit your G-spot, but you can use the tip to tickle your clit, too. Made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone, it offers five intensities and five vibration patterns to choose from, and it's fully waterproof (as well as USB-rechargeable).


A Beginner-Friendly Wand With 7 Vibration Modes

For a smaller, lighter-weight, less expensive alternative to the Magic Wand, there's the Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager. With its flexible head and seven vibration modes, it feels good no matter where (or how) you choose to use it. In fact, it feels amazing on your neck if you're feeling particularly stressed and need to work out some knots.


The Most Versatile Finger Vibrator On The Market

Ample time at home means plenty of opportunities to experiment with innovative toys like the Dame Fin. It's a USB-rechargeable finger vibrator that can be worn multiple ways and used on various body parts. Wear it with the tether or without as a finger vibrator, a ring, or a bullet, and use the three-speed motor to stimulate everywhere from your nipples to clit.


The Perfect Beginner Rabbit Vibrator

If you don't already own one (or could use an upgrade), now is the time to buy a rabbit vibrator — a magical buzzer that can simultaneously stimulate both your G-spot and your clit. This one is curved but flexible, and has three different intensities and seven different vibration patterns. It's waterproof, but not USB-rechargeable, so make sure to pick up a pack of AAA batteries.


A Palm-Sized Vibrator That Proves Size Doesn't Matter

If you think tinier vibrators offer less oomph, then the We Vibe Wish is going to blow your mind. This palm-sized vibe has just as much power as a full-sized buzzer, but it's so much easier to travel with. The fact that it's waterproof and can be used on just about any part of your body adds to its versatility. Using the We-Connect app, you can control the vibrator with your phone and create your own unique vibration patterns, though it already comes with 10 built-in vibration modes to get started with.


These Kegel Balls That Turn Walking Into Foreplay

This set of kegel balls provides the toning benefits without the buzzing stimulation, which is great if you only want to focus on strengthening your pelvic floor. They're not too heavy, either, making them great for those who are just starting out with their pelvic floor exercises.


These Kegel Exercisers That Vibrate, Too

Being at home is a great time to work on strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, so a pair of kegel balls is worth the investment. But these orange balls double as a vibrator, too, making them one of the more versatile toys you can pick up. The exerciser/toy is controlled via an app, so you can wear it with clothes on and still be able to update the vibration speed and pattern. It's a workout that truly feels amazing, and how often can you say that about exercise?


A Waterproof Bullet With A Unique Textured Head

With its unique, textured tip, this might be the most stimulating bullet vibrator out there. It has half a dozen nubs on the tip that massage your clit to completion, and it's meant to be taken under water, so make sure you've got this for your next bath.


This Clit-Sucking Vibrator That Comes With A Free Gift

This is a smaller alternative to a lot of the larger clit-sucking vibrators out there. Not only does it deliver sucking sensations that feel amazing (with six different intensity levels), but it comes with a stand that makes it look like a statue, as well as a fun "I Masturbate" garland to hang proudly.


An Ultra Flexible Clitoral Vibrator With A Discreet Design

The egg shape and flexible nature of this Dame Pom make it one of the most ergonomic clitoral vibrators on the market. Instead of just a being a long tube that you have to hold against your clit, this vibe fits snugly in the palm of your hand, allowing you to give your clit more targeted stimulation. It's fully waterproof, made of medical-grade silicone, and comes with five different vibration patterns, as well as five intensities.


A Clitoral Vibrator That's Quiet Enough To Use When Your Roommates Are Home

Afraid of waking your roommates while you're masturbating? The best-selling Lelo Sona is whisper-quiet, so you can have your fun on the down-low. It uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate every part of your clit (or as the brand puts it, "even the parts you don't see"). But it's not just clit-specific; it also feels amazing around your nipples, so be open to exploring. Choose from eight different settings to mix things up.


An Anal Training Kit, Which Is Perfect To Use When You're Stuck At Home

Being at home also offers up the opportunity for another interesting activity: Anal training. Since your butt doesn't stretch the same way a vagina does, you need to work your way up to anal sex with the help of a training kit. This particular kit has three different sized plugs, allowing you to start small and gradually work your way up.


This Classic Magic Wand That's Totally Worth The Investment

If you've long been considering splurging on a Magic Wand, now is the time to do it. This cult-favorite toy, which has been slightly updated, is one of the most powerful wands on the planet. It offers unparalleled stimulation to your clit (or anywhere else you use it — technically, it's a body massager too). This newer model boasts the same great features as the original, but it's a bit quieter and more lightweight. And it's rechargeable, unlike its predecessor that had to be plugged into the wall.


This Double-Sided Steel Dildo That Can Be Heated And Cooled

Not all dildos need to be graphically phallic-shaped. This curved, metal option provides two balls for penetration — a small one and a larger one. And since it's made of metal, you can pop it in the fridge to cool it down, or run it under hot water to heat it up. Voila — instant temperature play.


This Unique Hands-Free Vibrator With Rave Reviews

It's impossible to talk about female sex toys without someone mentioning Dame's Eva II. It sits directly over your clit and slides under your labia, giving you a fully hands-free masturbation experience. Its positioning means it can even be used during penetrative sex, providing amazing sensations to both you and the person who is penetrating you.


An Investment-Worthy Vibrator That's Seriously Powerful

This high-quality thrusting vibrator/pulsator can be used for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation, either solo or during sex. You can even let it do the work for you and go hands-free, thanks to its thrusting abilities, by using a pillow as a barrier. Its slimmer than most vibrators, giving you more comfortable insertion if you're a little less used to internal stimulation, and it comes with seven speeds and three rhythms to experiment worth. It's also waterproof, rechargeable, and has a cool memory feature that saves your favorite speed or rhythm.


A Long-Lasting Lube That's Non-Sticky & Versatile

There are a few reasons people love this BabeLube so much. First, it's vegan and cruelty-free, which is hard to find in a lube. It's also made of natural ingredients (like aloe, hibiscus, and green tea) which contribute to its smooth, non-gloopy texture. It wont leave you feeling sticky, it lasts a long time, and its gentle, natural formula shouldn't irritate sensitive skin types.


And This Must-Have Cleaner To Wipe Down Your Toys With

Repeat after me: I will clean my toys after ever use! Giving your toys a good scrub ensures that bacteria doesn't grow or fester. That doesn't only protect your precious bits from infection, but it also ensures your toy lasts as long as possible. So when you're done playing, use a toy cleaner, like this one, to give your vibes and dildos a bath. They'll be ready to go the next time you need them — which could be as soon as an hour from now.