23 Things That Significantly Improve Your Orgasms For Less Than $30 On Amazon

Vibrating egg shake purple on a white toy for adults.

While I'll be the first person to tell you that an orgasm shouldn't be the primary goal of sex or masturbation, I'm also very aware of the fact that they are an extremely pleasant side effect to both of those things. Because of that fact, I'm constantly on the hunt for sex toys and other sex-adjacent accessories that improve your orgasm — both with a partner and on your own. The big O might not have to be the objective, but amplifying the possibility of a big finale is never a bad thing. The good news is that there are plenty of things out there that can help you get closer to your finish, and even better, they won't break the bank.

Amazon is home tons of sex toys and accessories for under $30 — products you can buy on-the-cheap that work just as well as the more expensive gadgets out there. And they're not all battery-operated or USB-rechargeable, necessarily. Objects like kegel exercisers and duration spray can be unexpectedly helpful buys that improve the big O, be it yours or your partners. (Because their pleasure is important too, people!)

So if you're looking to upgrade your sexual experiences from "meh" to "yes, yes, yes!" keep scrolling to discover some of the best orgasm amplifiers you can buy on Amazon.


A Remote-Controlled Nipple-Sucker & Clitoral Vibrator In One

If you have a vagina, then you know that it sometimes takes different kinds of stimulation to get you off. That's where this multi-use toy comes in. It's a wearable vibrator that buzzes against your clit and your G-spot, which helps rock you towards a coveted blended orgasm. More interested in oral? The longer shaft also has a clitoral-stimulating function for more of a concentrated sensation. Consider this the Swiss Army Knife of vibrators.


A Clever Upgrade On The Classic Rabbit Vibrator

While most rabbit vibrators come with a rounded head, this upgraded version switches things up a bit. The flattened tip rests comfortably against your G-spot, giving you a wider surface area to feel stimulated — and more stimulation just means better (and more frequent) orgasms. This rabbit has the classic "bunny ears" that tickle your clit, and it comes equipped with nine different vibration modes to choose from.


This Cock Ring That Stimulates Both Parties

Sure, cock rings help people with penises stay harder for longer, but this tricked-out version gives both parties a little something extra. The extended arm has nine vibration modes, giving it the ability to work the partner with a clitoris, if they have one, to completion. And since it's remote controlled, you can change up the speed and vibration patterns mid-romp.


A Super Skinny Vibrator That Can Be Used Various Ways

It might look like an electric toothbrush, but this uniquely-shaped vibe has customers raving. "This thing will knock you socks off. No kidding, first time use and I was able to 'get there' three times in five minutes!" one commented. The trick is the teeny tint tip (it also comes with two softer tip attachments, one round and one forked). The round one can sit against your clit and tickle it, while the forked one actually cups your clit, offering 360-degree stimulation. It's as close to a guaranteed orgasm as you can get.


This Warming Lube That's Perfect For Temperature Play

Warming lubes can increase sensations the same way cooler temperatures can, and increased sensations lead to more intense orgasms, making this one of the better lubes you can pick up. Just make sure to add a little at a time — too much won't necessarily feel that great.


The Perfect Dildo For Beginners

While dildos can sometimes see like the less-fun sister of the buzz-happy vibrators, this one deserves a spot in your sex toy arsenal. Using it in your vagina provides a lifelike feeling most vibrators simply can't, thanks to the 3-D veins on this beginner-sized toy. And if you choose to experiment with anal sex, this toy can help you dip your toes into that pond on your own.


A Discreet Bullet Vibrator To Enhance ANY Experience

While many people claim bullets are travel-sized versions of vibrators, I'm actually more of a fan of incorporating them into regular sex. Since they aren't as big as regular vibrators, they're easier to slip between you and your partner (and you can use a bullet on them, too — in many different areas). And unlike other bullets, this one has 10 different vibration modes, which is pretty impressive. With nearly 500 five-star reviews on Amazon, you definitely can't go wrong with this toy.


A Multi-Pack Of Condoms With Different Features

The beauty of this multi-pack of condoms is that it allows you to find the protection that feels best for you. Whether it's a different type of texture or a warming sensation, the condom you use can go a long way in helping increase stimulation. Plus, knowing that you're protected can help you relax, making you come that much faster.


A Warming Wand Massager For Under $20

Wand massagers are notoriously expensive, but this self-heating option will feel as good on your wallet as it does on your clit. It has a temperature control function that adds a sexy warming sensation, and comes with seven vibration modes to choose from. Both sides of the toy are incredibly flexible, too, which helps you to bend it into the positions that feel the best for you. Reviewers love it, too: "I’ve never in my life felt so amazing. Do it. I’m telling you."


These Pretty Jade Eggs That Help Tone Your Kegel Muscles

Jade eggs aren't sex toys, but they do offer a serious benefit. They add a little boost to your kegel exercises, which strengthen your pelvic floor, and might help your orgasms feel more intense. The best way to use these is for a little bursts at a time. Insert the egg, then clench and release your pelvic floor muscles (like you're holding in pee) for 10 rounds of six seconds. Once you're done, remove the egg and sterilize it well. This pack comes with three different sizes, so you can find the one that works best for you.


A Six-Pack Of Single-Use Masturbation Cups

Different masturbation cups come with different textures, which is why it can be hard to commit to just one. That's why this six pack of Tenga eggs is such a good option for those on the hunt. Each egg has a different inner texture, from massaging nubs to wavy swirls, so you can figure out what you're into. Hate the idea of messy cleanup? Each egg is disposable, making this pack perfect for on-the-go masturbating.


A Set Of Anal Plugs That Also Make P-in-V Sex Better

You've probably heard that anal training kits are great for preparing yourself for anal sex (and they are). But butt plugs also have a benefit for folks with vaginas, too. These four plugs in various sizes, once inserted, put pressure on your vaginal canal, which makes it feel more narrow. This increases the sensations during P-in-V sex. But wearing plugs still requires a little training, which is why a kit with multiple-sized plugs is a beginner must-have.


A Giant Glass Plug That Can Be Warmed Or Cooled

Glass butt plugs may be better than silicone plugs for a few reasons. Not only are they much more hygienic (since they don't break down like silicone does), but they can be heated or cooled by running them under water and are compatible with every kind of lubricant. This specific plug's unique rounded shape allows you to insert as much or as little as you'd like, depending on what feels comfortable. One reviewer wrote, "This is nicely designed; the tapered tip enters easily, and the two bulbs are very stimulating."


The Ultimate Kegel Exercising Kit That Reviewers Call "The Best [They've] Tried"

This deluxe kegel exercising kit allows you to step up your kegel workouts in a major way. The six balls all have different weights, allowing you to work your way up over time. (Reviewers have said that it can take between a few weeks and a few months to move between weight levels, depending on how much you use them.) The balls link up through an app that tracks your progress and guides you through your training. It's the easiest way to improve your kegel muscle strength — and by extension, your orgasm intensity.


This Confetti-Flecked Dildo That Makes Every Orgasm A Party

Sure, this confetti dildo might just look like a cute toy to gift at a bachelorette party. But to hear customers talk about it, it's the perfect buy for those wanting to test drive a simple dildo, too. One reviewer wrote, "This one really is the perfect size, not too big but not too small (in my opinion). I also really like that it's not super rigid and has some give to it." The flared suction cup is super strong, too, so you can stick it just about anywhere and ride it.


A Set Of Stimulating Nipple Clamps That Vibrate, Too

Here's a fun fact: Nipple stimulation is directly linked to women's orgasms. So why not increase your odds with these vibrating clamps? Not only do they apply pressure to your nipples, which is stimulating on its own, but they also vibrate, providing an even sexier added sensation. The clamps are designed with three vibration modes and seven pulsing modes that reviewers call "impressive." Yes, please!


This Half Moon-Shaped Pillow With A Slot For A Dildo

Whether you need them to make sex more comfortable, or just to make it more fun, half-moon pillows can ramp up the excitement in your sex life — literally. They help take pressure off certain positions, while also allowing you to bend into ones you might not have been able to try before. This one has a dildo hole so that you can mount your favorite toy and ride it, too. And since it deflates, you can store it easily and discreetly once you're done.


A Multi-Pronged Vibrator That Can Be Used So Many Different Ways

As far as do-it-all sex toys go, this three-pronged vibrator reigns supreme. There is almost no limit to how you can use it: It can be wrapped around a penis to stimulate it, or inserted into a vagina. You can use it on your nipples, clit, and neck as a massager, or it can be inserted into your butt. With seven different vibration modes, you'll never run out of ways to use this versatile toy.


A Duration Spray That Keeps Your Romp Going For Longer

While lasting a little longer in bed might not make your orgasm better, it could potentially make your partner's better (if they have a penis, that is), and this spray helps in that endeavor. A couple of spritzes coats penises in a formula that desensitizes them ever-so slightly, allowing you to last a little longer in the sack. Reviewers say that this spray doesn't affect your partner, and that it lasts a while since a little goes a long way. Your orgasm is important, sure. But this spray makes sure your partners' is front and center, too.


A Lipstick-Shaped Bullet That's Perfect For Travel

In my opinion, everyone with a vagina needs a discreet, on-the-go bullet vibrator for travel — like this lipstick-shaped buzzer. It has 10 different vibration modes to make your toes curl, and a handy cover so that you can toss it in your bag and go. One reviewer commented, "This cute little thing is powerful! My partner uses it on me and it has brought me some of the strongest [orgasms]." Talk about a rave review.


These Kegel Balls That Are Part Toy, Part Trainer

Sure, kegel balls are great for exercise — but that doesn't mean that they can't also be used for fun. This two-balled option comes with a remote control, making it a wearable toy you can use for a little low-key public play. 10 different vibration modes keep things interesting, while its whisper-quiet design makes it super discreet.

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