23 Vegan Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

by Rachel Krantz

While a lot of people like to hate on it as a holiday, personally, I'm a fan of what Valentine's Day can stand for — mainly, love and appreciation. To me, being vegan isn't just about saving animals — it's also about an overall philosophy of non-harm, kindness, and love towards all living beings and the environment. If you believe the same, then you're going to want to make sure any vegan Valentine's Day gift you get the special veg in your life is on-point.

Below, I've tried to include lots of different romantic, ethical, and funny vegan Valentine's Day gift ideas for all price points — as well as more than a few gifts that go beyond just benefiting the recipient. Whether you decide to visit a sanctuary for Valentine's Day, sponsor an animal, or buy some vegan bling, there's something on this list for just about every type of sexy vegan. (And yes, we are sexy. The rumors are true.)

Personally, I'll be celebrating by going to Farm Sanctuary's Valentine's Day celebration in Acton, California — and then heading home to a delicious vegan Valentine's Day dinner. (Oh yeah, I've got you covered with those vegan Valentine's Day recipie ideas, too.) Happy loving!

A LOVE GOODLY Box Subscription

LoveGoodly Box, $29.95/bi-monthly

There's still time to get the Feb/Mar Box, which costs only $29.95, but has a retail value of over $86. If you really want to go above and beyond, get them an annual subscription to this expertly and ethically-curated vegan beauty box. They'll think of you every time they open it (plus, it's a statement you plan to be around for at least a year).

A Trip To A Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary Valentines Day tickets, $20/each

My partner took me to Catskill Animal Sanctuary for my birthday a few years ago to stay overnight and visit, and it was actually quite romantic! Even if you don't have a sanctuary nearby with overnight facilities, places like Farm Sanctuary will be holding special Valentine's Day weekend events.

A Bottle Of Vegan Prosecco

Santa Margherita Prosecco, $18

Did you know not all wine is vegan? I know, it sucks. It has to do with the filtration process. At least you can know you're safe with Santa Margherita's vegan Prosecco, which will pair quite nicely with the romantic vegan Valentine's Day dinner you cook up.

LELO "Open Secret" Luxury Gift Box

LELO Open Secret Luxury Gift Box, $129

It really is merciful that the best sex toy brand, LELO, makes vegan products. Valued at $208, this gift box is only $129, and includes roses, a bullet vibe, and vegan handcuffs and a blindfold. No leather needed for this sexy gift.

WellBe Stress Tracker

WellBe, $149

If your special someone is into staying zen and wants to stress less, get them the WellBe, a new wearable tracker that uses a signature algorithm to track not only their heart rate, but how stressed they are throughout the day. The bracelet pairs with an app that also has tons of meditation exercises.

"I Love Ewe" Shirt

I Love Ewe Long-Sleeve Tee, $38, Mercy For Animals

I mean, this is too cute. Even better, if you buy anything from Mercy For Animals' store online, the benefits go straight to the amazing work the organization does on behalf of animals everywhere.

Krups Digital Hand Mixer

Krups 10-Speed Hand Mixer, $49, Amazon

For the vegan baker in your life who doesn't have a standing mixer, this KRUPS 10-speed hand mixer will take up less space, and is more affordable. Just don't get this for someone who doesn't love to bake (I could see that ending in a fight).

A To-Go Sexy Kit

Southern Butter Small Variety Travel Pack, $30, GreenGoo

While GreenGoo also makes some dope soaps, this travel pack is the perfect to-go vegan sexy kit. With massage oil, chapstick, and lube, you can remember to pack this on any and all overnight trips.

Organic Ecco Bella Perfume

Ecco Bella Lemon Verbena Parfum, $35, Ecco Bella

Personally, I love Ecco Bella's eyeshadows the most, but this perfume makes for a more romantic gift. Perfect for someone who's sensitive to additives, thy can wear this scent in vegan style.

"Kindness Is Limitless" Throw

Kindness Throw Blanket, $50, Mercy For Animals

Perfect for snuggling up on the couch with your vegan boo, this Mercy For Animals high-quality throw is a steal — with the proceeds going straight to the animals.

"Vegans Make Better Lovers" Tee

Vegans Make Better Lovers Tee, $27, PETA

Yes, there is evidence that it's true. This tee is a compliment that directly benefits the important work PETA does.

A Subscription To VegNews Magazine

1-Year VegNews Subscription, $20

At just $20 a year, a subscription to VegNews is such a deal. I got one for my partner's mother as a gift, and she's been enjoying it for months.

Tickets To A Vegan Cruise

Holistic Holiday At Sea Vegan Cruise, $1,499+ per person

For those of you who really want to go all out and can afford it, why not get both of you tickets to an all-vegan cruise? Sailing from Miami to Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, Mexico, and the Bahamas you'll dine on all-vegan food and be able to attend dozens of vegan lectures and workshops.

"Vegan Feminist Bitch" Tote

Vegan Feminist Bitch Tote, $20, TheHeadStand/Etsy

I love this slogan so much it's the backdrop on my Twitter profile. Get this for the badass vegan bitch in your life, whether she be lover or best friend.

"Eat Like You Give A Damn" Apron

"Eat Like You Give A Damn" Apron, $30, Herbivore Clothing

When my man dropped a hint that he could use an apron, I looked around for the best vegan one I could find. I think this is the winner.

An Animal Sponsorship

Farm Sanctuary Adopt An Animal Program, $10+ per Month

Sponsor an animal in your sweetheart's name, stick their picture and story on the fridge, and just see if you don't make them cry tears of joy. Farm Sanctuary's program starts at just $10 a month, and you'll know your gift made an actual, loving difference in an animal's life.

"Herbivore" Necklace

Herbivore Necklace, $20, Herbivore

Why not get them some subtle and cute vegan bling? This necklace is affordable — jewelry is a safe bet for a reason, people.

A Titanium Wallet

Ti5 Slim Wallet, $48, Amazon

OK, so my partner is in love with this wallet. He even got one for his best friend, who is also in love with it. I'm not sure what it is about this Machine Era Co wallet's design, but from what I can derive, it's basically the perfect gift for the ethical minimalist in your life. (And yes, it's ethically-made.)

Le Splendour Garden Skincare Collection

Le Splendour Garden Collection, $63, Le Slendour

At this point, this is my favorite vegan skincare brand. All their products make my skin look great and feel luxurious — without putting anything on your skin you wouldn't eat (including any chemicals). While some sets only have mini-versions of products, this Garden Collection is a great deal with full-sized products that will last your love a long time.

Faux Leather Leggings

Faux Leather Leggings, $96, DIY Clothing

Lately, I've been embracing both dance classes and wearing leggings as pants as shameless practice. These faux leather leggings would work either for going out or to the gym. Hot pants that will serve you with a view as well.

A Pain-Free Meditation Cushion

The Undo Meditation Cushion, $150, Undo

While I'm a big proponent of the idea that you don't have to sit to meditate, if I had a cushion that made my alignment better, I think I would be more motivated to sit. Enter the Undo meditation cushion, which is designed specifically to provide the most comfortable seat possible for sitting and being.

A Vegan Lipstick Subscription

TrustFund Beauty 3-Month Lipstick Subscription, $90

If your boo loves lipstick, this vegan lipstick subscription is going to make her feel real special, for months on end.

"Nooch Life" Tank

Nooch Life Tank, $19, LevelApparel/Etsy

Nooch has to be the best inside joke of vegans, so get this tank for the nutritional yeast enthusiast in your life. #NoochLife