23 Vegan Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For The Compassionate Cutie In Your Life

While a lot of people like to hate on it as a holiday, personally, I'm a fan of what Valentine's Day can stand for — mainly, love and appreciation. To me, being vegan isn't just about saving animals — it's also about an overall philosophy of non-harm, kindness, and love towards all living beings and the environment. If you believe the same, then you're going to want to make sure any vegan Valentine's Day gift you get the special veg in your life is on-point.

Below, I've tried to include lots of different romantic, ethical, and funny vegan Valentine's Day gift ideas for all price points — as well as more than a few gifts that go beyond just benefiting the recipient. Whether you decide to visit a sanctuary for Valentine's Day, sponsor an animal, or buy some vegan bling, there's something on this list for just about every type of sexy vegan. (And yes, we are sexy. The rumors are true.)

Personally, I'll be celebrating by going to Farm Sanctuary's Valentine's Day celebration in Acton, California — and then heading home to a delicious vegan Valentine's Day dinner. (Oh yeah, I've got you covered with those vegan Valentine's Day recipie ideas, too.) Happy loving!