27 Vegan Gift Ideas For 2016, Because A Truly Happy Holiday Is An Ethical Holiday

Even though it's about 80 degrees right now in New York City, it is indeed getting to be the holiday season — which means it's time to start planning your gift-giving. (By planning, I mean wasting time at work looking at gift guides like this one.) And if you're worried about our ever-warming planet, animal cruelty, and your health, then chances are you know the many benefits of going vegan — but where does that leave your gift-giving? Luckily, whether you yourself are vegan or are buying a gift for a vegan friend (or hopefully, both!), there are so many ethical, vegan gifts to choose from this 2016 holiday season that it's hard to know where to start.

It's hard to narrow down all the awesome stuff out there, but as a vegan and Etsy fanatic who is lucky enough to also receive editorial samples for review, I do have a few suggestions. Whether you're shopping for someone you're trying to get to see The Vegan Light, or for the vegan who seems to have everything, there's an item on this list that's sure to work. I'm recommending many of these vegan gifts because they've been tested over the past year by yours truly, but some I've just added to my wish list because they are so damn cute.

So, without further ado, here are 27 vegan gift ideas for your 2016 holiday shopping list.

Nooch Jar

Nooch Jar, $48, Etsy

They already sprinkle nutritional yeast on everything, so give them a classy, adorable handmade jar to hold their nooch in! I mean, come on.

Real Leaf Wallet

Real Leaf Wallet, $35, Etsy

Want to get them daily proof that you don't need leather to look cool? Get them this wallet made entirely from actual leaves! I got this on a trip to London, and it's pretty badass. Yes, it gets worn slightly more quickly than other materials, but only if you treat your stuff like sh*t the way I do.

Hurom Rose Gold H-AA Slow Juicer

Hurom Rose Gold H-AA Slow Juicer, $439, Hurom

If you have dispensable income and a really special vegan in your life, you might want to consider splurging on this rose gold juicer by Hurom. One of the best juicers on the market, Hurom's newest H-AA slow juicer ensures you get to keep all the nutrients in your fruits and veggies, and is easier to clean than most other models out there. Even better? It also doubles as an n'ice cream maker! With a 10-year motor warranty, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

N'Ice Cream

N'Ice Cream, $11, Amazon

From Saveur Award-winning Finnish author Virpi Mikkonen and Tuulia Talvio, this book is filled with over 80 mouth-watering vegan recipes that actually seem doable — with or without an ice cream maker. I can't wait to try the unique licorice and tamari ice cream recipes, but there are also more straight-forward classics like mint-chip and vanilla.

Vegan Leather Scarf + "Love Animals Don't Wear Them" Button

Vegan Leather Scarf, $25, Etsy | Love Animals Don't Wear Them Button, $5, Zazzle

I've gone back and forth with myself about whether I should wear vegan leather — am I glamorizing the leather industry by wearing vegan leather, or am I proving to non-vegans that you don't have to give up your favorite styles in order to be cruelty-free? I've decided to side with the latter for now, but I think the above combo might be an ideal conversation-starter. First of all, how cool is the idea of a vegan leather scarf? Combined with the button above, though — or any of the many animal rights buttons and pins out there — you have a really effective conversation-starter on your hands.

"Animal Liberation" Sweatpants

Animal Jogger Pants, $50, Mercy For Animals

What's better than saving animals? Saving animals in SWEATPANTS. These Mercy For Animals gems ensure your money goes to a great organization, too.

Vegan Leather Backpack

Wills Vegan Backpack, $119, Wills

I got this for my boo for his birthday, and he couldn't be happier. This unisex backpack is unique in that it has a cross-body strap, making it a little more sophisticated looking than a traditional two-strap bag, in my opinion. It's also ethically-made by the vegan company Wills, one of my absolute favorite vegan brands for accessories and shoes.

Raw Is Everything Antioxidant Treatment

Raw Is Everything Antioxident Treatment, $45, Raw Is Everything

This company is founded by a young woman and makes some beautiful, really high-quality products — always free of animal testing or anything you wouldn't be able to eat. I've never had my skin look so good as when I was using this unrefined, cold pressed, sustainably farmed raspberry seed oil every night — I went on to try other cheaper skincare brands and started breaking out, so time to go back to this great-smelling oil.

The Petit Vour Beauty Box

The Petit Vour Beauty Box, $15/month, Petitvour

Give the gift that keeps on giving with this all-vegan non-toxic beauty subscription service. Finding good vegan makeup without animal testing takes some trial and error — and this is the perfect way for recently cruelty-free folks to find their new favorite products. You can buy just one box for $15, or give them a whole year for $180. They'll think of you every month when they open their new goodies.

"Vegans Make Better Lovers" Mug

Vegans Make Better Lovers Mug, $14, PETA

Yes, it's proven, and yes, you can feel very self-satisfied as you sip this after morning sex, knowing the money went to PETA saving animals.

Cork Clutch

Cork Clutch Eco Friendly Purse Vegan Bag, $42, Etsy

I think cork is so cool. This vegan clutch is handmade of eco-friendly material that is naturally water- and stain-resistant.

"Leave My Tits Alone" Tee

Leave My Tits Alone Unisex Tee, $27, Etsy

For all you intersectional vegan feminists (which is what every vegan should be!) this shirt is a nice conversation-starter to remind people where milk really comes from.

Never Too Late To Go Vegan

Never Too Late to Go Vegan, $17, Amazon

If you're vegan, you have probably heard of Carol J. Adams and her seminal book The Sexual Politics of Meat. I definitely recommend that book to any feminist academic types, but Never Too Late to Go Vegan is also co-authored by Adams and could make a great gift for your older relative who's still on the fence about making the transition to veganism.

"My Body Is Not For Your Consumption" Tank

My Body Is Not For Your Consumption Tank, $30, Feminist Apparel

I have to get my other favorite intersectional vegan feminist tee in here! Feminist Apparel, aka everyone's favorite Etsy shop for feminist swag, breaks it down in one simple tank (or tee or sweatshirt).

"Vegan & Gluten-Free" Flask

Laser-Etched Flask, $18, Etsy

OK, so maybe this was made to make fun of us, but did you know not all alcohol is vegan? You can start a conversation next time you whip out this classy flask. (And especially make an effort to buy vegan wine!)

The World Peace Diet

The World Peace Diet, $22, Amazon

I saw Dr. Will Tuttle speak, and if you ever have the chance to, I suggest you do too. Dr. Tuttle approaches veganism as a philosophy of non-harm that goes beyond just animal liberation. He believes our first lesson in domination over other living beings begins with eating meat, and extends to war, sexism, racism, and everything else that prevents us from living without violence. Give this to your hippy mom or friend and they will see what veganism is really all about. Even better, when you buy his book, you're helping fund his journeys in his solar-powered RV, spreading the word across America.

Herbivore Hat

Herbivore Hat, $24, Herbivore Clothing

How cute is this? Make sure they keep their head warm without wool, fur, or cashmere with this awesome beanie from Herbivore Clothing.

"Eats His Veggies" Tee

Eats His Veggies Tee, $35, Vaute Couture

Vaute Couture is known as the go-to brand for well-made vegan winter coats, but their tees are great too! This tee (back pictured) is special because it was designed as a benefit for the awesome organization Vegan Outreach, with proceeds going straight to them.

Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck

Thug Kitchen 101: Fast as F*ck, $18, Amazon

I resisted paying much attention to Thug Kitchen's first cookbook because it seemed gimmicky to me. But when Thug Kitchen 101 came to our office and I cracked it open, it had me cracking up with its expert use of swearing. This is the perfect gift for your recently vegan friend just learning to cook new dishes — but the recipes are also interesting and complex-tasting enough that anyone will love it.

Le Splendour Moisturizing Sunscreen

Le Splendour Mousturizing Sunscreen, $23, Le Splendour

I absolutely love every product I've tried from this vegan, organic skincare company, but I think their sunscreen makes the best gift. What better way to say you love someone than to give them something to protect their skin that smells yummy? Every product Le Splendour makes is totally natural yet precisely crafted, and leaves your skin feeling pampered and expensive.

Mind If I Order The Cheeseburger?

Mind If I Order The Cheeseburger, $18, Amazon

If you have a friend who's recently gone vegan or vegetarian, this book goes through all the most common questions we hear from omnivores — and helps you learn to answer them effectively. Because, really, there is no better gift than helping someone have a good comeback when someone asks them But don't plants have feelings? for the umpteenth time.

Big White Yeti Soy Wax Candles

Big White Yeti Soy Wax Candles, $10, Herbivore Clothing

Handpoured in Milwaukee, WI using American-grown soy wax (no bees harmed!) these candles come in a bunch of yummy-smelling scents, described in detail with all the flavor notes on the site. With spice, nutmeg, balsam, and fir, "North Woods Cabin" sounds good to me.

"Nooch Life" Tank

Nooch Life Vegan Tank Shirt, $19, Etsy

I'm sorry, I had to include just one more nod to nooch. It's too good.

VegNews Magazine Subscription

VegNews Subscription, $20/year, VegNew

Being vegan can feel isolating, especially when you don't have a large community in your town. Let them know they're not alone every month with VegNews Magazine, the premiere vegan lifestyle magazine filled with recipes, features, product reviews, and just about everything else you'd want to read in the bathtub.

Edamame Family Mug

Edamame Family Mug, $22, Etsy

Edadade, Edamame, Edababe. STOP. This is just too cute.

Sponsor An Animal And/Or Visit a Sanctuary

Obviously, the best vegan gift you can give goes straight to the animals themselves. There are so many ways to sponsor an animal at a sanctuary — Woodstock Farm Sanctuary makes it easy, or you can look up the vegan farm sanctuary closest to the person you're gifting so they can visit their new friend for themselves!

Another great option? Take your recipient on a weekend getaway to an ethical animal sanctuary — many have lovely B&B accommodations, and are actually quite romantic and cute! Tour the sanctuary and give them an experience they'll never forget.

Sponsor An Animal or Visit a Sanctuary, Price Varies

Wishing you a happy, cruelty-free holiday, and remember — every choice matters.