23 Weird But Genius Gifts on Amazon For People Who Are Hard To Please


Some might call them "high maintenance," but really, they've just got great taste: You know the friends and family members that I'm talking about, and for them, it's imperative to find gift ideas for people who are hard to buy for. When a holiday or a birthday rolls around, you know that a bottle of liquor and a pair of bookends aren't going to cut it for this person. Maybe it's because they're unbelievably practical, or maybe it's because they're just your pickiest friend, but either way, you can rest easy knowing that you're covered this time around.

I don't think I have anyone in my life who's particularly easy to buy for (except maybe my brother, who's spent the past 29 Christmases getting psyched over knitted hats and Star Wars memorabilia). For everyone else, I need something that's functional, yet sleek, so it fits their space as well as their choosy lifestyle. If it solves multiple problems at once, even better, because there's absolutely no room for "impractical clutter" in these people's lives. If you know someone who fits into the aforementioned category, check out these weird but genius gifts on Amazon for people who are especially hard to shop for.


A Highly-Rated, Do-It-All Vacuum Cleaner

Consumer Reports raves about this powerful do-it-all handheld vacuum, which easily tackles hard-to-reach areas like stairs, upholstery, and even your car. Its unique design has a rotating brush cover that twists both vertically and horizontally as you maneuver the machine, making cleaning a breeze. Plus, this lightweight vacuum is just a fraction of the cost of comparable cleaners.


Get A Professional-Grade Massage At Home

This acupressure mat and pillow set is cheaper than hiring a personal masseuse, and just as effective. The set has nearly 8,000 combined acupressure points that - despite their prickly appearance - relieve tension, loosen tight muscles, and boost circulation to help induce relaxation.


Never Spill Your Hot Coffee Again


Keep Your Phone Fully Charged At All Times

There will come a day - thought if you're like me, that day is every single day of your life - where your phone dies at an inopportune time. Save yourself from the horror of being phone-less with this ultra-thin external battery charger. At just 6mm, the device isn't much bigger than a credit card and can easily be stored in a wallet. Best of all: it's compatible with nearly every device, including iPhone and Android.


5. Squeeze, Scoop, Cut & Grate Your Favorite Fruits


A 3-In-1 Lens Kit For Pro-Looking Photos With Your Phone

The Criacr professional 3 in 1 phone lens kit comes with a wide angle, fish eye, and micro lens that clip onto any smart phone, instantly upgrading your phone camera so that your pictures are clearer, more vibrant, and way more precise. It's awesome for the amateur photographer, or just anyone who loves taking pictures.


A Way To Chill Your Beer & Other Bottled Drinks Without Watering Them Down

With these beverage cooling sticks, your days of warm, watered-down drinks can be behind you. Whether you're drinking an iced tea, beer, or soda, these coolers will keep your favorite drink chilled without diluting it. Perfect for barbecues, festivals, and camping, this set comes with two sticks and a bonus bottle opener, all packed in a ready-to-give gift box.


The Best Solution To Garlicky Hands

This stainless steel "soap" is the ultimate solution to remove the lingering scent of garlic, onion, fish, or other odors or, as I like to call them, "The Ghosts of Meal-Prep Past." Simply rub it on your hands like you would soap and those unwanted odors will disappear.


Sprinkle Magic Onto Your Dinner

These wand-shaped salt and pepper shakers are entertaining props and serve a purpose at the dinner table. Watching salt and pepper sprinkle out of the waving wands creates a magical illusion that both adults and kids will find hilarious. Go ahead, access your inner wizard and princess.


A Luxurious Serum For Salon-Quality Hair

This Davines Oil absolute beautifying potion is a luxurious and gorgeous-smelling serum to detangle, style, and seriously reduce frizz. "My coworkers thought I had had a salon appointment - my hair looked that good despite the fact that I have no hairdressing skills whatsoever and did nothing else different than usual to style my frizzy locks," says one reviewer. Others say it works infinitely better than Moroccan oil, and smells so good, it can replace your perfume.


Packing Cubes That Keep Your Suitcase Organized

Gonex packing cubes making preparing for your next trip less of a nightmare with waterproof and tear-resistant bags designed for organizing your clothes and toiletries. The perfect gift for your friend who’s always traveling, these nylon cubes come in eight colors and help compress items to fit even more into your suitcase.


This Spa-Like Hydrating Cream

Coconut oil is one of the beauty-world wunderkinds, and for good reason: This all-natural moisturizing cream tackles three common beauty concerns in one rich, luscious product that smells like heaven. Suitable for all skin types, it hydrates your body deeply without being greasy, make-up remover, and even conditions hair. In other good news, the salon-sized container will last you forever.


Detoxify Your Pores With These Effective Nose Strips

Korean beauty is everything right now for those who seek clearer skin, and this three-step blackhead clearing kit is at the top of everyone's wish list. Created by the Korean beauty brand Holika Holika, these nose strips use pink clay to effectively open, clear, and minimize pores.


For The High-Maintenance Reader

This adorable yet practical songbird reading table lamp has three touch-control light intensities that you can dim, and it's got a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to your favorite music straight from your device. It's also got a hands-free bendable neck, no wire, and is 100 percent rechargeable.


A Genius (And More Hygienic) Alternative To Regular Sponges

With these silicone dish sponges, you’ll never have to worry about moldy, stinky sinks again. The scratch-free silicone is antibacterial and mildew-proof making it a hygienic alternative to your standard scrubber. The double-sided sponges can be cleaned in the dishwasher or boiling water, they come in packs of six, and they can even double as a makeup brush cleaners or coasters.


Wherever There's Sunlight, There's A Charge

Imagine a world in which wherever there's sunlight, there's a charge on your phone. This genius solar phone charger has a high capacity 8000 mAh power bank that uses the light from the sun to charge your devices. It has two USB ports and is resistant to dust, drops, bumps, and moisture.


Dryer Balls That Reduce Drying Time

Need an all-natural way to dry your clothes even faster? Smart Sheep’s wool dryer balls use premium New Zealand wool to shorten drying time by improving air low. Just throw three wool balls into a small load, or six into a large load to reduce drying time and naturally soften clothes without chemicals or synthetics. The handmade balls can be reused up to 1000 times and scented with essential oils.


Car Radio Doesn't Use Bluetooth? No Problem

The hands-free car charger and Bluetooth transmitter is an incredibly good gift idea for anyone with a pre-Bluetooth car. It plugs straight into your cigarette lighter to charge two devices at once, but it also syncs up your car's radio to Bluetooth and hands-free calls, meaning that the sound from your phone goes straight through to the stereo system.


A Shiatsu Massager That Heats Up, Too

Work away tension and relieve tight, overworked muscles with this personal shiatsu massager. In a glorious display of design genius, it wraps around the hard-to-reach shoulders and upper back, kind of like the world's greatest hug. Turn on the heating effect for even deeper muscle relief.


An Ice Roller To Soothe Skin, De-Puff Eyes, Relieve Migraine Pain & More

Store this face roller in the freezer, then pop it out to soothe skin, de-puff eyes, and soothe inflammation. That's not where its uses end, though: reviewers swear by it for helping relive migraine pain, sinus infections, tension headaches, and more.


A Gold Facial Mask That Reduces Redness And Brightens Skin

Show your loved one they’re like gold to you with this peel-off facial mask. It deep-cleans pores to shrink their visibility, as well as firms and brightens skin. And the gold isn’t just for looks, it has anti-inflammatory properties that treat skin and reduce redness.


The Perfect Knife Set For Any Kitchen

This colorful set of six multipurpose knives spices up dinnertime with their fun patterns, and their different blades (think paring, serrated, and Santoku) ensure that while they're playful, they can still get the job done. Bonus: Each knife comes with a protective blade guard to help prevent the blades from dulling. At such an affordable price, this set is a great value for stocking your kitchen with the most necessary knives.


Get The Guac Of Your Dreams, Every Time

Friends don't let friends have brown guacamole — and you can be that friend by giving this Guac-Lock container to your favorite avocado lover. It sucks the air out of the container to keep guacamole looking as green as nature intended, and it can even be used for serving. Who's got the chips?

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