23 Weird Things Trending On Amazon That Are Actually Practical AF

By Emily Estep
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When you're rushed or stressed, simple tasks like preparing meals or searching for your keys can seem monumental. Your options: you can be unprepared, or you can add some practical AF products to your life that can make a huge difference in your routine.

Whether it's a savvy kitchen tool like a gizmo that will strip corn right off the cob for you or a waterproof notepad that allows you to jot down your shower thoughts and update your to-do list while you're sudsing up, they have a few things in common — practicality, functionality, and a tiny bit of stress relief. So don't let the quirky appearance of a fun new tool let you think that it's not to be taken seriously. Once you're used to propping up your phone with pig-shaped silicone stands, you won't be able to imagine life without them. And once you put your notebook in the microwave a few times, you'll just be used to how convenient it is. Seriously.

Open your mind to the funky and quirky gadgets of the future, be they adorably designed or super weird-looking. These weird but innovative products are trending on Amazon for a reason, and it's time for you to benefit from their clever abilities.

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