24 Bizarre Beauty Products That You’ll Actually Use Every Day

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There’s no shortage of gimmicky beauty products up for grabs on the internet, and while they’re fun to try for the sake of curiosity — or the Instagram pics — there’s no denying that only good results will keep you coming back for more. Luckily, there’s an abundance of bizarre beauty products that you’ll actually use every day because they work really well.

In this case, bizarre can be defined as whimsical packaging, a beauty tool that looks like it came from another planet, or an ingredient you’ve never heard of before (horse oil, anyone?). While these characteristics may seem unconventional, the weirdest beauty products deliver perfectly manicured brows, voluminous hair, and skin that’s as smooth as silk — all results worth adding an unusual product or two to your morning or night routine.

While you could say K-beauty is responsible for the rise of unique ingredients, like a hydrating sleeping mask made with salmon eggs, once you become privy to all the goods on this list you’ll quickly learn that this phenomenon has been around longer than you’ve been talking about it. But, now that you know about it, it’s definitely time to get a little weirder with your daily beauty routine.

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