24 Brilliant AF Shark Tank Products You Can Get On Amazon

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Shark Tank is a modern television fairytale: People come in with a product and a dream, and sometimes they leave with money from some powerful billionaires. As a viewer, I love getting a first-hand look at some incredibly innovative inventions, and luckily, those same Shark Tank products on Amazon can be delivered right to my door.

It’s hard to watch the show and not want to invest in some of these people, but unless you're Mark Cuban, you probably don’t have a few million lying around. The next best thing, of course, is to enjoy the fruits of their labor and get some functional, bizarre, and brilliant products of your very own. Were you impressed by the pitch for the smiling sponge, Scrub Daddy? You're not alone. According to Business Insider, Scrub Daddy has made $150 million since Shark Tank, making it the most successful business to ever come out of the show.

Amazon has a huge range of Shark Tank products, from a notebook you microwave to erase to an ingenious travel sippy cup for wine. All are super unique, with the added bonus of knowing you’re supporting an up-and-coming entrepreneur. So, indulge your Shark Tank obsession and check out these inventive products that will also make your life easier.

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