24 Game-Changing Grooming Products That Are Freaking Genius

By Emily Estep
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Personal grooming choices are just that — very personal. While some of us have a full on grooming routine, others are content with doing little or nothing, and that’s A-okay. If there’s one thing that brings us together, it’s game-changing grooming products that boost our efficiency, save money, or get us out the door faster.

There are a shocking amount of products out there that can change the way you see daily grooming — such as nail polish top coats that make manis dry almost instantly, sprays that basically remove body hair, and foot masks that make calluses peel right off. It's not right that some of us are out there, slowly picking at our heels, without this vital knowledge.

You just know that a light bulb lit up above the heads of whoever it was that invented these genius products, because they're not only time-saving — they also get the job done easier than before. For example, did you know you can buy a flosser that cleans between your teeth with just water?

Whoever you are and whatever your grooming concerns may be, we've assembled a variety of freaking genius grooming tools that are bound to change your grooming game.

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