24 Of Mary-Kate & Ashley's Best Party Tips

One of the best parts of the '90s was being able to attend one of the Olsen twin's parties... you know, via VHS. Without question, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's You're Invited franchise kept all of us wildly entertained and singing about the gloriousness of sand. If it was up to Mary-Kate and Ashley, you'd R.S.V.P. — and you did. You did every time. But in the age of lazy Facebook e-vites, did you ever really learn how to throw a bash as baller as the twins? I've rounded up the best party tips from the Olsens.

Mary-Kate and Ashley were always changing it up when it came to their iconic shindigs. They somehow managed to always have very different theme parties, as well as a varying group of friends in attendance (none of which would ever last more than one party). I find this all retrospectively suspect. Nevertheless, you and I never got our own iconic 10-episode series about party-planning, so I'm inclined to look back and see just how the twins were always able to make it a song-filled, dog-filled time.

So, get ready for some hot tips from your favorite tween twins. Here is all the sound and solid advice harvested from watching Mary-Kate and Ashley's You're Invited videos.

Eat Frosting From Your Hands

Like, just off the palm. Very sanitary.

Plan Your Birthday Party The Day Of

Be sure to set enough time to craft a gorgeous gourmet-looking concoction, but don't even think about party ideas until you're inviting your guests (last minute, of course).

Switch Party-Planning Duties On A Year-To-Year Basis

That way you can stress yourself out by organizing everything months in advance one year, and then stress yourself out when your twin drops the ball and you have to organize everything on the day of the next year.

All Important Decisions Can & Should Be Made Via Rock, Paper, Scissors

And all theme ideas should be decided via the yellow pages, Google be damned.

Bring A Scary Grandma Mask So Everyone Can Feel The Crushing Weight Of Mortality

"Happy 30th, Madison, you'll be dead someday soon!"

Make Sure To Have Boys Around To Help With The Piñatas

And, of course, give them a generous cut of the candy proceeds.

If You Run Out Of Ideas, Don't Worry, Your Dog Will Gift You Six Flag Tickets

And then your party just blossoms into a fun Six Flags commercial.

Know Your To-Do List Backward, Forward, & Upside-Down

Then recite it upside-down to make a point.

Also, Selectively Announce Three Random Friends-Of-The-Episode To Invite

Like, just pick them out of a hat if you have to.

And Make Sure Someone Has The Hats Ready

Like this girl.

Make Sure Someone Brings The Dog Pictures

I guess in the age of memes and smartphones, this doesn't actually sound incredulous, but I just want to take a moment that Brighton brought a framed portrait of her pet to this slumber party.

Make Sure To Paint Scary Faces To Tell Scary Stories

Like this... horrifying Tina-Turner-meets-Spider-Man visage.

Brick Phones Are The Best Way To Order Food

Oh, and maybe you can look up something cool in the yellow pages.

Want to Creatively Ruin Your Pizza? Add Tacos, Lo Mein, & Buffalo Wings

Really get disgusting with your food.

Literally Sing About It, & Also Literally Every Little Element Of The Party-Planning
Try To Utilize Your Time-Traveling Abilities When Picking A Theme For Your Costume Parties

In Costume Party, they have the ability to go into the future and see what kind of party they're going to throw. Obviously. Obviously.

It's Important To Pick Something "Social" (That Means "With Boys Invited & Fun")

And somehow cowgirl outfits are involved, but I don't know the specifics of why and how.

If You Need Something Last Minute For A Costume Party, Sort Through Mom's Stuff

This is incredibly convenient, if your mother had the same body as a 10-year-old through at least three decades.

Never Do A Homework Party

This is like a running joke in the series. They never go for the homework party, which is crazy 'cause it sounds so much more fun than Six Flags.

While Partying, Look For Tell-Tale Signs That A Guy Is Into You

Like this right here.

Have An Older Cousin On Call, In Case You're Bored Run Out Of Party Ideas

It helps if she's tremendously neglectful, and will just let you and your two friends roam around the Mall of America for your... mall party...

Find A Time To Roast Some Fish & Talk About How Much You Like Boys

OK, but for real — why can't the girl on the left just roast a goddamn marshmallow like the rest of them?

Document All Of Your Shenanigans, Even If One Of Your Friends Forgot Her Toe Ring

The toe ring will not detrimentally impact the spontaneous fashion show you're putting on.

And Of Course, Be Sure To Take A Submarine If You're Planning A Hawaiian Beach Party

It's the only way to do it. You can't just get some plastic coconut cups at Dollar Tree like the peasants.