24 Planners For 2019 That Look Like They Were Built For Instagram

Target; Anthropologie

Don't you love a good planner? The smell of the paper, the feeling of crisp, never-before-used pages between your fingers, the assumption that you're *actually* going to use it even though it'll probably sit at the bottom of your tote until December, when you buy a new one for the following year... Nothing makes us feel more ~sophisticated~ and "on top of our game" like a brand spanking new planner, so I've rounded up 24 2019 planners to buy so you can pretend to be more organized last year than you were this year.

With the advancement of technology, planners have somewhat become obsolete. Every time I whip mine out, it never fails. Someone always says something along the lines of, "Pfft! Why don't you just, like, put it in your phone, like a normal person?"

How about you mind your own business so I can concentrate on writing in my planner, Sharon?

Of course, if you prefer using your phone or another gadget, that's A-OK. But did you know that, according to research shared by The Association for Psychological Science, writing things down may help you remember them?

That in and of itself is a good reason to keep a planner. Here are 24 you might like.